Sevilla extend Spanish dominance of European club competition

first_imgSevilla extended Spain’s dominance of European competition when they won the Europa League for the third time in a row on Wednesday night, soundly beating Liverpool 3-1 in the final.Their title meant that, with Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid clashing in next week’s Champions League final, Spanish clubs will have won both European competitions for each of the last three seasons.Eight of the last 13 teams to win the Europa League have come from Spain, with Sevilla victorious five times, while the Champions League will go to a La Liga side for the fifth time in eight seasons.Sevilla coach Unai Emery also joined Giovanni Trapattoni as they only manager to have won the Europa League, or its predecessor the UEFA Cup, three times.Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp had praised Spanish clubs on the eve of the match, saying they had better scouting, coaches and player development than their English, German and Italian equivalents.“Maybe, it’s not for us to say it, others should analyse,” Emery told reporters.“I have my own theory. Perhaps, the standard of Spanish football is very good. But is has also been proved that Spanish teams compete passionately. They are able to reach highest levels of European football and we have been able to win against teams better than us.”Unlike Real Madrid and Barcelona, who cherry-pick the world’s top players, Sevilla are a more modest outfit who have successfully carved a niche for themselves.They bear more of a resemblance to Portuguese teams Benfica and Porto in the way that they manage to reinvent themselves season after season, despite selling their top players to richer clubs.Those to have left the club over the last five seasons include Carlos Bacca, Ivan Rakitic, Alberto Moreno, Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas, Geoffroy Kondogbia, Gary Medel and Martin Caceres. Yet, expert scouting has enabled them to fill the gaps.English teams often regard the Europa League as a nuisance which clutters up the fixture list, preferring to concentrate on qualifying for the Champions League by finishing in the top four of the Premier League.Sevilla, with little hope of winning La Liga where they have finished fifth in the last two seasons, have realised that it represents a real chance of silverware as well as a back door to the Champions League.“The Europa League has given us a lot,” Emery said. “At Sevilla, we love this competition. It is our competition and we have underlined that once and again. The Champions League is an opportunity to imrpove but the reality is this competition is growing.”last_img read more

What to Do When You Get Negative Feedback at Work

first_imgGetting negative feedback is never easy—even if you know it’s coming. Even worse, being blindsided when you think you’re doing a great job can be a major confidence hit. But here’s the thing: Pretty much everyone gets constructive criticism at some point during their career. This included the most successful people you know.  In fact, the best managers are ones who are able to let you know in a friendly but firm way exactly how you can improve, take your work to the next level, and better manage your responsibilities. In a sense, getting negative feedback can actually be a good thing, even though it might not feel like it at the time. Here, we asked HR pros to tell us exactly how to handle the moments, days, and weeks after receiving negative feedback, plus how to take it all in stride. 1. Don’t take it personally.Yes, you’ve probably heard this advice before, but there’s a reason for that. “Often, employees take negative feedback to mean their leader doesn’t like them,” says Krishna Powell, executive coach and HR consultant. Most of the time, this is not the case at all. “Feedback is given because your leader sees you have the ability to do better, to become greater, or to master your skillset,” she notes. When you think of it that way, it’s actually sort of like a compliment. Of course, that doesn’t make it easier to hear, but focusing on the fact that your boss knows you can perform at a higher lever can help you see that negative feedback is actually not the worst thing in the world. “The most important thing to remember is feedback gives the receiver power. Power to manage perceptions because feedback can tell you how people view you. Power to become better or stronger because feedback reveals your area of weakness. And feedback can give you power to control your career because it can redirect the path you’re on.” It’s natural to be bummed out at first, but with some mental reframing, you can get to a much more positive place.6 Leadership Skills You Never Knew You Needed2. Make sure you’re totally clear on the issue. Most managers don’t enjoy giving negative feedback, so a conversation about your performance that’s less than glowing might be on the shorter side. Add into that your potential emotional response, and there’s a lot of room for miscommunication. “Sometimes it’s difficult to listen and to retain everything you hear in a meeting when your emotions may be off-kilter,” explains Jana Tulloch, C.P.H.R., HR Manager for Develop Intelligence. This is a good opportunity to practice active listening to make sure you and your boss are understanding each other clearly. “Try restating the issue back to your manager to confirm you’re on the same page about the issue and what is expected going forward. This provides an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings, as well as ask any questions,” she says. The last thing you want is to be working away on correcting the wrong issue. 3. If you disagree, do so with tact. It’s a common response to immediately feel defensive after receiving negative feedback, and the truth is that mistakes do happen. In feedback situations, however, they don’t happen that often, so it’s important to make sure you’re definitely being critiqued in error before saying that you believe the feedback you’re getting is wrong. First, be completely sure that you understand the feedback that’s been given and the reasoning behind it. If you’re confident that the negative feedback was given in error and you decide to say something about it, “it is imperative that you push back with diplomacy and tact,” says Tawanda Johnson, CEO of RKL Resources, a national Human Resources Consulting firm. “Supervisors are often juggling many hats and sometimes things fall through the cracks. They are human. Strong supervisors will own up to their mistakes and will thank the employee for bringing something to their attention.”What Is Emotional Intelligence, and Why Everyone Needs It4. Show initiative ASAP.If the feedback is not wrong, the best thing you can do moving forward is come up with a plan to fix the problem. Take initiative and show you care about improving. “If you want to continue to grow in your career, either within your current company or with another, you should respond back to your supervisor within a couple of days,” says Dorris Hollingsworth, President of Evergreen HR Group, an HR and business consulting firm in the Atlanta market. “Ideally, you will have some time to think about the feedback and identify one or two things you can do to address the issues raised.” For example, if you’ve been told you need to improve your communication style, then you might talk to a peer about how they communicate on their work projects and then compare that information to what you normally do. Then, share your findings with your boss. “Let your supervisor know that you have looked at other ways to communicate with a team and plan to adopt some of the methods in your work,” says Hollingsworth. “Lastly, put it into practice.”5. Think about the long game. It’s a good idea to follow up in a more long-term way, as well, since often it takes some work to make real change in habits. “After 30 to 60 days, I always recommend people follow up on the negative feedback they have received,” says Powell. “You should say something like, ‘I have given a great deal of thought to the feedback you have given me and I have made the following changes,’” she suggests. This shows that you took the feedback to heart and importantly, that you care about improving. Chances are, if you’re committed to making a change, some very positive feedback awaits in your next performance review.last_img read more

TRIBAL TRENDS – TRANSFERS: Liverpool meet van Dijk price?; Arsenal NINE player clearout?; Matic to Man Utd?;

first_imgWith the amount of rumours swirling around at this time of year, even after the winter transfer window, it is sometimes difficult to decipher the truth.These are matters of importance.As the transfer talk is now directed at the all-important summer market, there are enormous amounts of speculation swirling around Europe and the UK.Not to worry however, because here at Tribalfootball, we have broken down the week’s hottest transfer rumours, and inform you whether you should believe the paper talk or not.Here are our top five trending transfer stories for the past week:Virgil van Dijk – SouthamptonClubs Interested: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester CityThis is more like it. Ultimatums. Go on then. You’ve got your price. Now, do you want to meet it or not?And fair play to Southampton – who is the superior party in this negotiation – for standing up to Liverpool over the Virgil van Dijk transfer.Okay, the Saints were, maybe, over zealous with their public shaming of an action that all clubs undertake. But this isn’t the first time Liverpool have come for one of their players, no, not even close. So, Southampton have now taken a stand against the Reds. £70m. If the FSG want Jurgen Klopp to get his number one target, then that’s what they’re going to have to pay, according to the Sunday Express.Yes, Les Reed has remained defiant in his stance. In his eyes, the 25-year old is going nowhere. But if Liverpool come to the table and meet Southampton’s demand, I’m sure Reed won’t say no.It will up come to whether Liverpool have it or not.Whether they have what it takes to compete with the – financial – big boys. If there a ‘big’ club, and Klopp truly believes in van Dijk, then pay the money and go for it.Likelihood: Only if Liverpool want to be at the topArsenalPlayers to Sell: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Olivier Giroud, Jack Wilshere, Calum Chambers, Wojciech Szczesny, Chuba Akpom, Kieran Gibbs, Lucas Perez and Carl JenkinsonHold your horses. Nine players! It may sound like a little bit too much, and that’s because it probably is. The Independent claims that the motivation for this drastic clearout is to pave the way for huge contract extensions being prepared for Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.Yes, the Gunners will have to pay their two superstars between £280,000 to £300,000-per-week, but is that going to force them to sell nine players?Sure many of the names listed can leave; Wojciech Szczesny, Chuba Akpom, Kieran Gibbs, Lucas Perez and Carl Jenkinson can happily go and find new homes. Their wages would be better off in the coffers of Alexis and Ozil. But there is a case to be made for Olivier Giroud, Jack Wilshere and Calum Chambers. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain stays without question.Giroud scored 12 Premier League goals last season, the majority of which came after he entered the game from the bench. For any side challenging for the title, that sort of productivity could be the difference between you finishing top or not.For all of Jack Wilshere’s injury problems, it’s just too difficult not to give him one more chance before cutting him loose.Calum Chambers was given is still only 22 and with plenty of potential after spending last season with Middlesbrough. Given the health of Arsenal’s defence, he may be needed next season.Likelihood: Nine is a tad excessiveNemanja Matic – ChelseaClubs Interested: Manchester UnitedESPN FCreports that Manchester United are desperate to secure the signing of Nemanja Matic from Chelsea by July 9.The date represents the start of the Red Devils preseason tour of America.It seems Matic has been thrust into the limelight over the past week or so after United’s apparent failure to lure Eric Dier to Old Trafford.Jose Mourinho is desperate for a holding midfielder, and rightfully so.Monaco’s Fabinho still remains as a target, but it has been reported that he could sign along with Matic.There is certainly a connection between Mourinho and the Serbian.The United boss bought Matic to Chelsea for 21m in 2014.The 28-year old will cost the Portuguese £40m this time round.A lot of this deal revolves around Chelsea and their pursuit of Monaco midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko.If that deal gets done, expect Matic to be wearing red next season.Likelihood: Depends on other dealsLiverpoolPlayers to Sell: Mamadou Sakho, Daniel Sturridge, Lazar Markovic, Alberto Moreno, Lucas Leiva, Kevin Stewart, Jon Flanagan, Cameron Brannagan, Pedro Chirivella and Connor RandallThe Liverpool Echo claims that Jurgen Klopp is planning a 100m clear out.The funds raised through this summer sale will then be reimbursed back into the squad.Unlike the above analysis for Arsenal, all of these names could and should go. (Other than for squad depth)Except for Daniel Sturridge – but only until January.If Sturridge can make it too January, injury free, then maybe Klopp should keep him around because he is a match winner. But you can’t win matches if you have a tracksuit on, so if Sturridge is injured before January, it’s time to part ways.Actually, even if there is a slight niggle before the end of August, sell him.Likelihood: Definite possibilityTiemoue Bakayoko – MonacoClubs Interested: ChelseaFrance Footballstates that Tiemoue Bakayoko has pulled back from his move to Chelsea.The Monaco midfielder is reportedly unhappy with the contract terms offered to him.This has cause Antonio Conte much frustration given the Blues inactivity in the transfer market so far this summer.But the passionate Italian shouldn’t worry too much longer.Bakayoko is expected to sign with Chelsea soon, it’s just a matter of time.Likelihood: Pretty much donelast_img read more