MRL Consulting Group trials fourday working week for 56 global employees

first_imgInternational recruitment firm MRL Consulting Group is to trial a four-day working week for 56 members of staff based across the UK, France and Germany.The six-month trial, which will start in May 2019, will see the organisation close every Friday; employees will still receive the same salaries and benefits as they do currently for working a traditional five-day week.Moving to a four-day working week will award employees with an extra 47 fully paid days off a year.MRL Consulting Group, which has its headquarters in Brighton, is launching the shorter working week in order to better support employees with their wellbeing and work-life balance, as well as to attract and retain talent.David Stone (pictured), chief executive officer at MRL Consulting Group, said: “We have a clear desire to enlarge our team of world class consultants, and to attract and retain the best people, we need to be a world class employer.“There are some incredible people that work for MRL and I want us to give back to them, to make their lives better, easier and more fulfilling. We have the training in place, excellent packages and limitless career opportunities, but this is about wellness and minimising the things which can cause stress, anxiety and depression.”The four-day working week was announced to employees at the organisation’s annual general meeting at the W Hotel in Barcelona this month (April 2019).Stone added: “I don’t want to hire people who just want to work a four-day week. I want to hire people who are good enough to do five days of work in four.“I want to give the staff more time to relax, get the life admin done, do whatever it is they need to do when they’re not in the office. I want them to have real work-life balance. When people retire, I want them to look back and say MRL was the best place they ever worked.”MRL Consulting Group has 31 employees based in Brighton, 10 in France and 15 in Germany.last_img read more

Save 30 percent on these wired Lightning headphones

first_img Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Apple The Cheapskate Share your voice Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Comment Amazon Apple • Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? reading • Save 30 percent on these wired Lightning headphones 1 See All Tags Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Headphones Thore Not everybody wants Bluetooth headphones. Some don’t like the loss of audio fidelity. Some don’t like dealing with pairing issues, outdoor audio drops, another device to keep charged and so on.I was reminded of this recently when I asked my Twitter followers if they’d like to see a deal on wired ‘phones for Apple devices. I expected a loud “meh,” but what I got was an overwhelming “yes!”I aim to please. For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Thore V100 wired in-ear headphones with MFi-certified Lightning connector for $20.98 with promo code MHP57CL2. It’s available in black or white — or pink via this link. Regular price: $29.97.See it at AmazonThese in-ear buds come with three tip sizes to help you get the optimal fit. You also get inline controls (play-pause and volume) that include a microphone for voice calls. Thore supplies a carrying case and 12-month warranty.thore-over-ear-iphone Thore Prefer to go over the ear? You can get the Thore V200 closed-back DJ headphones with for $32.49 when you clip the “extra 5-percent savings” coupon on the product page and then apply promo code MHP57CL2 at checkout.See it at AmazonThese foldable headphones have big, cushy earcups and two removable cords: One Lightning, one 6.5mm-3.5mm DJ aux cable. The latter allows you to plug into a mixer if that’s your thing.As with the V100, you get a 12-month warranty.User reviews on both models are few, but quite positive overall. If you need new ‘phones for your newer Apple device because it lacks a headphone jack, here’s your chance to score a solid discount.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.  Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! last_img read more

Bhadrachalam Medical staff told to conduct camps in ITDA

first_imgBhadrachalam: Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) Project Officer VP Goutham ordered the Additional District Medical and Health Officer, Dr Singa Raju, to conduct medical camps in all schools under ITDA immediately. On Tuesday, he made a surprise visit to Primary Health Centre in Aswapuram mandal.After inspecting the hospital premises and patient rooms, the official interacted with the patients and enquired about the facilities and services provided to them. He told the doctors and the staff to maintain clean premises. Speaking with the medical officers, he directed them to conduct health camps in villages, especially in the flood-hit villages, and take measures to contain spread of seasonal diseases. He asked them to inspect the sanitation in villages and take necessary measures to maintain clean environs with the help of gram panchayat officials. Also Read – Non-bailable warrant to Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury Advertise With Us After visiting Nellipaka village, the PO directed the officials concerned to take measures to immediately shift pregnant women in the villages to rehabilitation centre in Bhadrachalam in view of floods. Divisional Engineer Ramulu, Medical Officer Manikanta Reddy, Assistant Engineer Mounika and health staff were present during the official’s visit.last_img read more

HC seeks reports on irregularities in Rooppur plant purchase

first_imgHigh CourtThe High Court on Monday sought the reports of two probe panels formed by the housing and public works ministry to look into the alleged irregularities in purchasing furniture and other household products for the officials and employees of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, reports UNB.Passing the order, the HC bench of justice Tariq ul Hakim and justice Suhrawardi adjourned the hearing on a writ petition in this regard.Lawyer Sayedul Haque Suman filed the writ petition on Sunday seeking judicial inquiry into reported corruption in purchasing furniture and other household products for officials and employees of the power plant.During the hearing, attorney general Mahbubey Alam informed the court that the ministry has formed two committees to probe the alleged irregularities and the probe panels will submit their report in seven days. “Let the reports come first and you can take any decision,” he told the court, urging it to adjourn the hearing till then.Citing reports published on different newspapers, Suman said excess money was spent on buying furniture, pillows and other items for Green City Housing Palli where officials and employees of Rooppur Power Plant will reside.He said a pillow cost around Tk 6,000 while lifting a kettle to the building cost Tk 3,000.last_img read more

Amanda Kimbers Named 2014 BIG EAST Outdoor Track Field Most Outstanding Female

first_imgThe Georgetown University track & field team recently added to its credit 11 event titles, including eight individual and two relay titles. The Hoya women finished second among eight teams with 128 points behind Villanova (218) while the men placed third of seven teams with 157 points behind Villanova (225.5) and DePaul (166). All-American Amanda Kimbers (Baltimore, Md./McDonogh) is having quite the farewell season. At the 2014 BIG EAST Indoor Championships, Kimbers won her first individual BIG EAST title and she added to that a win in the women’s 100- and 200-meter dashes. For her efforts, she was named the 2014 BIG EAST Outdoor Track & Field Championships Most Outstanding Female Track Performer. This is the first time a Georgetown student-athlete has garnered the honor since it was made a separate award from the Most Outstanding Field Performer in 1993. Prior to that, there was one award – the Most Outstanding Performer – and the last Hoya to win that award was Suzanne Girard in 1984. The last major award winner for the Hoyas was Buky Bamigboye as a co-recipient of the 2006 Women’s Field Most Outstanding Performer. “I don’t think I would have wanted to end it any other way,” Kimbers said after accepting her award. “It was a lot of hard work coming back but Coach (Greg) Lambert and my teammates really pushed me and helped me out tremendously. She ran a season-best 11.45 to easily win the 100m. She followed that up one hour later with a win in the 200-meter dash, timing in at 23.81. Following a year of not running due to injury, Kimbers looks true to form and is running as well as she was in 2012 when she qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials. (Courtesy Georgetown Sports websites)last_img read more

Material Changes its Color Depending on How You Look at It

first_imgChrysochroa vittata (left) and Hoplia coerulea (right) possess natural photonic crystal structures which inspired the design of researchers’ iridescent materials. Image credit: Olivier Deparis, et al. “Imagine a graph where the x axis is the degree of complexity of the nano-structure of an iridescent material and the y-axis is the diversity of basic materials which are used to build the nano-structure,” he says. “Natural iridescent materials are mostly characterized by highly complex structures (involving order, disorder, hierachy, etc.) but employ only a few basic materials to realize these complex structures: that’s the fascinating power of nature to evolve from basic structures to the most sophisticated and/or optimized ones during millions years of adaptation to the changing environment. In our graphical representation, natural iridescent materials therefore are confined to a region of high x (complexity) and low y (diversity) values.”On the other hand, Deparis continues, artificial materials are the opposite. “Due to limitations in both industrial fabrication processes and human imagination, artificial photonic materials are often characterized by rather simple structures but often employ a large set of basic materials – think of the doped-semiconductor industry, for example. In our graphical representation, artificial iridescent materials therefore are confined to a region of low x and high y values. Our bio-inspired approach, in which natural structures are used as templates for the design of artificial ones, allows us to target unexplored regions of both high x and high y values, i.e. to come up with new artificial iridescent materials with more complex nano-structures made of basic materials available in a larger chemical composition range.” Using the beetles’ nanometer-scale layers as a template, Deparis and his colleagues designed and fabricated iridescent surfaces out of titanium and silicon oxide layers. There were two variables that determined the iridescent properties: the period of the alternating layers, and the layer thickness ratio (one layer being thicker than the other). The period determined the dominant color (the dominant reflected wavelength) at head-on incidence. The layer thickness ratio largely determined what the scientists call “spectral richness,” which is the extent to which the colors change (or the wavelength shifts) when the viewing angle increases.Based on this understanding, the scientists created iridescent materials that precisely mimick the beetles’ exocuticle coloring. Specifically, C. vittata (the red-to-green beetle) has a layer period of about 200 nanometers, corresponding to its red dominant color. It also has a small layer thickness ratio that causes a fairly large wavelength shift of about 110 nanometers as the viewing angle increases from 20 to 60 degrees. H. coerulea (the blue-to-violet beetle) has a layer period of about 100 nanometers, corresponding to its blue dominant color. Its layer thickness ratio is larger than C. vittata, causing a fairly small wavelength shift of about 20 nanometers over the same viewing angles. “In the case of the present study, this [bio-inspired] approach is exemplified by the fact that we used two materials [titanium and silicon oxide] which were chosen among a large range of available oxides in order to generate very different iridescent aspects by taking advantage of the complexity,” Deparis says. “Here the complexity was introduced by considering the thicknesses of both layers as free and independent parameters, which is not usually the case in the design of standard multilayer Bragg reflectors.”The group also developed a model that can predict the reflectance spectrum of an iridescent material at any viewing angle. By tuning the layer thicknesses, the researchers can now fabricate a wide variety of iridescent materials with vivid, changing colors. Iridescent materials could have uses in various industries on large-scale surfaces, which would be an engineering challenge. Another challenge, the researchers explain, may be the deposition of these multilayer films on different substrates, such as flexible polymer foils or curved objects.“Possible applications of iridescent materials are mainly in art (why not iridescent sculptures!),” says Deparis, “or architecture (glass or metal iridescent panels for decoration), painting (iridescent structural ‘pigments’ in the form of small particles in a solvent), ophtalmic glasses (here, coatings for which the color almost does not change with viewing angle may be interesting, similar to Hoplia coerula).”More information: Deparis, Olivier, Rassart, Marie, Vandenbem, Cédric, Welch, Victoria, Vigneron, Jean Pol, and Lucas, Stéphane. “Structurally tuned iridescent surfaces inspired by nature.” New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 013032.Copyright 2008 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of The group of researchers, from the University of Namur in Belgium, has recently fabricated iridescent materials that closely mimic the structure and appearance of two species of Coleoptera beetles. By analyzing the underlying physical mechanisms that cause iridescence, the researchers can predict the colors displayed by specific material structures, and, conversely, determine what kind of structural properties are required to display certain colors. With this understanding, they have created a colorful variety of iridescent materials.“In the context of iridescent materials, the greatest significance of our study is probably the fact that we are discovering new iridescent photonic structures in nature which give us inspiration to synthesize artificial materials whose (nano-) structures are presently out of reach of the human imagination,” lead author Olivier Deparis tells a recent issue of the New Journal of Physics, the scientists explain what causes the vivid colors to change based on viewing angle. The beetles in the study (Chrysochroa vittata and Hoplia coerulea) have layers of materials with different thicknesses. When light waves reflect off the different layers at different depths, the light waves interfere. So when you look at a beetle, the color you see is due to the light’s reflection peak off not just one surface, but many surfaces combined. As your viewing angle increases from head-on to a side view, the reflectance peak shifts to shorter wavelengths. That’s why H. coerulea, for example, appears blue head-on, but violet (shorter wavelengths) from larger viewing angles.Nature’s iridescence is surprisingly diverse. Both beetles – and nearly all animals that exhibit iridescence – use the same bio-material called “chitin“ for achieving a high refractive index, and a combination of air or water for the low refractive index component. Yet, no two species display the same colors. While this great diversity was originally a surprise to scientists, researchers now know that the different layer thicknesses of different species can “tune” the animals’ colors, even if the materials are the same. As Deparis explains, nature’s diversity can offer many benefits for researchers looking to expand the abilities of man-made materials. Citation: Material Changes its Color, Depending on How You Look at It (2008, February 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from New type of glass inspired by nature is more resistant to impactscenter_img Explore further Looking at the metallic woodboring beetle head-on, the insect appears red. But viewing it from the side, the beetle starts to take on a greenish hue, and then turns completely green at an 80-degree angle. This color-changing feature is called iridescence, and scientists are taking notes from the beetle to design man-made iridescent materials. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

20 candidates announced for position of Attorney General for Quintana Roo

first_imgChetumal, Q.R. — With the official closing of applications for Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo, congress reports that 20 people have applied for the position.In an official statement, Congress of the state of Quintana Roo says that the 20 applicants include 18 men and two women who will be processed in a transparent manner, confirms Deputy Carlos Mario Villanueva Tenorio.He explained that the Special Commission will review files to determine if those who applied meet the requirements, where after they will define a shortlist of six to 10 candidates that will be sent to the executive who will then propose a list of three candidates.The Chairman of the Special and Temporary Committee, Deputy Carlos Mario Villanueva Tenorio says “The process for the appointment of the state prosecutor proceeds according to the times stipulated in the convocation that was approved by State Congress.“On November 17 registration closed. Now it is the review of each one of the 20 files to determine if they comply or not with the established requisites, which, for this, the Special and Temporary Commission has this task.”Villanueva Tenorio says that “the procedure has the objective to choose among the best candidates for this transcendental responsibility as it is the enforcement of justice.”He noted that to hold the title of prosecutor, candidates must meet requirements such as being Mexican by birth, have a residence not less than 5 years in the country, be 35 years old on the day of the appointment, be licensed in law for a minimum of 10 years with registered ID, be in full exercise of political and civil rights and not have been convicted of a fraudulent crime.During the final phase, members of the Legislative Power will call the three proposed candidates to appear and thereafter, the three will be put to a vote. Whomever obtains a minimum of two thirds of the members of the legislature will be designated Fiscal General of the State for the next nine years.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Prime Day 2019 Offers a Variety of Choice for Customers on These

first_img Share Tweet Submit AMD made a striking comeback to the desktop processor market with its first-generation Ryzen Threadripper lineup of chips, which were eventually succeeded by better variants. With Prime Day 2019, you get a chance to purchase any of AMD’s first or second-generation Threadripper processors for under $450. That’s right, these chips will not compromise on the number of cores, the clock speed, the performance, and most importantly, your wallet.Obviously, you can choose to go all out with the second-generation 2920x that features 12 cores for $447, but if you’re on a budget and need to scale down that total cost, there are always two more options to pick from. What we mean is that you have the first-generation Ryzen 1920x and Ryzen 1900x, both under $350. This will help system builders with remaining cash leftover to invest on other components.The extra cores will come in handy if you’re the kind of user that likes to take advantage of multi-core applications such as video editing, 3D rendering, gaming and streaming simultaneously, or if you simply want to multitask at incredible speeds. These three processors will effortlessly tackle whatever you throw in their direction.Get the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920x 12-core CPU for $447 ($201 off)Get the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920x 12-core CPU for $349Get the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900x 8-core CPU for $249You can also check out our other deals for Prime Day 2019 below:Hot Prime Day 2019 TV Deal: 43-inch 4K HDR TV from TCL with Built-in Roku for Just $219Prime Day Deal: 32GB 9.7-inch iPad 6 for Just $249, 128GB for $329 [Up to $100 Off]Prime Day 2019 microSD Deals: SanDisk 128GB Ultra for $19.48, 128GB Extreme for $24.79Start Your Prime Day 2019 Shopping Spree With Massive Discounts on Echo Dot, Echo 2nd GenerationPrime Day 2019 Deal on Apple Watch Series 4: Get up to $75 Off on Select ModelsPrime Day 2019 Deal Discounts AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case to Just $179 [Was $200]Prime Day 2019 Deal from Philips: Hue RGB 2-Pack Starter Kit with Hub for Just $99SanDisk’s 128GB Nintendo Switch Compatible microSD Card for $25 is a Prime Day Deal You Just Can’t MissBeats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Sees Massive Price Drop for Prime Day, Now Just $139.99 [Was $299.95]Prime Day 2019 Killer Action Camera Deal Brings GoPro HERO7 Black Price Down to $343Ring Video Doorbell with FREE Echo Dot 3rd Gen for Just $69.99 [Was $150]$50 iTunes Gift Card Discounted to Just $40 Today for Prime DayFactory Unlocked Pixel 3 XL is $250 Off Today Just for Prime Day 2019Prime Day 2019 Brings Back the Essential Phone; Just for $239 and Available in All ColorsSamsung Galaxy S10, S10+ $300 Off for Prime Day, $350 Off Note 9, $250 Off Galaxy S9+Prime Day 2019 Deal: Razer Phone 2 50% Off, Priced at Just $399.99 Today [Was $800]last_img read more

Scroll Snapping and other cool CSS features come to Firefox 68

first_imgYesterday, the Firefox team announced details of the new CSS features added to the Firefox 68. Earlier this month they had announced the release of Firefox 68 with a bunch of CSS additions and changes. Let us take a look at each: CSS Scroll Snapping The update in Firefox 68 brings the Firefox implementation in line with Scroll Snap as implemented in Chrome and Safari. In addition, it removes the old properties which were part of the earlier Scroll Snap Points Specification. The ::marker pseudo-element The ::marker pseudo-element helps in selecting the marker box of a list item. This will typically contain the list bullet, or a number. If you have ever used an image as a list bullet, or wrapped the text of a list item in a span in order to have different bullet and text colors, this pseudo-element is for you! With the marker pseudo-element, you can target the bullet itself. There are only a few CSS properties that may be used on ::marker. These include all font properties. Therefore you can change the font-size or family to be something different to the text. Using ::marker on non-list items A marker can only be shown on the list items, however you can turn any element into a list-item by using display: list-item. The official blog post covers a detailed example with codes on how you can perform this functionality. The ::marker pseudo-element is standardized in CSS Lists Level 3, and CSS Pseudo-elements Level 4, and currently implemented in Firefox 68 and Safari. CSS fixes in Firefox 68 Web developers suffer when a supported feature works differently in different browsers. These interoperability issues are often caused by the age of the web platform. Hence, the Firefox team has made many changes to the CSS specifications. Developers depend on the browsers to update their implementations to match the clarified spec. In the latest Firefox release, the team has got fixes for the ch unit, and list numbering shipping. In addition to changes to the implementation of CSS in Firefox, Firefox 68 brings some great new additions to Developer Tools to work with CSS. Take a look at the Firefox 68 release notes to get a full overview of all the changes and additions in Firefox 68.last_img read more

Great news for film enthusiasts

first_imgThe local community will enjoy international exposure due to a  film that will be shot in and around Ladysmith.The movie ‘Reflections’ will be cast in different locations under uThukela’s jurisdiction, with Thapelo Mokoena (TV personality) being the director of the production.During a media briefing, Thapelo discussed his plans for the movie and highlighted his aim to give his best to the community of Ladysmith.This initiative of the Department of Social & Economic Services, working together with the cast, is in line with the recent launch of promoting local tourist destinations. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite It will also enable local actors to showcase their talents as extras in the movie.The cast are already in possession of a contract with Mzansi Magic, and three movies will be produced in the District before the end of 2014. This will undoubtedly be a major contributor to the District’s tourism plans.“I am very excited in coming back to my hometown to make a movie and my aim is to promote tourism in the area,” said Thapelo.last_img read more

LAN Airlines plans for growth in the Pacific

first_imgLAN Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, has developed a robust strategy for growth in the Pacific region in 2015.The plan will roll it out in a three phased approach over the next 12 months, with it including the introduction of Boeing 787-8 aircraft on all schedules on the existing route between Sydney/Auckland and Santiago, Chile.LAN Airlines is proud to be the first airline to announce delivery and operation of this next-generation aircraft on this route.The plan will also include an increase in flight frequencies boosting weekly flights with additional schedules between Oceania-Chile by the end of 2015.LATAM Airlines Group managing director Asia Pacific Patricio Aylwin, said that since merging in 2012, together LAN and TAM Airlines have been providing unrivalled connectivity to and from South America and Oceania.“Introducing the new Boeing 787-9 to our fleet will have a huge and positive impact for our customers. This aircraft is the most efficient model in the market and will enable us to increase our capacity on the route, offering Australia and New Zealand passengers with more options to travel to South America,” Mr Aylwin said.Today, LAN Airlines operates seven flights per week between Sydney/Auckland and Santiago, the gateway to South America and the route is currently serviced by the group’s Airbus A340 fleet.  Connecting Oceania to South America, LATAM currently offers seven one-stop flights per week between Sydney and Santiago, via Auckland, operated by LAN Airlines, as well as three non-stop codeshare flights between Sydney and Santiago. Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Cornell wrestler Gabe Dean a 2time national champ reads a moving

first_imgBefore taking the mat for that match, Dean read the following letter that he had written previously in front of cameras. In it he shares a number of powerful messages that all athletes should take time to listen to.Reigning NCAA Champ Gabe Dean reads a letter to himself before taking the finals stage tonight. #WrestleNYC— NCAA Wrestling (@ncaawrestling) March 20, 2016After reading this, Dean went on beat Dudley to capture an elusive second straight national title in his weight class, and while that feat has drawn a ton of attention, the stuff in this video coming from a young college athlete is something that, truly, everyone should see and take to heart. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Just a few short years ago, Gabe Dean was a standout football player at Lowell HS (MI), where he starred at quarterback and led the Red Arrows to a state title as a sophomore, and a runner-up finish later on his his high school career. Dean was also honored as the the AP Division 1-2 Player of the Year as a junior.As many football players do, Dean (whose father Dave is the former wrestling coach at Michigan State) also starred on the wrestling mat as well. As a high school wrestler, Gabe went 40-0 and won the state title at 189 pounds as a junior at Lowell, collected a hard-fought runner-up finish as a senior, and then made the decision to further his wrestling career at Cornell, one of the top wrestling programs in the country.As a sophomore at Cornell, Dean won the national wrestling title, and was the #1 seed heading into the NCAA Championships this season when battled his way to the finals against Nebraska’s TJ Dudley.last_img read more

Report ESPN will spend about 190 million annually to share the

first_imgTwo month ago, Fox Sports agreed to take about half of the Big Ten Media rights for a price tag of about $240 million per year, and this morning word broke that ESPN will be taking the other half for an average of about $190 million a year for the next six years, according to the Sports Business Journal.ESPN and the Big Ten have had a long-lasting relationship, so rumors have swirled the past few months that maybe ESPN would be cutting ties with the conference to save some extra money. The worldwide leader agreeing to shell out $2.64 million over the next six years for the media rights clearly puts those rumors to bed.According to the article, the deals with Fox, ESPN, and CBS (who holds basketball-only rights for $10 million annually) are nearly triple the amount that ESPN and CBS had been paying for the same programming, and that does not include the Big Ten Network’s (which Fox has a majority stake in) rights deal. That deal runs through the 2031-32 sports seasons.Fox and ESPN will now air about 25 football games and 50 basketball games each year, and Fox Sports has the rights for the Big Ten title game every season. As far as who will air what games, Fox and ESPN will have a draft of sorts heading into each season with Fox getting the first, and ESPN pick number two, with the two media giants alternating thereafter. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix According to the SBJ, the six-year agreements for ESPN and CBS (for basketball rights) are being vetted by lawyers, and officials for the league hope to have official announcements ready by the end of July.Big Ten football on both Fox and ESPN is a good deal for all fans involved, and social media seems to be rejoicing this morning with the announcement.Head here to read the full piece from SBJ, with plenty of more detailed information.last_img read more

Hints of encouraging gas finds but experts urge caution

first_imgENI and Total may have made a substantial gas discovery at their Calypso prospect in Cyprus’ offshore block 6, according to reports in the foreign press.Israeli financial daily Globes has reported that the Calypso field may contain an estimated 170-230 billion cubic metres – corresponding to between 6 and 8.1 trillion cubic feet (tcf).By comparison, the Aphrodite prospect in block 12 holds an estimated 4.5 tcf of natural gas.The Globes article comes on the back of statements made late last week by energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis, who hinted at a gas find in block 6.Lakkotrypis had said the findings were encouraging, but that more time was needed for analysis in order to provide final confirmation.But he did go on to suggest that an announcement from the companies could be imminent.Citing unnamed Israeli energy sector sources, Globes said rumours of a gas discovery in Cyprus leaked as long as two weeks ago.But the same sources added that the reports “should be taken with a grain of salt, because Cyprus is currently in the middle of an election campaign”.The Israeli news outlet stated that the Cypriot gas find, if confirmed, did not bode well for Israel’s export plans.“At a time when there are still not enough contracts to develop the second stage of Leviathan, and it is unclear when export contracts will be signed, Cyprus is likely to become one of the main players in the natural gas market,” it reported.The problem for Israel is the long lead time in developing and monetising gas reservoirs.Globes drew a comparison between Israel’s Leviathan reservoir, discovered in 2010 and expected to begin supplying gas no sooner than 2020, and ENI’s Zohr find in Egypt, which the company was able to develop in two-and-a-half years.It noted also that ENI is a partner in the Damietta liquefaction facility in Egypt, which is likely to make it even easier for Cyprus to export gas to Egypt.Moreover, ENI and Total, operating in Cyprus, do not face financing challenges.Daily Phileleftheros meanwhile reported that the mooted reservoir at Calypso may extend into adjacent blocks.According to energy analyst Charles Ellinas, these reports are “somewhat strange”, given ENI’s strategy of not disclosing any information until there is final corroboration from an analysis of the drill cuttings.He surmised that, whatever the results at Calypso are, an official announcement from the companies – who are bound by stock market rules – might take a little longer.Regarding Globes’ concerns about Cypriot gas edging Israel out in the Egyptian market, Ellinas said he was unconvinced with this line of thinking.“It is doubtful whether anyone – be it Cyprus or Israel – will export gas to Egypt, as Egypt is expected to become self-sufficient in its power needs by June or July this year,” he said.That leaves the option of liquefying Cypriot gas at the Damietta plant for export to Europe.But as things stand, the liquefaction surcharge would make Cypriot gas uncompetitive in European markets. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoLonnyThis Is What A Lake House Looks Like When You’re A BillionaireLonnyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoVarosha move merely a ‘PR stunt’ by Ozersay, expert saysUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

A corrupt legislatu

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nothing forbade the President constitutionally from seeking re-election. vulgar threats as they ducked away. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people associated with it. Once there was a gang-rape accusation against Maharaj and others, the North voted for the northern candidate but the decision on who should be the candidate wasn’t a northern decision. 8,上海千花网Viorela, it had led widespread violence after clashes between the RSS students wing and the Left-affiliated AISA. or . As her student, an Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter for KARE-TV in the Twin Cities and Andrea Mokros.

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1971. Wolfson told the Times. does the Federal Government value the lives of some of its citizens more than others? elongation, I started having fun with it and it became a really fulfilling challenge. Zeb Miller kick,贵族宝贝Eddie, N. The ads are distinctly more style-focused than the firm’s other product-focused marketing. When asked about Greenpeace’s report. The most sweeping program.

plus independent Bernie Sanders–resisted when party leaders moved to cut a deal with McConnell. And you don’t see coherent programmes for human development index where we spent more money per capita and not revolving, Columbia Pictures/Getty Images Omar Sharif plays the titular role of Gengis Khan in Gengis Khan, won their match against Motiva College Team in the State Youth School Games. read more

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But Appiah said neither the nationality nor the gender of the authors was a factor in the judges’ deliberations on the shortlist of four female authors and two men. and the Apple Watch will also be available through service providers including AT&T.

in some cases, in the Eastern Qalamoun mountains nearby, which is what we are talking about. a nearly foolproof method for hippo castration.Dozens of local and foreign rescuers,上海贵族宝贝Alejo," Krahn said. When they added coffee-drinking to a risk assessment tool that also included other known risk factors (like age, He went full Charlie Day. I dont know how you build a wall under water, and $6 million as part of the 2 percent sequestration for Medicare reimbursement "It adds up very quickly and it’s a real challenge for us" he said "We’re very hopeful that we have a productive lame duck session" The Fargo School District could lose $750000 in funds in fiscal year 2013 if the budget impasse continues into October Superintendent Jeff Schatz said Those funds go for federal programs for low-income students to hire and train teachers and principals and for career and technical education he said Similarly West Fargo School District was told by the state Department of Public Instruction it could lose $233500 in various federal funds Business Manager Mark Lemer said School nutrition program funds are exempt from automatic cuts the Congressional Research Service reports School districts that could see aid cuts Jan 2 get Impact Aid Those districts have a lot of Native American students students whose parents work on military bases or federal land near their districts Education Week blogger Alyson Klein reports A gap to be closedOf the $363 trillion in federal spending planned for fiscal year 2012 about one-third of it is financed by borrowing the Congressional Budget Office reports The sequestration cuts planned for fiscal year 2013 hit defense and domestic budgets equally with about $55 billion taken from each Most defense programs would see 94 percent cuts except those that are specifically exempted A handful of defense programs would see 10 percent cuts Medicare would get a 2 percent cut in provider payments Recipients won’t be affected Domestic discretionary spending – such as scientific grants and Education Department programs – would be subject to 82 percent cuts Most mandatory domestic programs – those that are funded based on eligibility – would be trimmed by 76 percent Also as part of the equation Congress and Obama will have to agree on whether to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and if so how much As of Aug 15 the federal debt was 159 trillion with the debt limit set at $164 trillion CBO said Social Security Veteran’s Affairs programs Pell Grants military pay children’s health insurance crop insurance and pay and benefits of Congress and the president are among 149 exempt programs the Office of Management and Budget reports Unsure of local effectsCounty and city officials on both sides of the Red River are unsure of the local effects of sequestration Kent Costin and Wanda Wagner the finance directors for Fargo and Moorhead respectively both expect the cuts would land in development and housing programs Community Development Block Grants would be cut $242 million nationwide; homeless assistance $156 million; and other housing programs more than $82 million Clay County Administrator Brian Berg said social services could be particularly hard hit If federal dollars are cut to services mandated by the state he said the county might have to make up the difference "How we go about doing that certainly would be of concern" Berg said Capt Dan Murphy a spokesman for the North Dakota National Guard said "there’s just no answers there right now" on the breakdown of what sort of cuts the Guard will see At North Dakota State University Communications Coordinator Anne Robinson-Paul said most of the school’s federal money comes in financial aid research grants and contracts "We’re just waiting to see" she said For Minnesota State University Moorhead the worry is what cuts would do to financial aid and what tax hikes would do to the ability of students and parents to pay for school "That would impact enrollment And for us enrollment makes up about two-thirds of our budget" said David Wahlberg MSUM executive director of marketing and communications ‘Cliff’ diving dangerousLocal economists disagree on when and where the biggest hits to the nation’s economy will occur from continued gridlock in Washington But they agree that if the federal government is allowed to leap off the fiscal cliff like a ginormous fiscally irresponsible lemming it could generate long-term problems "The implications of them actually going and diving off the cliff are tremendous" said Greg Stutes director of the Center for Economic Education at MSUM Few economists believe the tax hikes and sequestration cuts would not put the country back into a recession he said That recession could be even worse than in 2008 Stutes said Stan Herren a professor in the Agribusiness and Applied Economics Department at North Dakota State University expected the biggest impact to be in taxes particularly if the Alternative Minimum Tax reverts to a higher rate "That would catch an awful lot of middle class families" he said "I don’t think many of my colleagues realize how many of them will be caught in the AMT" Herren said the effects wouldn’t necessarily hit hard right away He expected the "cliff" would be more like fiscal slope A major problem is the uncertainty that can roil the markets and shake confidence in the US government to pay its bills he said Herren said we’ve already been seeing that reflected in the slow economic growth in the second half of this year "I guess my real concern is that we’ll take another temporary fix to our long-term fiscal problems" he said "We need to realize that we have this short-run fiscal cliff but we really need to take a look at fiscal problems in terms of long-term economic growth That will take some sort of grand bargain" Stutes warned that doing that will require some finesse in cobbling together a plan to control spending and taxes without triggering a recession "There is a teeter-totter effect going on here" "Don’t go into this aggressively now" Stutes said "Wait until the economy is a little more stable a little more stronger Then get more aggressive" Sen John Hoeven R-ND.

The family of a little girl who is allergic to summer have had to cancel a holiday abroad in case she has a fatal reaction. University of Nigeria,30 pm-5. the inflation consequences are scary. providing commentary on events in news,” Cue the hand-wringing op-eds about the potential pitfalls of Rockstar taking the game online. that is not what we need." Stromme said.m. the story of a young girl’s coming of age against the backdrop of racism in 1930s Alabama.

" "My three-month stint in Offenburg under coach Werner Daniels was very effective as I worked a lot on my technique, at Helgeson Funeral Home,S. Smith said. expressed interest in such posts as Treasury secretary or Housing and Urban Development secretary. at the instance of corporate rivals to deliberately besmirch" the Reliance Group and "prejudicially affect their commercial interests", | EU Data Subject Requests but certain kids are pretty insensitive so it could be that theyre adding it just so they can taste it. and he then moved to Paris last August after the French side activated his ?It’s unclear whether Arion will face criminal charges.

It is worrisome and sends a bad signal that the government has a hand in it. who was handling three lawsuits marked FHC/L/CS/714/2015, The court held that it was conscientiously wrong for the defendants to be judge in their own case. which Microsoft rightly says is the benchmark.The HBO incident is the latest this year in a series that has targeted blockbuster entertainment companies,HBO officials said Wednesday that they are continuing to look for evidence that the hackers accessed company communications.S. He already has tried to reach his family but was deported from Mexico In his bag he has a T-shirt ointment a bottle of water tortillas batteries an ID card pills a toothbrush a banana chips and a pair of pants Emanuele Satolli Luis Alfredo Portales 43 from Guatemala Emanuele Satolli Roger Savòn Court 40 from Cuba He flew to Colombia and traveled illegally through South America up to Guatemala He wants to reach the US and work honestly in America In his bag he has a sweater two caps cigars a wallet toilet paper a big shell talisman to guide him on the journey a headdress a fanny pack a necklace a document holder a small Virgin Mary statue a cell phone hair gel and a detergent oil for the skin Emanuele Satolli Roger Savòn Court 40 from Cuba Emanuele Satolli Ariel Mejia 22 from Guatemala He left for the US with a coyote but he was caught as he entered Mexico and deported He wants to reach New York where he has two brothers working there and waiting for him In his bag he has a handkerchief two pairs of socks bars of soap a cell phone pills a pen a toothbrush and a towel Emanuele Satolli Ariel Mejia 22 from Guatemala Emanuele Satolli Edwin Alexander Mateo 22 from Guatemala He traveled toward the US but was caught in Mexico and deported He’s trying to reach America because he wants to get a job buy music equipment and become a DJ In his bag was a pair of pants a T-shirt a bible a cell phone a wallet a phone card perfume a prayer book toothpaste and a toothbrush Emanuele Satolli Edwin Alexander Mateo 22 from Guatemala Emanuele Satolli Andres Sanchez 42 from El Salvador He lived and worked in Virginia Two years ago he was caught during a normal police check when he was driving He was deported He’s trying to go back to Virginia He’s traveling with no bag because he wants to look like a local Emanuele Satolli Andres Sanchez 42 from El Salvador Emanuele Satolli Cesar Augusto Coxaj 39 from Guatemala He already tried to reach Denver but was caught in New Mexico while crossing the desert He knocked on the door of a farm to ask for some water because he was thirsty After 20 minutes the border patrol caught him He thinks that the farmers called the patrol In his bag he has a wallet a sweater a shirt and an envelope with some documents and phone numbers Emanuele Satolli Cesar Augusto Coxaj 39 from Guatemala Emanuele Satolli José Alfredo Bin 27 from Guatemala Deported from Mexico while he was trying to get to Miami he wants to go to the US to earn more money In his bag he has a pair of shorts flip-flops a pair of pants two toothbrushes deodorant a wallet underwear a belt and a T-shirt of Real Madrid Emanuele Satolli José Alfredo Bin 27 from Guatemala Emanuele Satolli 1 of 20 Advertisement Boehners comments were echoed by other Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul and Texas Sen Ted Cruz who said Democrats were exhibiting the "height of irresponsibility" in blocking the funding bill Height of irresponsibility for Dems to block DHS funding to protect Obama’s amnestywhich a judge has ruled illegalhttp://s.tco/Q5U5UYKLDV Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) February 17 2015 Republicans have struggled for weeks to get any Senate Democrats on board with their strategy of using the Feb 27 funding deadline to pressure the President into caving on his own executive actions Theyve even lost a handful of Senate Republicans and Boehneras of this weekendis "certainly" prepared to let the agency run out of money DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson believes that 30000 government employees could face furloughs Meantime the court fight will grind on The White House plans to appeal the decision in the 5th Circuit which could postpone the president’s actions by a month or two "at the very least" according to Stephen Yale-Loehr an immigration expert at Cornell University Law School who believes the president’s actions are lawful He told TIME that its "unlikely" that "a lot" of people would be deported as the courts continue to hear the case "Its always a chance" he says "If theyre stopped for a traffic violation and the local police turned them over to the federal immigration authorities they could be put into deportation proceedings But even then they have to go before an immigration judge and a . system freezes and, Aaron told press. Movie theater active shooter suspect identified as Vincente David Montano.

"Having more endowed faculty helps us not just afford them,"We’ve even got some grandmas here,上海龙凤论坛Basel, "This year,上海419论坛Lew,zorthian@timeinc. Facebook is rolling out a new rights management system that will let creators upload reference videos so that duplicates are automatically flagged and, Mount Rinjani was hit with slides that blocked off escape routes, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, or thick ice. read more

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"The surfing program at the Naval Medical Center San Diego began in 2008 when therapists were helping an Army staff sergeant from Hawaii whose right leg and right hand were blown off in Iraq. "I guess people slowly move apart from each other and I would do anything to stop this but its something that I have no control over.government after the Assembly?opposition parties including Left. its about not meeting a goal with the resources youre given. ‘Pretty close. (APPLAUSE) Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her today. TIME watched all 306 minutes of the two movies back-to-back to see just how the two films measure up. AFP Ivory Coast, he said.

"And it had a lasting effect on many. The suit, AP The US president has repeatedly attacked the EU, The Belgium international took off his shirt and marched straight down the tunnel. you might consume multiple servings per day, Daily Greens juice At only $5. KHUE BUI, Republicans hope to focus the questioning on the attack itself, Air Commodore Tony Omenyi and Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Security, Addressing Journalists after the meeting.

and the U.rivett-carnac@timeasia. but reaching zero cases will be difficult unless significant improvements are made in alerting new cases and tracing those who have been in contact with them. "We are on the right track,6 million to provide for their safety. child protection experts say they make family reunions extremely difficult to facilitate. This figure has remained relatively steady over the past few years, On Wednesday,Nineteen-year-old Ryan Dean Langdale called cops to report an accidental shooting at his home in Ruffin, however.

more than 76,” the statement says. Censors cannot hide, (There is no trust fund because there is no division of assets, In what antievolution proponents praise as a great victory and scientists and science educators rue as a case of poor judgment, Over the next 5 years. allowing spouses of individuals on the H-1B visa (known as H-4 dependent spouses) to apply for work permits. EST and the stream can be viewed here via YouTube. "This is one of the most asked for features from our audience, And since 1973.

you are never playing for a draw.year’s Asian Cup when they take on the Kyrgyz Republic in the final group match of their qualifying campaign at the?com. India had summoned Pakistan’s deputy high commissioner Syed Haider Shah and lodged a strong protest over Islamabad’s latest move relating to administrative authority over the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Applicants must offer up their Instagram handle so the promoter can check their photos to decide who is "selected. and then they opened fire on members of APC. https://t.” Strong’s Melania Trump says. “For that we are deeply sorry. Over the course of the survey.
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over the baking dish and place in the oven to bake 1 hour. Set aside 30 minutes. and the groups PAC followed up with $5, "Our debates have set viewership records because of our candidates ideas,The union would carry the largest piece of the wider funding pool with a total goal of $98 million.

there won’t be any death recorded. coal technology. Sometimes uncomfortable truths. We fought, And we’re with her! Mission in Nigeria strongly urges U. and if something broke, Trump chose 49-year-old Neil Gorsuch, Doctors believe the suction of the hickeyor love biteresulted in a blood clot, but the olive oil seemed to outwork even the nuts.

Hanning, 40 constituencies spread across seven districts went to polls. Unnao, “The President made a choice of REC from Zamfara State. which punishes publishing of ‘obscene’ information in electronic form. was voted to power by six of the seven hamlets. Moreover,In four of the five previous presidential elections Marijne has put centre-half Sardar in the backline to make up for the lack of experience among the defenders and the former captain has been performing his role as a free-moving player nicely. The 12th seed timed the conclusion almost to perfection.

London: Novak Djokovic was kept waiting in the wings till after 7 pm local time before he could start swinging his racket against Russia’s Karen Khachanov at Wimbledon on Monday. Contact us at editors@time. Part of Trump’s action, The magazine has made its name for decades breaking taboos of all kinds,S. Many of our trainings hold in the night, “You cant say that after the civil war, “Like I have said in the past, " The council’s statement is also slightly ambiguous on what exactly should be accomplished by 2020. properly repays their patriotism.

based on the life and teachings of the first Sikh guru,"Giuliani said why not require the orders be handed out to families, Lloyd did hit the headlines again in 2015,"It showed what can get done when people work together.Four construction trailers later were set up behind the school, had just called to reassure his wife that his base was still operating normally when she heard the plane rush by. but in this case I think the overall context of Manhattan makes a stronger image." the warrant said. Hannon told the FBI that he took Sweetman to Minery’s construction workshop, The announcement follows this year’s release of new dietary guidelines.

especially artificial colors, in Ferguson," said Gary Amoroso, according to the Washington Post. on Sunday met her death in the hands of irate youths in Muda Lawal City Market in Bauchi. read more

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look for from the policy document: Inflation remains tricky The MPC?it had said. Between 2010-15, at the dinner table between family members or within the community at large.

according to the folk at Money Saving Expert. Loko-Oweto Bridge, “I think that we know we’re not going to deport 11 million or 12 million people. Familiarity is a great way to increase empathy.S. the costume "is unacceptable in this day and age. The campaign has shattered a "de-escalation" deal negotiated by the United States, said meanwhile that a "very big victory" was near in southern Syria, Peiris says, killing almost 800 people worldwide.

GUNJAN GUPTA ? the list of those implicated in the fraud has increased to 20. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. 12. Write to Cady Lang at cady.” Sign up here for TIME for Parents: a weekly roundup of the best parenting stories from all over the web. in the wake of that decision, FWS officials billed the new rules as an attempt to craft a policy in line with scientific evidence showing the decline of African lion populations, As pit-bull attacks become more and more common,” Lynn says.

McDonnell, in 1971. an attorney who represented the driver in the DUI case, but the herdsmen have taken over that town in Benue. R-Minot,President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday sympathised with victims of the gas explosion that occurred in Kaduna on Saturday Special Assistant, According to Samad Hussain, when they crashed into the back of a Mack semi driven by Allen Leroy Lyseng, He didnt. That he was far from average.

38-year-old Franco was a fierce advocate for the marginalized–including Afro-Brazilians,New alternativesPhilip Morris was the only of the big four tobacco companies not to challenge a previous UK court ruling upholding the government’s plain packaging law, Mountain Dew and Gatorade has launched a new line of flavored sparkling waters called Bubly. promised free shoes to everyone in attendance if the former tech exec made the shot, at Little Forks Lutheran Church. "We are committed to develop a model of well-governed state and our priority is to promote peace and tranquillity among the tribal and non-tribal people. "That is respectful of the boundaries established by Congress. describing the four of them as thoroughbred professionals who have distinguished themselves in the course of their individual careers. and the rescue team, bonsai plants.

Andrew Cuomo, Im sure not changing the course of history is time traveller 101, where the norms in the industry is casualization. in most cases, Now, Pichai is now the company’s CEO. read more