US officials put on edge after car wash attendant anonymously linked to

first_imgTHE U.S. DIPLOMATIC CABLESBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsOTTAWA-A part-time security guard was put under 24 hour surveillance after the RCMP received an anonymous letter claiming the man was linked to Osama bin Laden and planned to bomb the Montreal Metro system along with the U.S. embassy, according to a “secret” diplomatic cable obtained by APTN National News.Security was immediately increased at the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, consulates and all U.S. government facilities in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Vancouver, Quebec City once the RCMP telephoned to alert U.S. officials to the threat, according to the Dec. 4, 2004 cable issued by the Ottawa embassy.The cable offers a glimpse into how sensitive U.S. officials were post-Sept. 11 whenever bin Laden’s name was linked to even unsubstantiated allegations of possible terror attacks.After a years-long manhunt, bin Laden was finally killed by U.S. forces during a raid on his safe-house in Pakistan, U.S. President Barack Obama said Sunday.Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks against the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, among other terror strikes.RCMP investigators told U.S. officials they doubted the threat was “credible,” according to the cable, but it did not temper American concern.  The RCMP was asked why investigators only contacted U.S. officials on Dec. 3, when the letter had been received on Nov. 29.“RCMP stated such letters are received frequently and although serious, doubt this particular threat to be credible…(a U.S. official) Did note that few letters are received specifically mentioning the bombing of the U.S. embassy…Inquired as to why the RCMP waited several days before providing such information. RCMP…unable or unwilling to respond, but the indication seemed to be they were proceeding appropriately.”APTN obtained the cable as part of a batch of confidential and secret diplomatic cables provided by whistleblower website WikiLeaks. CBC-Radio Canada also obtained the same cables.WikiLeaks released hundreds of unclassified U.S. diplomatic cables originating from Canada on its website last week.The cable stated that the RCMP received the anonymous letter, which was written in French, at their Montreal headquarters. The letter claimed to have overheard the man, a Tunisian immigrant, detailing a possible plot to bomb the Montreal Metro system on Dec. 15 and the U.S. embassy on Jan. 10.APTN decided not to publish the man’s name because he appears to not have been charged with any crime.The letter claimed the man, who also worked as a car wash attendant, was “affiliated” with Osama Bin Laden.“According to the drafter (the man) is affiliated with Usama Bin Laden (sic),” said the cable. “Drafter further provided cellular telephone number for (the man).”The cable stated that the RCMP identified and located the man who had arrived in Canada in 2000 and had applied for Canadian citizenship. The RCMP said his immigration file, however, would be denied, but, citing privacy laws, provided no details on why, the cable stated.He was put under “24/7” surveillance while the RCMP requested name traces from U.S. authorities, including the F.B.I.The RCMP also said they planned to arrest the man, who had no criminal history and was no known to Canadian authorities, and put him through a polygraph test.The cable stated that U.S. officials wanted to be present at the interrogation if the man was arrested.The U.S. embassy in Ottawa also contacted the U.S. embassy in Tunisia to find out if the man had a criminal record in that country.“(He) does not appear to be watch-listed or identified in F.B.I. databases,” said the cable. “Ottawa attempted to search ink system in an effort to determine possible existence of an application by (the man) to enter the United Sates…Ottawa will continue to solicit information from RCMP and advise appropriately.”jbarrera@aptn.caThe CableDownload (PDF, Unknown)last_img read more

African nations push for permanent Security Council representation

South Africa’s Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told the General Assembly’s annual general debate today that a transformation of the United Nations will not be complete until there is a “fundamental reform” of the Council, which currently has 15 members.The Council must be “truly representative of the membership and effectively responsive to international crises as mandated by the Charter of the UN,” she said.Ms. Nkoana-Mashabane said the UN had in general during its history shown its relevance and responsiveness to the diversity of the now 192-member organization.In particular, she praised the world body for the role it played in the process of decolonization, “bringing the much cherished freedom and independence to the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America” and helping to dismantle the apartheid system in South Africa.The Foreign Minister met with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today on the margins of the General Assembly, discussing several regional issues, including the situation in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).Also today, Swaziland’s King Mswati III told the General Assembly that his nation backs the so-called Ezulwini Consensus regarding reform of the Security Council.This consensus, developed in the Swazi town of Ezulwini in 2005, states that Africa should be given two permanent seats and five non-permanent seats on an expanded Council.The King said he was hopeful that negotiations, which have lasted for nearly two decades, could be wrapped up in the next year.Basile Ikouebe, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Congo, stressed in his address last night that both the composition and the working methods of the Council should be reformed to ensure it is more responsive and effective.Mr. Ikouebe also called for the General Assembly to be strengthened to make it more efficient. 25 September 2010Top officials from three African nations have called for the continent to have a permanent representative on the Security Council, saying it was a travesty that the region that comprises so much of the body’s work does not have a permanent place. read more

Its show time Apple event on March 25 expected to be launchpad

Apple Inc. on Monday invited media to a March 25 event at the Steve Jobs Theater on its campus in Cupertino, California, where it is expected to launch a television and video service.Sources previously told Reuters that the company is targeting April for the launch of a streaming television service that will likely include subscription TV service. Apple often launches products and services in the weeks following an event.In its invitation, Apple did not specify the focus of the event and gave a single-line description: “It’s show time.” iPhone prices slashed in China for second time this year amid sinking sales Apple wants to combine iPhone, Mac and iPad apps by 2021 Apple’s iPhone shipments to China dive as Huawei tightens grip on smartphone market Apple has long hinted at a planned video service, spending US$2 billion in Hollywood to produce its own content and signing major stars such as Oprah Winfrey. Sources familiar with the matter earlier told Reuters that the service may resell subscriptions from CBS Corp., Viacom Inc. and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.’s Starz among others, as well as Apple’s own original content.The TV service is expected to launch globally, an ambitious move to rival services from Netflix Inc and Inc.’s Prime Video. Apple’s App Store, where the service is likely to be distributed, is currently available in more than 100 countries.The potential sales from a television service have become a focus of investors after Apple in January reported the first-ever dip in iPhone sales during the key holiday shopping period and said it would lower iPhone prices in some markets to account for foreign exchange rates.Apple is also in discussions with HBO, part of AT&T Inc-owned WarnerMedia, to become part of the service and it could yet make it in time for the launch, according to a person familiar with the matter.While there is a chance Apple will update its iPads or Apple TV devices later this month, the event is likely to be Apple’s first major media event in which hardware is not the primary focus, said Ben Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies.That is a big shift for Apple, which earlier this year moved to make its Apple Music services work on smart speakers from rivals such as Amazon and partnered with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to let Samsung television owners watch video purchased from Apple on Samsung sets.“I don’t look at that as saying Apple has given up on the (Apple smart speaker) HomePod or the Apple TV — those will be the products where Apple Music or an Apple movie experience work the best,” Bajarin said. “But Apple is smart to not limit the places people can consume their services.”© Thomson Reuters 2019 read more

Alfords Flooring and Furniture closing after 55 years as president retires

Verna Alford remembers helping to draw the plans for Alford’s Flooring & Furniture’s iconic Regina building in 1994 when the business outgrew its old location.The construction company brought Alford the first draft of a building design, with the front boasting a modern look with glass doors. That wasn’t quite what Alford had in mind, so she scribbled in some columns and windows, helping create what would become the recognizable building that now houses the business.Once inside the building, her meticulously planned showroom has always been designed to invite people in, encourage them to sit down and give them an enjoyable experience.“People do love our store, and I’m very proud of that,” she said.Right from the start, Alford’s Flooring & Furniture was a business that highlighted quality and modernity.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Alford’s husband Wayne started the Regina store in 1967 with just flooring. A few years later, Alford also began working at the store, helping clients select colours or even pick furniture at other furniture stores.But in the 1970s, Saskatchewan’s furniture selection was limited to “great big poofy sofas, vinyl or flocked velvet … it was wild,” said Alford. “So I decided I wanted to try something different.”With her husband’s encouragement, the business became Alford’s Flooring & Furniture in 1974, with Alford running the furniture side. When her husband passed away in 1981, Alford took over the whole business.“We were the first people to ever bring in cotton prints … basically in Saskatchewan,” she said, recalling that one of her competitors at the time walked in and told her she would “never fly” in Regina with these new styles of fabric and high-end furniture.Fifty-five years of business has since proven that idea wrong. Alford said the people of Regina know the store’s reputation and come looking for the best. As for how the business became such a success, Alford attributes that to the Regina community and an incredible team of dedicated staff, noting three people have worked at the store for more than 40 years.“I’m got some really, really loyal staff who care about the clients … and that’s really what built it. It’s the staff that’s here. It’s not just me,” she said, noting with a laugh that she calls her staff her kids.The now 82-year-old said having a team of staff she trusts to take care of everything left her free to do what she loves: talking interior design with the clients and setting up the showroom floor. She still comes in six days a week to do just that.She has also done interior design for dozens of buildings across Canada and the U.S., including private houses, funeral homes, the Hotel Saskatchewan and the Grant Hall Hotel in Moose Jaw, which she formerly owned.Her decision to close down the business and retire was not an easy one for her to make.“Any time a business closes — it doesn’t matter what business it is — there’s an impact. There’s an impact on the employees and an impact on the clients that we’ve had for so long,” she said.“It was a heart-wrenching decision to make and I decided that for the best I would just sell the building.”As for what comes next for the Regina businesswoman, Alford said she isn’t sure what retirement will look like, although she is anticipating going through “withdrawal” as she tries to get used to not working.Before closing its doors for the last time, Alford’s Flooring & Furniture is hosting a going out of business sale, starting Wednesday for invited clients and Friday for the public.While Alford is looking forward to a new phase of life, she said Wednesday will be “a very emotional day.”“Yes, it’s sad that this era is over,” she said, “but there’s another one coming up.” read more

UN presses ahead with school rehabilitation and mine clearance in Iraq

The United Nations is pressing ahead with its efforts both to rehabilitate schools throughout Iraq and to avoid death and injury from mines and other abandoned ordnance, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) reported today.The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is currently carrying out comprehensive rehabilitation of 84 schools and water and sanitation facilities in 20 schools while the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has delivered the first set of textbooks and reference books, obtained under the Qatar Fund for Higher Education, for different university libraries.Meanwhile, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) has contracted the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) to provide technical advice to the Iraqi National Mine Action Authority (NMAA). UNDP trained seven technical advisers last month in Amman, Jordan, before their deployment to Iraq.UNICEF also conducted a two-day workshop with its counterparts and NMAA, developing a draft action plan for mine risk education. The UN has also been active in supporting clearance activities realized by Minetech International (MTI) and Danish Demining Group (DDG) in Basrah.The UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) has proposed a project for continuing and expanding MTI mine/unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance operations in southern Iraq.Under the umbrella of UNAMI, some 23 UN agencies, funds and programmes are working together through 11 clusters to coordinate international aid to Iraq and to offer assistance in the rebuilding of the country.The clusters, whose activities are funded by the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq (IRFFI), are: education and culture; health; water and sanitation; infrastructure and housing; agriculture, water resources, and environment; food security; mine action; refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs); governance and civil society; poverty reduction and human development; and electoral support. read more

Security Council has been idle during Lebanese bloodbath – League of Arab

The Arab League also told the Council that any resolution on the issue must include an immediate ceasefire and a provision insisting on the withdrawal of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon.But, calling for Hizbollah to be dismantled and disarmed and Resolution 1559 to be enforced, Israel’s Ambassador Dan Gillerman warned the 15-member body against a “path of half-measures, concessions and mere declarations.”Mr. Gillerman also said that any international action must demand the Lebanese Government “show the will and the courage to retake control of its destiny.”The Council meeting at UN Headquarters in New York today heard addresses from representatives of the League of Arab States, Israel and Lebanon.Speaking on behalf of the League of Arab States, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani said innocent Lebanese had borne the brunt of the current conflict.“It is most saddening that this Council stands idly by, crippled and unable to stop the bloodbath, which has become the bitter daily lot of the unarmed Lebanese people,” he said, adding later in his speech that “what is happening will sow the seeds of hatred and extremism in the area and provide a pretext for those who feel that the international community is taking sides.”Sheikh al-Thani recommended an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire; the withdrawal of Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to behind the Blue Line separating Israel and Lebanon; an increase in the size, strength and mandate of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL); and support for the Lebanese Government so that it can deploy its army, and thereby extend its authority, across all of its territory.Mr. Gillerman told the Council that “a strong, robust and effective international force” is needed in Lebanon to “ensure the dismantling and disarming of all terrorist groups, and the implementation of Resolution 1559, in all its parts.”The Israeli ambassador said any Council action must also include “enforceable and effective measures which will prevent the continued supply and rearmament of weapons and ammunition from the merchants of terror in Damascus and Tehran.”Declaring that “the issue in this crisis is not territory but terror,” he added that Israel is ready and willing to cease hostilities and withdraw its forces from southern Lebanon once “the terrorist threat on its citizens” comes to an end.Lebanon’s Acting Foreign Minister Tarek Mitri told the Council that a draft resolution being circulated “not only falls short of meeting many of our legitimate requests, but also may not bring about the results that the international community hopes it would achieve.”Mr. Mitri said the text calls for a “cessation of hostilities” rather than a comprehensive and immediate ceasefire, a form of words which “leaves Lebanon vulnerable to the whims of Israel.”He added that, as part of a seven-point plan unanimously adopted by the Lebanese Council of Ministers, the country’s Government reiterates its readiness to deploy 15,000 members of its armed forces in the south if Israel withdraws behind the Blue Line, and to call for an enhanced UNIFIL presence as well.After the Council meeting, a three-man delegation from the League of Arab States, including Sheikh al-Thani, met with Secretary-General Kofi Annan to discuss the crisis in the region. The delegation briefed Mr. Annan on the Arab League’s own ministerial meeting on the issue in Beirut yesterday and its support for Lebanon’s seven-point plan.Mr. Annan’s office said they also discussed the draft Council resolution and the Secretary-General encouraged the delegation to meet with the resolution’s co-sponsors. read more

Fisherman remanded for shooting city Constable

Leacock was represented by Attorney-at-Law Euclin Gomes who told the court during his bail application, that his client was not in possession of a firearm when he was arrested.He further indicated to the court that his client has another matter before the courts and that he not a flight risk.Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield objected to bail being granted to the defendant while stating that on the day in question, Walcott was performing his duties, when he saw the defendant trying to scale the western fence of Bourda Market.Walcott raised an alarm, but the defendant jumped off the fence, pull out a firearm from his waist and discharged three rounds in his direction.Walcott acting in his line of duty returned fire in the direction of the defendant, however he made good his escape. The defendant, Mansfield told the court went to Hadfield Street, Georgetown where he was arrested hiding under a bridge.The magistrate upheld the prosecutor submission and remanded the father of one to prison until September 11. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAlleged Clothes Thieves remanded to prisonSeptember 1, 2014In “Crime”Police constable accused of stealing gun, ammo from GPF chargedAugust 20, 2018In “Court”Trio charged for discharging loaded firearm at Cops further remandedSeptember 10, 2018In “Court” A fisherman who shot at a city constable who prevented him from jumping the fence of the Bourda Market was on Tuesday arraigned for the offence when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.Twenty-five-year old, Kevin Leacock of David Street, Albouystown, Georgetown appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him.The charge alleged that on August 15, 2019 at Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown, Leacock discharged a loaded firearm at Brent Walcott with intent to maim, disfigure, and disable or to cause grievous bodily harm.The accused, Kevin Leacock read more

Vale plans significant investment in dry processing technologies Reuters says

first_imgVale reportedly plans to invest $2.5 billion on, predominantly, dry processing technology as it looks to draw a line under the recent tailings dam failures that have occurred at its Brazil operations.Reuters, citing emailed responses from Vale’s Director of Ferrous Planning and Development, Fabiano Carvalho Filho, said the Brazil-based miner would spend the amount over the next five years, with the funds mainly used to convert Vale’s Carajas iron ore mining operations in the northern portion of the country to 100% dry tailings facilities.The news came on the same day the company released its March quarter financial results, which saw the miner report a $1.6 billion loss on the back of the recent Brumadinho dam rupture.The company is looking to increase its dry processing operations to 70% of its overall iron ore output by the end of 2023, from 60% currently, according to the Reuters report.Of the 17 processing lines of Plant 1 at Carajas, 11 are already using dry technologies and the remaining six wet lines will be converted by 2022, Carvalho Filho reportedly said.In addition, the investments will also go towards two projects in Minas Gerais – one for a new iron ore processing complex, with the other focused on restarting a previously operational mine – the news agency said.The dry processing spend is part of an existing program under which Vale has invested almost $17.5 billion over the last decade, Carvalho Filho told Reuters, adding that the investments were not directly tied to the recent tailings dam spills at the Brumadinho and Mariana dams.last_img read more

Dynacor studying gold ore processing plant for artisanal miners in Senegal

first_imgDynacor Gold Mines has signed a letter of intent with KN Equipments Inc and Fonds Souverain d’Investissements Stratégiques of Sénégal (FONSIS) that could see the building of an upgradable ore-processing plant, in Senegal.The ore purchasing and processing company, which currently services artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) in Peru (facility pictured), said the joint venture agreement sets in motion a strategy to expand its business globally.The initial plan is for a 100-150 t/d facility, costing some $10 million, with the design to double capacity to 300 t/d.The agreement, which follows a series of visits to meet with the Senegalese government, would see Dynacor operate the plant and own the majority of the company with 51% ownership, while KN Equipments and FONSIS would own the balance at 25% and 24%, respectively.This is subject to a seven month due diligence period, due to complete before the end of 2019. Dynacor noted.“The teams are to conduct a complete accounting of potential production sites, the total number of ASM and all other pertinent data concerning the feasibility of this project,” the company said. As the new company would be the sole professional ore-processing facility in Senegal, Dynacor said it sees strong demand for its “reputable and knowledgeable service”.Jean Martineau, President and CEO of Dynacor, said: “The new company would bring a logical combination of Dynacor’s ore processing leadership and 20-plus year experience together with KN Equipment’s presence in Senegal, a long-standing history of manufacturing milling processing equipment and the financial strength of the Senegalese sovereign fund FONSIS.“As part of Dynacor’s strategic plan to become an internationally recognised ore-processing company servicing the ASM industry worldwide, we believe this new low-risk project affords us the opportunity to significantly enhance Dynacor’s growth and leadership role on a global basis.”Mamadou Mbaye, Executive Vice President of Fonsis, said: “Fonsis plays an important role as it backs the strategy of the Ministry of Mines and Geology. This project will help formalise gold mining activities for small and medium size legal mines.”Robert Nieminen, President of KN Equipments, added: “As we have more than three years of providing manufacturing and mining maintenance service in Senegal, our company is quite well versed in the country’s ASM space and its demand for the new company and the value it will deliver.”last_img read more

Fortescue breaks ground at 1275 billion Eliwana iron ore development

first_imgFortescue Metals Group says it has officially broken ground on the Eliwana iron ore mine and rail project in the Pilbara of Western Australia.FMG Founder and Chairman, Andrew Forrest, was today joined by Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia, FMG CEO, Elizabeth Gaines, and the company’s core leadership team, for the official sod turning.The $1.275 billion project includes the construction of 143 km of rail, a new 30 Mt/y dry ore processing facility (OPF) and infrastructure. First ore on train is expected in December 2020, the company says.FMG says contracts to the value of A$330 million ($232 million) to date have been awarded to more than 250 Australian business entities as part of the Eliwana development, of which 80% are Western Australia-owned businesses. As further approvals are progressed, it is expected over A$500 million in additional contracts will be awarded by the end of 2019, FMG said.Contract recipients include BGC Contracting for bulk earthworks and roads, NRW Holdings, also for bulk earthworks, and SIMPEC for electrical, communications and dry fire systems testing.“Eliwana underpins the sustainable production of West Pilbara Fines and provides the flexibility for Fortescue to deliver products at greater than 60% Fe grade,” FMG said. “The development will utilise the latest technology, autonomous trucks and design efficiency, further cementing Fortescue’s world leading use of innovation across its mining operations.”Forrest said: “This is a proud day for Fortescue as we celebrate the largest project since the Kings Valley mine in 2014.“Since Fortescue was founded 16 years ago, we have held community and family at our core and continued to deliver on our commitment to be the safest, lowest cost company. Eliwana is the next great step into the Western Hub, enhancing our profitability and extending our mine life.”The project will generate up to 1,900 jobs during construction and 500 full-time site positions once operational, according to Forrest.Gaines said: “The Eliwana project will build on Fortescue’s unparalleled track record and capability in safely developing and operating major iron ore projects in the Pilbara. Eliwana is core to the next phase of development in Fortescue’s world class, innovative operations. The project will see us maintain our low-cost status, provide us with greater flexibility to deliver on our integrated operations and marketing strategy and, when combined with the Iron Bridge Magnetite development, it will increase Fortescue’s average product grade and provide the ability to deliver the majority of our products at greater than 60% Fe, consistent with our long term goal.”last_img read more

Changement climatique lUE accorde un prêt de 500 millions deuros à la

first_imgChangement climatique : l’UE accorde un prêt de 500 millions d’euros à la ChineAlors que les représentants de 192 Etats sont actuellement réunis à Cancun pour un sommet international sur le réchauffement de la planète, la Banque européenne d’investissement vient d’annoncer être sur le point de verser à la Chine un prêt de 500 millions d’euros. Une somme visant à aider le pays le plus pollueur de la planète à lutter contre le changement climatique.Au total un milliard d’euros seront prêtés à la Chine, 500 millions d’euros ayant déjà été versés par la banque en 2007. Ce prêt vise à financer le développement des énergies renouvelables, et permettre au premier émetteur de gaz à effet de serre du monde d’améliorer son efficacité énergétique. Comme l’a assuré la vice-présidente de la banque européenne, Magdalena Alvarez Arza, “tous les projets ayant bénéficié de la première partie du prêt ont été efficaces en réduisant les émissions de dioxyde de carbone de trois millions de tonnes par an”.À lire aussiDes archéologues ont découvert la raison du mystérieux déclin d’une ancienne civilisationAlors que la Chine a récemment reconnu, et ce pour la première fois, être le premier émetteur de CO2 de la planète (voir notre article), le pays a annoncé avoir rempli son objectif pour la période 2006-2010, en obtenant une amélioration de l’efficacité énergétique de 20%. Mais alors que les négociations se poursuivent à Cancun, le pays refuse de se fixer un objectif chiffré de réduction de ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre, estimant ne pas avoir à supporter la responsabilité d’une situation engendrée par les pays développés.La conférence s’achèvera le 10 décembre prochain, mais il est peu probable qu’elle aboutisse à un résultat plus concluant que le sommet de Copenhague, qui il y a un an, s’était achevé sur la signature d’un accord non contraignant fixant pour seul objectif une limitation à 2°C du réchauffement global de la planète.Le 3 décembre 2010 à 16:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Rio20 la déclaration finale ne suffira pas à protéger la planète selon

first_imgRio+20 : la déclaration finale ne suffira pas à protéger la planète, selon les ONGLes ONG et la société civile se disent furieuses devant “l’échec” et “l’absence” d’engagements au sommet de l’ONU Rio+20. Plusieurs grandes organisations de la société civile ont affirmé qu’elles se battraient, elles, pour la nature et contre la pauvreté.La société civile considère d’ores et déjà comme un échec le Sommet de l’ONU Rio+20.  Pour Daniel Mittler (Greenpeace), tout cela est “désastreux”, et il a fait part a de sa “déception” et de sa “colère”, tout en estimant que “l’échec de Rio+20 donnera aux gens plus d’énergie pour se mobiliser et se battre pour la planète”. Une opinion partagée par Sharon Burrow (Confédération internationale des syndicats) qui a indiqué : “On ne va pas rester tranquilles, il est temps pour nous de mobiliser pour que les gens que nous avons élus rendent des comptes”.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”On ne change pas le monde avec un document mais avec de l’action”, a de son côté lancé Peter Lehner (National Resources Defense Council, NRDC) cité par l’AFP. “Si vous regardez Rio comme un rassemblement de peuples et non comme un document, vous constatez qu’il y a beaucoup d’énergie, c’est à nous de prendre l’énergie des gens d’ici et de la transformer en action”, a-t-il ajouté. Mais les ONG ne sont pas les seules à dénoncer ce Sommet. Les “Anciens”, par exemple, une association d’anciens hauts responsables politiques fondée par Nelson Mandela, ont estimé eux aussi que la déclaration finale “n’était pas la réponse dont on a besoin pour protéger les gens et la planète”. Le président équatorien Rafael Correa a souligné lors de son intervention à la tribune que les 20% de pays les plus riches génèrent 60% des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, tandis que les 20% les plus pauvres en génèrent 0,72%. “Le problème n’est pas technique, il est politique”, a-t-il ainsi estimé pour l’AFP. “Mais vu les rapports de pouvoir sur la planète, il va être très difficile de parvenir à des compromis avec les grands pays pollueurs”.Une étude dévoilée jeudi par le programme des Nations-Unies pour l’environnement (PNUE) montre qu’une utilisation efficace de l’électricité pourrait permettre d’économiser 5% de la consommation soit 88 milliards d’euros par an dans le monde. Cela réduirait aussi de 6% les émissions de gaz à effet de serre. Le sommet de Rio+20 doit fermer ses portes aujourd’hui même, mais les critiques n’ont cessé de fuser depuis trois jours donnant même lieu à plusieurs manifestations.Le 22 juin 2012 à 15:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Mazda Uses Compression to Make Gas Engines 30 More Efficient

first_img Just about every vehicle maker on the planet has an electrified offering these days. One of the most notable holdouts is Mazda. They’re working on it, but they’re not ready to give up on straight gas engines just yet.One reason, the company says, is that they don’t feel any pressure from their customers to introduce hybrids or PHEVs. Another is that Mazda thinks its SkyActiv engines are pretty darn good, and they’re still working hard to deliver the “ideal internal combustion engine.”They’re getting closer to that goal. Mazda just announced the SkyActiv-X, the engine that’s slated to power Mazda’s 2019 models. According to them, the new engine is between 20% and 30% more efficient than the current-gen SkyActiv.That’s a significant boost, one that should push popular models like the Mazda 3 up over the 40MPG mark in real-world driving.To make SkyActiv engines more fuel-efficient, Mazda’s engineers borrowed a bit of diesel technology. In a gas engine, a spark is produced to ignite the air-fuel mixture. In a diesel engine — and in the new SkyActiv-X — compression does that job.The SkyActiv-X doesn’t totally eliminate spark plugs, however. They’re still needed at low temperatures, just as glow plugs are with diesel engines.As for when Mazda will finally start offering electrified vehicles, that’s still up in the air. In March, Mazda France president Phillipe Geffroy said that “both in the US and Europe a minority of either wealthy customers, or companies willing to play the ecological image are buying EV.”Once Mazda can put, say, an electrified Mazda 3 on dealer lots for the same $18,000 as a gas version, they’ll probably get cracking.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysAston Martin Will Build You Your Very Own Supervillain Lair Stay on targetlast_img read more

Clackamas County asks help finding man

first_imgHere is a press release from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office:DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office investigators are seeking help from the public with their efforts to identify the male subject featured in these surveillance images wearing grey pants and a grey, hooded sweatshirt. These quality surveillance images attached with the news release were captured and retained as evidence from a May, 2010 incident reported in Wilsonville.The featured subject is believed to have been involved in the fraudulent use of numerous stolen credit cards. These stolen cards were used to purchase merchandise from a variety of businesses throughout the greater Portland area during 2009 and 2010. The accumulated loss of these reported crimes is calculated to be in the thousands of dollars.The featured subject is described as a: Rimmed eye glasses 25 – 35 Short-to-medium length dark hair Slender build Male adult Please refer to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Case #10-19210TIPS SOUGHTAnyone with information concerning this subject or crime is encouraged to contact the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office’s confidential Tip Line — by phone at 503-723-4949, or by using the online e-mail form.Please reference Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Case #10-19210.The public can also submit crime-tip text messages to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office from a cell phone. All users have to do is send a text message to CRIMES (274637 on your phone keypad) — with the keyword CCSO as the first word in the message body. Important reminder: Please do not send emergency messages using the text-messaging system — in case of an emergency, call 911.Please reference Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Case #10-19210.last_img read more

Northern California wildfires show slower growth

first_imgHAPPY CAMP, Calif. — The U.S. Forest Service says cloudy skies and lower temperatures have slowed the spread of two forest wildfires that are threatening as many as 250 homes in far Northern California. The Forest Service reported Sunday that the fires had burned 98 square miles in the Klamath National Forest by Sunday. That was 8 square miles more than a day earlier, but represented a significant reduction in the growth of the blazes that had picked up steam as humidity declined and winds increased late last week.The two wildfires are the largest among 17 that were sparked by lightning in the forest on Aug. 11. They remained 15 percent contained.More than 2,100 firefighters and 19 helicopters are taking advantage of the better weather by laying hoses, constructing fire lines and clearing brush from around evacuated communities.last_img

South Korean firm to build US30 million golf resort in Primorye gambling

first_img 10,000 Chinese citizens flee Sihanoukville in days after Cambodian online gaming directive: report RelatedPosts Load More South Korean company Dongnam Industry Co., Ltd has signed an agreement of intent with the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation to invest more than US$30 million into construction of a world-class golf course within the Primorye gambling zone.The development, set to cover around 80 hectares of land, will include 18 holes, a club house with associated facilities and a 4-star hotel with 100 rooms. Sihanoukville authorities threaten legal action against 10 building owners over demolition orders 70% of Macau gaming market driven by 400,000 premium players: brokerage Dongnam Chairman Kim Ying-Tae said the golf course would play a key role in boosting tourism to the region.“In the future, the integrated resort Primorye will be able to attract a large number of tourists due to transport accessibility and the growing interest in the Far East from residents of the Asia-Pacific countries,” he said.“Creating entertainment facilities of the elite level will help attract relevant tourists to the gambling zone. For our project, the main target audience is foreign players from Korea and Japan, where golf is a very popular sport and entertainment.”Phase 1 of the golf course, being built in partnership with Vladivostok Country Club, is expected to be ready within 12 months of the land being made available for use.The director of the Primorye gambling zone, Igor Trofimov, said in a statement that development of the area’s non-gaming attractions was now a top priority given that most plots intended for the construction of IRs have been leased to investors.last_img read more

Study HigherVolume Content Leads to More Digital Subscription Sales

first_imgThe content-frequency theory played out beyond that first month as well. The site with the 82 daily stories sold 10 times as many subscriptions per month as the site with 50 stories per day and 15 times as many subscriptions as the site that averaged 20 stories per day.Press+ is continuing its exploration of factors that influence use and sales, but content frequency is an early finding that reveals a direct impact on revenues. Marketing messages, for example, were not identical across these four publishers. Nevertheless, content frequency is one factor that can be overlooked in favor of a publisher’s sense of its value or of visitor traffic. Indeed, Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief and publisher of MIT’s Technology Review, commented in a June post unrelated to this study that one of the reasons the brand ditched its early online paid content efforts was because he felt like TR’s volume of content was not justifying the cost. “My working hypothesis about why our porous paywall failed? We don’t publish so much that a threshold irritates enough readers,” said Pontin. “These early data support our belief that meaningful sales can be achieved regardless of he size of a community or the traffic on its site—as long as the content offering is strong. But the converse is also true,” says Press+ co-founder Gordon Crovitz in a statement. Press+, RR Donnelley’s metered paid digital content service, conducted a recent study that looked at how daily content volume on some of its customer sites impacted the number of subscription sales. The findings indicate that higher-volume postings on a daily frequency led to significantly higher sales in the first month and on an ongoing basis. The study isolated four mid-market newspaper sites that each had about about one million monthly uniques, but varying content posting volumes ranging from 21 daily stories to 82 daily stories. According to the results, the site with 82 daily postings had first-month subscription sales of about $36,000, while the site with 21 daily postings had first-month sales of less than $400. Two more sites that posted 50 and 55 stories each day, recorded $3,000 and $3,100 in sales in the first month, respectively. last_img read more

New cookbook touts Alaskagrown eats for kids

first_imgAlaska cooks now have a new resource: the “Make it Local” cookbook released this month by the Alaska Child Nutrition Program. It’s a compilation of kid-friendly recipes that feature Alaska-grown ingredients.But as one Bristol Bay contributor says, it’s getting tougher for many school kitchens to source locally, even as demand for local food grows.Download AudioAlaskan cooks now have a new resource: the “Make it Local” cookbook released this month by the Alaska Child Nutrition Program. It’s a compilation of kid-friendly recipes that feature Alaska-grown ingredients. But as one Bristol Bay contributor says, it’s getting tougher for many school kitchens to source locally, even as demand for local food grows.Flip to page 11 of the “Make it Local” cookbook, and you’ll find a recipe for banana muffins. It calls for barley flour grown and milled in Delta Junction – barley flour that makes a 520-mile journey by land and air to arrive in Tanya Dube’s school kitchen in Naknek.“So it includes barley and whole wheat flour, and we make that pretty regularly here in the school. In fact they had it for breakfast on Wednesday!” she said.Dube is kitchen manager for the Bristol Bay Borough School District, a district of about 120 students. She was among a group of Alaska food service professionals that helped develop the new cookbook, which was a joint effort of the Department of Education & Early Development, UAF and the Farm to School Program, and funded by a grant from USDA Team Nutrition.The 110-page cookbook includes recipes for reindeer ratatouille, baked halibut, and teriyaki salmon Caesar salad. Each recipe comes with nutrition facts and portion sizes that meet the USDA’s strict requirements for school lunches.And, Dube says, each dish is kid tested and approved. That might challenge some adults’ assumptions that kids only want to eat frozen pizza and junk food.“They love those things too, but knowing that somebody took the time and energy to cook with love for them, that’s my biggest thing,” Dube said. “I mean, that’s how I ended up in this job, is the kids were getting a lot of processed and packaged meals, and I was like, ‘I know I can do better.’”A couple years ago, Dube began serving meals made with Alaska-grown products, like beef from the Interior and produce grown in Bethel.Those purchases were made possible by the state’s Nutritional Alaskan Foods in Schools program in 2013.Now, those “Alaska grown” funds have disappeared. And Dube says that’s made it difficult for small districts like hers to keep buying those local foods.“Here in Naknek, or up on the North Slope, or in the Southwest Region School District, we can’t really dedicate money to pay $3.99 a pound for Alaska carrots when we can get carrots grown way far away for $1.00 a pound,” Dube said. “So, losing those funds was a big hit for a lot of districts, but I think rural districts took the biggest hit.”This fall, Dube wrote a letter to Gov. Walker asking him to put the Nutritional Alaskan Foods in Schools program back in the state’s 2017 budget.With deeper budget cuts on their way, Dube is not optimistic about that request, but she says she has to try.“Asking for money is kind of an exercise in futility, but I feel like if we don’t ask, they’re gonna forget,” Dube said. “They’re gonna forget that there’s not only school children that benefit from having these products, but it benefits growers and producers. It benefits Alaska businesses, because they can plant more barley, or raise more cattle or pigs. It really benefits the whole food supply chain.”For now, Dube will do what many in Alaska schools are resigned to do: she’ll keep stretching dollars and doing her best to provide for kids.In the meantime, how about some banana muffins?“We use the Alaska barley flour, and there’s 15 bananas in there, so they have a really strong banana flavor… And on that day the kids usually want more than one! So I make extra,” she said.You can contact the Alaska Child Nutrition Program to request a copy of the new cookbook to be sent to your school, childcare facility, or Head Start agency.last_img read more

Miffed Karnataka Congress MLA Anand Singh resigns

first_imgBengaluru: Miffed with the state government’s decision to sell 3,667 acres of land to JSW Steel Ltd, Karnataka Congress legislator Anand Singh on Monday resigned from the Vijayanagar Assembly segment in the state’s northwest Ballari district. “I have submitted my resignation letter to state legislative assembly Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar at his residence, as I am unhappy with the coalition government’s decision to sell the land to Jindal steel firm,” Singh told reporters here.last_img