Columnist should be sanctioned

first_imgDear Editor,Most days I take a glimpse of what Frederick Kissoon says though everything is taken with a grain of salt. I never expected Kissoon would stoop so low and pen that 09-24-17 column, “Context rules life Ms Nicholas-Garrett”.Kissoon has been known to exaggerate, twist and manipulate stories so that he can look good in the right light. (A case in point is his story about Dr Dennis Leblanc’s visit to Guyana. I exposed Kissoon’s lies in my KN letter after engaging with some cursory research about Dr Leblanc. The medical doctor sought me out and thanked me for giving an accurate picture of his mission and perception of Guyana).To a degree, Kissoon is right about his view that “context is everything in life” – especially when it comes to racial sensitivities. Most blacks of the United States, for example, are quite divided on the use of the N-word; a simple Google search will turn up umpteen articles on the subject. Some argue it is okay to use the term – depending on who says it to whom, when, where, tone of voice, and so on; in other words, it depends on the context. Some vehemently argue that it is okay for Blacks and Latinos to use the term whereas it is ‘no-no’ if a white person utters it on their lips.It is downright despicable for Kissoon to defend a senior Government worker, Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett, for her racial tirades –- especially since she works in the Office of the President. The columnist should be sanctioned for that missive since it gives tacit approval for office (or any) worker to cascade racial slurs. Defending racial slurs is unpardonable at its worst and repugnant at its best, for it sends the wrong message to the Guyanese people when they are in the throes of racial insecurities. In a highly charged racial atmosphere as in Guyana, there should be zero tolerance for racial harangues – whether that is directed to fellow workers or to the public. The hallowed Office of the President ought to be the touchstone on how Guyanese should behave towards each other.The incident brings back a memory of an episode that took place in 2003. I was in the process of organising a show for a foreign artiste at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) when I heard one of the staff howling at the top of her voice about “coolie people” and “black people”. These terms in themselves could be very harmless or harmful; it depends on the context of what was spoken. Suffice it to say that that incident was a clear case of the woman spewing her racial rant – directed at me. Her tone of voice, her emphasis, her stares and her anger told the whole story – even though it was the first time we encountered each other.Being a target of racial hatred was bad enough. What really hurt was where and when this hatred was unfurled. It took place at the NCC – which was apparently built by Indian immigration fund money. My blood was boiling at the thought that I was a racial target at an institution where my fore-parents paid with their sweat, blood, and tears to build.Again, it all comes down to context. Some will go to the depths of any sleaze hole to punctuate the frame of reference so that the writer could look good – as in the Dr Leblanc citation. Many are aware that certain columnists will stretch to the abyss, if necessary, so as to retain their fan base. Pity!Sincerely,Devanand BhagwanBrampton, ON, Canadalast_img read more

Charania, Ngige lead Safari Golf Tour standing

first_img0Shares0000Windsor’s Riz Charania at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club leg of the Safari Tour Golf Series.-1. Photo/COURTESYNAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 17 – Windsor’s Rizwan Charania and Thika Golf Club’s Simon Ngige are joint leaders on the Road to the 2020 Magical Kenya Open ranking with 166.6 points each after three Safari Tour legs.With last season’s overall winner of the Safari Tour, Greg Snow, not playing at the Royal Nairobi leg due to engagements outside the country, both Charania and Ngige climbed one and two places respectively to the ranking summit ahead of the fourth leg which tees off in a fortnight in Entebbe, Uganda. Ngige finished tied in third, alongside Mohit Mediratta, at the just-concluded Royal Nairobi Golf Club leg of the 2019-2020 Safari Tour Golf series leg to garner a total of 44 points; while Charania finished tied in fifth, alongside Dismas Indiza and Njuguna Ngugi, amassing 37.6 points.Royal Nairobi Golf Club’s Erick Ooko, who fell short of clinching his maiden Safari Tour victory to Golf Park’s Tony Imuli, garnered 48 points to see him climb one place on the ranking to settle in third with a total of 158.5 points.Johnnie-Walker-sponsored Dismas Indiza, who was the highest ranked Kenyan at the Uganda Open last month amassing maximum Safari Tour points, is currently ranked fourth with a total of 142.6 points. He finds himself one place ahead of fellow Johnnie-Walker-sponsored golfer, Greg Snow, who is in fifth with 135 points.Sigona’s Mohit Mediratta, who has had a decent outing so far in the Tour, is sixth with a total of 129 points having garnered 44 points from the Royal Nairobi leg of the Tour.Nyali’s Njuguna Ngugi is ranked seventh, just 4.6 points behind Mohit.  Meanwhile, winner of the Royal Nairobi leg of the Safari Tour jumped 12 places on the ranking to settle for 13th place with a total of 64 points.The Safari Tour Golf Series is used to prepare players for the Kenya open Golf Championship; with its ranking determining the local and regional pros who play at the Magical Kenya Open Golf Championship.Safari Tour Calendar 2019/20 Event 1 Nyali Golf and Country Club 24th – 28th August 2019 (DONE)Event 2 Uganda Open (Lake Victoria Serena) 10th – 14th September 2019 (DONE)Event 3 Royal Nairobi Golf Club 12th – 16th October 2019 (DONE)Event 4 Entebbe Open (Entebbe Golf Club) 30th Oct – 2nd Nov 2019Event 5 Great Rift Valley Golf Club 23rd – 27th November 2019Event 6 Muthaiga Golf Club 14th – 18th December 2019Event 7 Thika Greens 4th – 8th January 2020Event 8 Sigona Golf Club 25th – 29th January 2020Event 9 Kitante Open (Uganda Golf Club) 12th – 15th February 2020Event 10 Karen Country Club 22nd -26th February 2020Event 11 Tanzania Open (Kiligolf) TBC0Shares0000(Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more