Should streamers be worried about DMCA strikes on Twitch?

first_imgShould streamers be worried about DMCA strikes on Twitch?A rash of copyright claims from music labels points to difficult times ahead for video game streamersMat OmblerThursday 30th July 2020Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareWhen Twitch was hit with mass strikes over copyrighted music in June, it sent content creators into a panic storm.Since 2014, Twitch has been working in partnership with Audible Magic to scan Twitch VODs — archives of previous Twitch streams — in 30-minute blocks, muting any sections that contain copyrighted music. While this isn’t the first time that takedowns have been issued against Twitch, the strikes in June drew significant attention as they included copyrighted audio from video clips — highlights reels of a stream that are usually captured by other users and weren’t previously scanned for copyrighted music. To say the experience has been stressful for content creators would be an understatement. As many of the videos and clips affected by the strikes were years old, Twitch streamers were worried they’d have to spend hours manually searching through all of their old VODs and clips to check for copyrighted music. Popular streamers can easily amass thousands of clips, and at the time of the strikes there was no way to mass delete clips — Twitch later implemented this feature in response to criticism.Streamers initially feared that if they accidentally missed old videos containing copyrighted music and failed to remove them, their channels would face severe consequences — accounts that receive three copyright strikes are terminated by Twitch, although it is possible for users to dispute these with a counterclaim. There are many streamers on Twitch that have spent years building their channels, slowly amassing thousands of VODs, clips and followers as they turn their hobbies into a full-time profession. In addition to scaring Twitch streamers, these mass strikes are proof that content creators are always at the mercy of platform holders.”Twitch can’t afford to be lenient here, because they risk losing their safe harbor protections under the DMCA” Noah Downs”Under the DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act], service providers must have a repeat infringer policy in place to track and remove those who repeatedly upload infringing content,” says Noah Downs, a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and copyright law. “Otherwise, a service provider would just re-upload content repeatedly and defeat the purpose of the DMCA.”A great, well-known example of this policy in action is YouTube’s three-strike policy. As a service provider, Twitch is required to have a repeat infringer policy in place and so future takedowns will likely be counted as strikes. Right now, Twitch is effectively utilizing YouTube’s system because it appears to work, but Twitch needs to publicly state more details about their strike policies.”Thankfully, what some see as the ambiguity around Twitch’s strike policies has worked in the favour of content creators this time; Twitch has announced that any existing clips containing copyrighted music in relation to the June strikes would be deleted without streamers incurring a penalty. While this is great news for those streamers affected, it’s likely that Twitter won’t be able to exercise the same leniency the next time it receives mass strikes of this nature from copyright holders.”Twitch can’t afford to be lenient here, because they risk losing their safe harbor protections under the DMCA if they do not enforce takedowns appropriately,” says Downs. “No company wants to be the poster child for losing protections, and therefore most companies of Twitch’s size don’t risk pushing the boundaries. The initial response seemed much more like a PR move, because there was a collective gasp from the community at the volume of streamers affected.” Music labels are exploring new revenue streamsNoah DownsThe impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the music industry has been devastating. Around 50% of its revenue streams come from live music, according to a report from the World Economic Forum, which also acknowledged the industry is fighting back with new ways to monetise music consumption. Festivals have been postponed, tours have been cancelled, and a survey by Music Venue Trust found only 13% of UK grassroot venues could reopen with social distancing measures in place. That’s in stark contrast with Twitch, a platform that’s not only been enjoying record-breaking success through the pandemic, but is also owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, a man with an estimated net worth of $148 billion. “With live events, concerts, tours, and performances cancelled until 2021, revenue from events has dried up,” says Sebastian Wolff, games music rights expert and CEO of Materia Collective. “As a result, it’s reasonable to speculate that unlicensed or under-licensed video streaming services have become a priority for record labels, music publishers and collective management companies, who rely on those revenue streams. Those efforts are amplified and accelerated by many artists moving to live streaming platforms as a substitute to in-person concerts.”One of the most terrifying things about the mass strikes in June is that all of the major uproar was caused by copyright claims from a single claimant: the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which Warner Music Group uses to issue takedown requests. The claims related to 7 Rings by Ariana Grande, In Da Club by 50 Cent, and Cake By The Ocean by DNCE, all Warner Music Group songs. If copyright claims for three songs sent the platform into this much of a frenzy, imagine how much worse things could get if Universal started pursuing takedown requests for its artists’ entire discographies, or if other labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group started doing the same? Sources have confirmed that external scanning software was used by the RIAA for these claims, rather than Audible Magic. It’s important to note that Twitch isn’t issuing these strikes directly against its users; rather, the platform is only enforcing them. “The DMCA strikes issued felt more like a warning shot. It felt like the major labels and rights holders were testing the waters” Ryan CappsWhile Twitch is a DMCA-compliant service, Twitch has voluntarily engaged with global performing rights organisations regarding licenses for Twitch. Twitch was keen to emphasise to users that its guidelines on music haven’t changed, and that it’s legally obliged to enforce DMCA claims in accordance with safe harbor laws. The only thing that has changed is the music industry is now suddenly enforcing these strikes en masse, leaving some streamers to speculate that the mass strikes in June were nothing more than a flex, and a sign that the worst is yet to come. “Every year, someone somewhere is hit with a DMCA strike and it drives the entire industry into a frenzied panic,” says full-time streamer Ryan Capps, who is also co-founder of Pretzel Music. Capps started his streaming career while “blasting out whatever music I wanted” on Spotify alongside his game streams, but it wasn’t until the music industry’s crackdown on YouTube that he realised it was only a matter of time until the same constraints arrived on Twitch. When the music industry issues copyright claims, he says, it results in streamers freaking out and researching safe music and resources, but they eventually fall back into old habits.”This year felt different, though,” says Capps. “The DMCA strikes issued felt more like a warning shot. It felt like the major labels and rights holders were testing the waters. The concern among streamers now is that major labels and publishers are done messing around and will one day soon come for their slice of a multi-million dollar industry.”We asked the RIAA if Twitch users could expect similar copyright strikes in the future and received this response: “Twitch is using music for its own benefit without compensating recording artists and songwriters at a time when these creators can’t tour and are even more focused on reaching their fans through live streaming platforms. Twitch must play by the same rules as every other platform with which it competes and respect the work of artists and other music creators, just as their parent company [Amazon] endeavors to do through its other services.”Acquiring licenses for copyrighted music is complexSebastian WolffMusic licensing is incredibly complicated, and it only gets more complicated when you throw video games into the mix. There are six types of music licenses that are used for a variety of different purposes. If you want to include music in your livestreams you must have a valid sync license, but this requires permission from each and every copyright holder. The copyright in songs and the copyright in recordings are also completely different, and as soon as music is licensed for a video game, that music is technically being copied and communicated, which are often licensed separately. On top of all that, music rules vary in different territories all around the world. The June strikes have been a wake-up call for many streamers that haven’t taken the time to familiarise themselves with the DMCA and Twitch’s guidelines on music. The most important lesson: if you have purchased a video game, that does not grant you the right to play the music in that game on a broadcast. If the music industry continues to focus its attention on Twitch, games with heavily licensed soundtracks such as Grand Theft Auto, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and FIFA will become incredibly difficult to stream. One Reddit user has responded by compiling an extensive list of recorded copyright claims for video games. Many games that you might imagine to be safe are included. The Final Fantasy series, for example, features many songs that have been released outside of the game and are owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Add to that a growing number of game publishers that are adding their music to streaming platforms such as Spotify, and it wouldn’t be surprising if companies such as Nintendo started pursuing copyright claims for its music in the same way it previously has done for YouTube.Can Twitch and game publishers help improve the situation?Twitch streamers are an important ally for PRs and marketers, helping drive anticipation and interest for new releases as well as sustaining lively communities for previous releases. Sebastian Wolff believes it’s imperative for video game companies to improve their understanding of music rights and work with experts when they’re licensing music. “Twitch is using music for its own benefit without compensating recording artists and songwriters” Recording Industry Association of America”All music is copyrighted. All music requires proactive rights management,” he says. “It’s imperative that game companies take music rights management seriously, today, and work with experts who understand the space. Why? I would not be surprised if video streaming platforms start requiring proof of licensing from its verified creators, of all (or most) audiovisual content. Sync licenses for audiovisual content are required, and game companies need to either waive those rights, proactively, or grant streamers those rights, proactively.”Adherence to negligence has expired. Worst case, by nature of music industry pushback, streaming platforms may elect to mute unlicensed content by default, rather than mute the claimed content. By my estimate, this would affect more than 95% of game streams.”Chris Cooke, founder and managing director of music consultancy CMU, believes the current challenges faced by Twitch and its users will be difficult to resolve due to the amount of work required by parties at both ends.”Sorting out licensing for a platform like Twitch will be a challenge, because it won’t be able to rely on blanket licences from the collecting societies, certainly not on the recordings side, and probably not on the songs side either,” Cooke says. “The debate is ongoing as to quite how we define a livestream in copyright terms, but Twitch would almost certainly need to negotiate deals with all three major record companies, an organisation called Merlin that represents many of the indie labels, and then the distributors that represent everyone else on the recordings side.”On the songs side, they will probably need to do deals with both the music publishers and the collecting societies. That’s quite a lot of work. Though, obviously, Amazon already has all of those relationships for its other services.”The strikes have created uncertainty for streamers of music-based games like Ubisoft’s Just Dance, in particularWhat changes can be made to the DMCA?As the DMCA law is over 22 years old, is it time there was reform to bring it up to date with modern platforms? “Yes, definitely,” says Noah Downs. “Most copyright law is [out of date], although the 2018 Music Modernization Act helped a bit. I think a user-focused DMCA reform is what we need, because — keep in mind — any change could also be made in favor of the corporations. I believe that if we required and codified a fair-use consideration under the DMCA, we would encourage even more creative expression and content use.” “The DMCA has faltered and failed both creators and copyright holders as user-generated content has exploded” Sebastian WolffSebastian Wolff believes the DMCA is a “band-aid” for an internet that existed in the last century: “This 1998 law has faltered and failed both creators and copyright holders as user-generated content has exploded. The current status is a system of whack-a-mole for copyright holders who prefer a stranglehold on their rights, rather than ensuring content can be used and licensed by fans.”Wolff is also keen to point out that, ultimately, a lot of the responsibilities fall back onto gaming companies to ensure that they — and their players — aren’t caught out by the DMCA. “Owning copyrights is a responsibility, burden, and liability,” says Wolff. “Most game companies neglect these responsibilities. Game companies who are interested in strengthening their relationship with fans will need to ensure they understand music, streaming, and broadcast rights. Catching up to legislative changes or platform policies will be more expensive later.” Slowly working towards a solutionWhile there’s no simple solution to resolving the legalities surrounding fair use and copyrighted music in Twitch streams, game publishers, music companies and platform holders are all working on solutions to help make navigating this complicated area a little easier for Twitch streamers. Some video games now include the option to mute copyrighted music in their audio settings. Remedy’s Control and Dontnod’s Life is Strange series are both examples of this feature being implemented. Music labels such as Monstercat offer a subscription-based service that grants streamers a license to play their artists’ music during streams, though there are still some tracks that are non-licenseable and other companies such as Pretzel provide DMCA-safe music curated by its staff. One of the biggest questions arising from the recent strikes is the position in which developers of rhythm games are now in. In January 2019, Beat Games, the developer of Beat Saber, announced it was able to turn off YouTube content ID for all of its songs thanks to successful negotiations with the featured artists. It’s likely that future rhythm games will favour curating tracks by independent artists, rather than those by artists signed to any of the three major record labels. That said, the recent strikes haven’t been enough to put off some content creators, such as Just Dance streamer TheAllu. “The June takedowns were a small sampling of what the huge labels like Universal and Warner can do” Noah Downs”As a Just Dance streamer, I’ve always been in the danger of getting a takedown, and the only way I feel like I could avoid that would be to dance without music, which just doesn’t work,” he says over email. “Basically, I’ll just keep making content and hope my channel won’t be shut down.”Other Twitch streamers, such as Valen Vain, believe that while the entire experience has been a learning curve for content creators, Twitch could have responded sooner. He says one of the most infuriating things about the experience has been that most of the information has come secondhand from community members, rather than Twitch directly. “It would also be useful to have a list of games/categories that are likely to be or have been affected by the DMCA action, as I have heard that it isn’t only rhythm and dance games that have been affected,” he says. “There are far too many rumours and conjecture and not enough legitimate information about the situation, especially regarding games that have licenses to incorporate copyrighted music, but not the license to have that music upon a broadcasting platform.”Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games While we’re not privy to the negotiations that are presumably taking place between Twitch and music rights holders, it’s likely that things will only get worse before they get better. Noah Downs says that deleting old VODs and clips from Twitch isn’t enough to avoid takedowns, either.”Live DMCAs are possible and that technology is already in place,” he says. “If we keep the current course, the DMCA will have an incredible dampening effect on content creation. The June takedowns were a small sampling of what the huge labels like Universal and Warner can do — they were really just a warning of what’s to come if either content creators or Twitch do not pony up the cash for proper licensing.”If major developers decided to also implement selective DMCA takedowns against content creators playing their games, then the entire streaming industry would suffer.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. 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Missing Connecticut mom’s estranged husband files motion to dismiss charges against him

first_imgNew Canaan Police Department(NEW CANAAN, Conn.) — Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos, is looking to dismiss both charges against him, arguing “there is insufficient evidence to warrant further proceedings.”Fotis Dulos is charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in connection with Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance. He has pleaded not guilty.The motion filed by his defense Wednesday argues prosecutors “put the cart before the horse in charging” him.The motion says, in part, “the charge of tampering with evidence finds no support in our caselaw, there is no evidence to support that the defendant knew that an official proceeding was imminent. Furthermore, the charge is logically inconsistent as the State has not charged the defendant with any underlying crime for which he was tampering evidence.”“We are hopeful that the judge reviewing this motion will do what the state never did: Put respect for the rule of law ahead of passion,” Fotis Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, told ABC News in a statement Wednesday. “This prosecution is a product of haste and misplaced priorities.”Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five, went missing May 24 amid the Dulos’ contentious custody battle.Investigators believe she suffered a physical assault in the garage of her New Canaan home, where bloodstains were found, according to arrest warrants.Clothes and sponges with her blood were found in trash cans where surveillance cameras captured a man appearing to be Fotis Dulos disposing of garbage bags, according to the documents. A woman in the man’s car fit the description of his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, according to the documents.Troconis is also charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and hindering prosecution. She has also pleaded not guilty.Two months into the case, police on Wednesday called the search for Jennifer Dulos “a very active and dynamic investigation.”“Our multijurisdictional law enforcement team is committed to (1) Finding Jennifer and (2) Bringing those responsible for Jennifer’s disappearance to justice,” New Canaan police vowed in a statement. “We will not rest until we find Jennifer.”A statement from Jennifer Dulos’ family and friends on Wednesday said, “We miss her beyond words. Please know that the five children are doing well, surrounded by love and support.”The Dulos’ five children are in the custody of Jennifer Dulos’ mother.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Green parties make biggest gains in Swiss election

first_imgFor more polling data from across Europe visit POLITICO Poll of Polls. Switzerland’s two environmentalist parties made the biggest gains in Sunday’s parliamentary election amid heightened concerns about climate change, though the far right still scored the most seats, according to projections.Initial projections from broadcaster SRF put the Green Party (GPS) at 13 percent of the vote, an increase of 5.9 percentage points from the 2015 election. The Green Liberals, an environmentalist party with libertarian socio-economic policies, scored 7.9 percent of the vote, 3.3 percentage points more than in the last election.“The verdict of the voters is now clear: More climate protection, more equality,” the GPS party said on Twitter in response to the projections. Environmental issues played a far greater role in this year’s campaign than in the past, and analysts link the green parties’ success to the climate strike protests that have swept Europe and beyond over the last year.The far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) took the top spot with 25.8 percent of the vote, but it lost more support than any other party compared with 2015 at a decrease of 3.6 percentage points. The center-left Social Democratic Party took second place with 16.6 percent of the vote — a 2.2 percentage point decrease compared with the last election.Projections also show the Green Party overtaking the Christian Democratic People’s Party in fourth place, which could secure them a spot in the grand coalition that has governed for decades, Reuters reported.The seven Cabinet positions are divided among the four leading parties. Currently, six Cabinet seats are shared equally between the SVP, the Social Democrats and the right-leaning Free Democratic Party — which is now in third place, according to projections — with the centrist Christian Democrats holding the seventh seat.Although Switzerland has not borne the brunt of global climate change, experts have warned that the Alpine country has lost 15 percent of its glacier volume in the past 10 years, Deutsche Welle reported.center_img This article has been updated.last_img read more

Social gatherings of more than 6 to be banned in England

first_img“We need to act now to stop the virus spreading,” Johnson will say at Wednesday’s press conference, according to a statement given to journalists. “So we are simplifying and strengthening the rules on social contact, making them easier to understand and for the police to enforce.”The new rules will apply to gatherings indoors and outdoors, in private homes, public outdoor spaces and venues such as pubs and restaurants, but there will be exceptions for work meetings, educational settings, weddings, funerals and sports where “COVID-secure” measures are in place.Exemptions will also apply for those who have formed a “household bubble” of more than six people.Current guidelines for England already stipulate that only six people can socialize together, but there are exceptions when the meetings involve just two households and police can only levy fines on those who refuse to disperse when gatherings exceed 30. Johnson held a conference call with police forces last week at which officers called for the rules to be simplified, Downing Street said.Those who refuse to disperse after a police order will face a £100 fine, which will double after each repeat offense, up to £3,200.CORRECTION: This article was updated to clarify the number of people permitted at a gathering. This article is part of POLITICO’s premium policy service: Pro Health Care. From drug pricing, EMA, vaccines, pharma and more, our specialized journalists keep you on top of the topics driving the health care policy agenda. Email [email protected] for a complimentary trial. LONDON — Social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from Monday in response to a sharp increase in coronavirus cases, Boris Johnson is set to announce.The prime minister is to give a press conference on Wednesday at which he will confirm that the legal limit at which police can disperse gatherings of people will be reduced from the current 30 to just six.The U.K. has seen a swift rise in the daily number of cases since the weekend, with a further 2,420 cases reported on Tuesday.last_img read more

Armin van Buuren New Years Eve in NYC – Announced Live at LAVO

first_imgJustin CharlesUpdate:  The venue of the New York City, New Years Eve show can be found here.As cliché as it sounds, sometimes big things really do come in small packages. That is exactly what happened last night, when the recently voted #1 DJ in the world celebrated his title at New York City’s tiny Lavo Night Club. The line outside the club was unusually busy tonight, filled with a sea of white Armin van Buuren shirts, a mob of people here to support their favorite DJ.If you’ve been to Lavo, you know it’s quite different from say, Armin’s A State of Trance tent at Ultra Music Festival. The club is extremely exclusive due to a small capacity, as VIP tables line the walls and beautiful girls line the dance floor. There are two LED walls behind the DJ, and two more on the ceiling, providing the same synchronized visuals as a festival set.As the club slowly filled up to near riot levels, Armin took the stage minutes after one to a huge ovation. There is something about Armin’s sound and the way he mixes that just makes his music sound ‘big’. Have you ever heard someone describe a band like Muse as ‘stadium rock’? Armin van Buuren’s music is like ‘stadium dance music’. It’s meant for massive stages and thousands of people. The beauty of Armin’s music, however, is that once the beat drops, even the smallest rooms begin to feel like a massive festival stage. There were times, like during Armin’s massive collaboration with Ferry Corsten, ‘Brute’, that if you were in the middle of Lavo, you would have sworn there were 100,000 people standing behind you.While two hours is clearly not enough Armin – he admitted so, apologizing for the short set before the last song – he still managed to pack in as much energy as humanly possible into the brief set, ranging from newer tracks like ‘I’ll Listen’and a remix of Andrew Rayel’s ‘How Do I Know’ from Armin’s latest compilation, ‘Universal Religion’, to classics like ‘In and Out of Love’ and ‘Fine Without You Know’. But the highlight for many was probably the chance to get up, close, and personal with and dance so close to a music icon, someone who we usually see from the back of a festival tent.Before the last song, Armin managed to confirm one HUGE piece of news that you might want to hear: New York City will be having an Armin van Buuren New Years Eve! With that, Armin busted out an excellent mash up of Coldplay’s ‘Every Teardrop’s A Waterfall’, and Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’, which ended up a perfect way to end a set. One more song of lyrics for everyone to sing, one more drop for everyone to jump, and then he was off – letting the fact that he will be back in two months sink by Lexi Lambroslast_img read more

Last Word

first_imgChalk One Up for SafetyThe New Mexico Supreme Court has affirmed that hospitals can be held liable for negligently selecting air ambulance contractors when they affirmed a judgment in favor of the parents of Damon Talbott, a New Mexico state police officer who was killed in a Medical Air Transport (MAT) helicopter crash. So now the city is paying 40 people between the ages of 18 and 24 from low-income households to take a 10-week EMT certification program, which would open the door to becoming a St. Paul firefighter and future paramedic training. Sixteen of the program’s 22 participants are female, and all are of color. Similar programs are still a tall order in cities without the support St. Paul is getting for this endeavor (help is coming from local charities, unions and even individuals like Carter), but bravo to the city for putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to diversity. For more on EMS diversity efforts and EMS salaries, click here to read the “2009 JEMS Salary & Workplace Survey” Fight for What’s RightWhat would you do if you lost six paramedics in one year because they found jobs just across the county line that offered more money and better benefits? If you were Putnam County (W. Va.) EMS Director Cecil Kimble, you would enlist the help of County Administrator Brian Donat and work with your county officials to score a pay increase for your EMTs and paramedics to keep them around. Better RepresentationHaving a diverse EMS workforce fosters patient-provider communication and ultimately better care. However, many EMS organizations are not representative of their local populations, and many in underrepresented groups still can’t afford to forgo work to get the necessary training. That all may start to change in St. Paul, Minn., where the fire chief dreamed up an idea to address a lack of diversity and the mayor got on board. “St. Paul firefighters are called on every day to assist people from different cultures, who speak different languages and practice different religions, and the clock is always ticking,” said St. Paul city Councilmember Melvin Carter III.center_img “It wasn’t something that we just decided to do. We’ve been feeding [commissioners] information for the last six months and giving them a heads up on what was happening and how we were wanting to fix it,” Kimble says. The county_s commissioners approved a 10% raise, which brings the paramedic base pay to $41,000. “It’s not like we’re paying more than anyone around us. We_re just right there in the playing field again,” Kimble says, adding that it helped that the state and the county didn’t have a deficit. “We’re not as bad off as some other states,” he says. We think every leader should work side by side with officials to keep good employees around. His parents sued Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, alleging that MAT had a poor safety record that the hospital didn;t properly investigate, and that the hospital shouldn’t have entered into the agreement with them. This decision demonstrates the importance of investigating into the safety record of all ambulance companies. We think it’s one more step in the right direction toward improved air ambulance standards.JEMS Fresh IdeaPeterborough County EMS paramedics can start an IV or give oxygen when you’re sick, but they’d rather be gardening. No, they’re not lazy. They just know where good health starts, which is why the central Ontario, Canada, providers have planted a garden with tomatoes, zucchini, squash, eggplant, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and garlic alongside their station. The fledgling garden, which was started by paramedic Mark Cameron to help staff reduce stress, has expanded with the help of the local fairgrounds and independent grocers. Once it really gets going, the produce will be given away to area residents, primarily seniors. Thumbs up to these gardening medics for promoting good healthÆ’organically. For more on the NM Supreme Court”ždecision, visit read more

Cardinals have to wait another game to lock up spot in Katy

first_imgLamar sports informationBEAUMONT – Lamar entered the day needing only a win over Houston Baptist, or a Nicholls State loss, to lock up a spot in next month’s Southland Conference Championship tournament but neither happened. The Cardinals (16-13, 8-8 SLC) never recovered from a 1-of-13 start from the field falling to Houston Baptist, 75-68, Saturday evening in the Montagne Center. The Cardinals started the game one for its first 13 and two for its first 17, and the second field goal was a rushed three ball from senior Marcus Owens to beat the shot clock. LU finished the game 20-of-52 (.385) from the field following a stronger second half that saw them shoot better than 48 percent.The Huskies finished the game shooting better than 49 percent from the field, despite a 3-of-12 (.200) start. The visitors rode a hot second half that saw them knock down 15-of-28 (.536) attempts in the final 20 minutes. HBU did the majority of its damage in the paint outscoring LU by 17 in that area.HBU also beat the Cardinals on the boards. Led by six players with at least five rebounds, the Huskies held a 41-28 advantage on the boards. Junior Colton Weisbrod and sophomore Nick Garth both hit the 20-point plateau as Weisbrod led all scorers with 24 points, while Garth netted 23. Atif Russell came off the bench to lead the Huskies with 18 points. He was one of four players in double figures for HBU.Free throws from Lincoln Davis and Weisbrod were the only points from LU for the first 6:35 of action. Junior Christian Albright recorded the team’s first field goal at the 13:24 mark to pull the Cardinals within three. The Cardinals would go on to score four of the game’s next six points to pull within one but HBU had an answer pushing its lead back to six. That would be the theme throughout the game, the Cards would surge but HBU responded.LU went into the locker room trailing by only five, 34-29, following a Garth three-pointer – one of four on the night – with 33 seconds remaining. Garth’s three closed a 20-minute stretch that saw LU convert just 7-of-25 (.280) shots, while the Huskies opened the game shooting 44 percent from the field. Both teams were 3-of-10 from three-point range in the first half.center_img The second half started much the same as the first as the Cardinals watched the deficit balloon to 11 points less than four minutes into the half. Big Red responded by trimming the lead down to four points just over three minutes later by rattling off a small 9-2 run. LU was unable to sustain the run as the Huskies got the lead back to nine points after a Russell and-one and a Cody Stetler layup.The Cardinals made another run just moments later. After Stetler’s layup gave HBU a nine-point advantage, LU responded with an 11-2 run to pull even for the first time since the opening tip. Weisbrod got the basket on a nice pass from Garth in traffic.After a Russell free throw on the other end of the floor, the Cardinals appeared poised to take their first lead of the game but was turned away as Davis’ dunk rattled out of the rim – one of several shots from point blank range that didn’t fall for Cardinals Saturday evening.It remained a one-possession game for the next 3:30 before Reveal Chukwujekwu put HBU up by four with 3:49 left to play. The Cardinals didn’t get any closer as HBU was able to push its lead back to nine at the free throw line before the final tally was posted.The Cardinals will need to bounce back Thursday when they return to the Montagne Center to host Nicholls. The game against the Colonels will tip off at 7 p.m. and can be seen live on ESPN3, and heard live on Newstalk 560 KLVI.Nicholls is currently a game back of LU with two games remaining. A victory Wednesday would solidify a spot for the Cardinals in the postseason tournament. SLC tournament tickets are now on sale through the LU Ticket Office.last_img read more

News Scan for Sep 05, 2018

first_imgIllnesses on flight grounds Emirates flight in NYC, 10 taken to hospitalAn Emirates Airline flight arriving at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates at about 9 am this morning was held on the tarmac after 100 people were reportedly ill on the flight. According Eric Phillips, press secretary with the New York mayor’s office, there were 521 people on the flight, which stopped in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, after it began in Dubai.On Twitter, Phillips said Mecca is experiencing a flu outbreak, and early indications point to that as a possibility. However, the incident raised concerns, given the flight’s stop in Mecca, where the annual Hajj pilgrimage wrapped up on Aug 24. Saudi Arabia has been the country hardest hit by Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which often begins with nonspecific symptoms such as cough and fever.Ambulances arrived on the tarmac to take 10 sick passengers to Jamaica Hospital, and health officials screened each passenger for symptoms before allowing them to proceed to customs, he said.A few hours later, Phillips said all passengers were off the plane and had been evaluated. He said 19 were sick, 10 went to the hospital, and 9 refused medical attention. “Health officials are processing tests now to determine the cause. Symptoms still pointing to the flu,” Phillips tweeted.Emirates Airline on Twitter today confirmed that of 10 people on the flight who were transferred to the hospital for further medical care and evaluation, 3 were passengers and 7 were crew.A CDC source told Stat that there were an estimated 100 sick passengers, with passengers and some crew reporting symptoms including cough, with some experiencing fever. Passengers without symptoms will be allowed to continue their travel, with follow-up by health officials, if necessary, according to the report.Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), which publishes CIDRAP News, said that, based on available information, health officials did an efficient job of evaluating the situation, and answers should be available soon.He said about 4% to 5% of the population is sick at any given time, and that it wouldn’t be surprising if 20 to 25 people were sick on a plane carrying about 500 people and there were reportedly others on the Emirates flight who experienced gastrointestinal symptoms.Osterholm also said it’s possible that a small cluster of people were exposed to a respiratory virus during the Hajj and didn’t experience symptoms until the flight, given the typical 18- to 36-hour incubation period. He added that “hysterical illnesses” are yet another possibility when symptoms clusters crop up in closed settings such as planes or schools. Symptoms such as lightheadedness due to the power of suggestion aren’t uncommon and can quickly swell illness numbers, Osterholm said.Eric Phillips Twitter feed Sep 5 New York and New Jersey Port Authority statement Emirates Airline Twitter feed Sep 5 Stat story CDC: 130 people now sickened after eating Honey Smacks cerealIn an outbreak update published yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 30 more people have been sickened with Salmonella after eating Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal.Despite a recall by Kellogg’s on Jun 14, the cereal is still on some store shelves, and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers not to buy or eat any Honey Smacks because it could be contaminated with Salmonella Mbandaka.The outbreak total now stands at 130 cases in 36 states, including Delaware, Minnesota, and Maine, which reported their first cases since the previous update on Jul 12. There have been 34 hospitalizations but no deaths.The CDC said case-patient’s illness onsets range from Mar 3 to Aug 4, and illnesses occurring after Aug 4 may have not yet been reported. In interviews, 77% of case-patients reported eating Kellogg’s Honey Smacks prior to symptom onset.”Do not eat any Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal, regardless of package size or best-by date. Check your home for it and throw it away or return it to the place of purchase for a refund,” the CDC said. “Even if some of the cereal has been eaten and no one got sick, throw the rest of it away or return it for a refund.” Sep 4 CDC update Meta-analysis finds preventive antibiotics effective for COPD but at a costA meta-analysis of 12 randomized controlled trials has determined that prophylactic (preventive) antibiotics appear to be effective in preventing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations and improving quality of life in stable patients who have moderate to severe disease, but also appear to raise antibiotic resistance rates.Writing in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy yesterday, Dutch experts said the 12 studies they analyzed involved 3,683 COPD patients. The researchers found that prophylactic antibiotics reduced the frequency of exacerbations by 26% (range, 8% to 40%) and the number of patients who had at least one exacerbation by 18% (range, 10% to 26%).Erythromycin and azithromycin appeared to be the most effective antibiotics, with the number needed to treat ranging from four to seven. Quality of life was also significantly improved by prophylactic antibiotics, the authors found, and the time to first exacerbation was prolonged in six studies, with one conflicting result.The benefits appear to come at a cost, however, as antibiotic-resistant isolates were more than quadruple in patients who received the prophylactic regimens compared with those who didn’t.The authors conclude, “The choice of prophylactic antibiotics should be analysed and considered case by case, especially for long and continuous use.”Sep 4 J Antimicrob Chemother abstract Kineta launches first human trial of Lassa fever antiviralKineta, a biotechnology company based in Seattle, today announced the start of the first human trial of its antiviral drug LHF-535 for treating Lassa fever, a hemorrhagic illnesses estimated to sicken between 100,000 and 300,000 people in West Africa a year, 5,000 of them fatally.The single-ascending dose study, designed to assess the safety and tolerability of the drug, will involve 56 healthy participants randomized to five to seven cohorts of 8 subjects each, the company said in a statement. Study results are expected the first quarter of 2019, with a multiple-ascending dose study slated to launch following the first phase of the trial.Preclinical studies have shown that LHF-535 has potent activity against Lassa virus and other arenaviruses. Kineta has received Wellcome Trust support of up to $7.2 million in 2016 to advance the drug’s development through phase 1 clinical trials.Shawn Iadonato, PhD, Kineta’s chief executive officer, said in the statement that recent Ebola and Zika outbreaks are a reminder of the critical need to develop new therapies for neglected tropical diseases and biodefense threats. “We were also pleased that the FDA recently added Lassa fever to the Tropical Disease Priority Review Voucher Program, further validating the need for an effective therapy.”Sep 5 Kineta press releaselast_img read more

Eade on: where are all the German flags?

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PM attends CARICOM-US meeting in Jamaica

first_img Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews PM attends CARICOM-US meeting in Jamaica by: Dominica Vibes News – April 8, 2015 Tweet Sharecenter_img 125 Views   no discussions Share Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is in Jamaica where he and other Heads of government from the Caribbean Community, CARICOM will meet with President of the United States Barack Obama, a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister indicates. CARICOM Heads of government will meet with President Obama at the University of the West Indies, Regional Centre, Mona on Thursday, April 9, 2015.The CARICOM – US meeting will focus on three main issues competitiveness/trade; renewable energy and security. Prime Minister Skerrit will lead CARICOM’s response to President Obama’s initiative on renewable energy.The CARICOM – US meeting will be co-chaired by Prime Minister of The Bahamas Perry Christie and President Obama.Minister for Housing, Lands and Water Resource Management Reginald Austrie is acting as prime minister while Prime Minister Skerrit is out of state.last_img read more