Alarming rise in use of children in suicide attacks by Boko Haram

According to the UNICEF report, Silent Shame: Bringing out the voices of children caught in the Lake Chad crisis, 27 children have been used to carry out bomb attacks in public places across Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon in the first quarter of this year. During the same period last year, the number was nine. “In the first three months of this year, the number of children used in bomb attacks is nearly the same as the whole of last year – this is the worst possible use of children in conflict,” the UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa, Marie-Pierre Poirier, said in a news release announcing the grim findings.“These children are victims, not perpetrators. Forcing or deceiving them into committing such horrific acts is reprehensible.” Since 2014, 117 children – more than 80 per cent of them girls – have been used in ‘suicide’ attacks across the region. As a result of this distressing tactic, girls, boys and even infants have been viewed with increasing fear at markets and checkpoints, where they are thought to carry explosives. Fear of stigma pushing children into isolationThe UNICEF report documents troubling accounts by children who were held in captivity by Boko Haram and narrates the deep suspicion they are met with when they return to their communities. [Children] bear their horrors in silent shame and endure isolation as they remove themselves from other groups for fear they might be outed and alienated even furtherUNICEF report Silent Shame“Many children who have been associated with armed groups keep their experience secret because they fear the stigmatization and even violent reprisals from their community,” the report noted. “They bear their horrors in silent shame and endure isolation as they remove themselves from other groups for fear they might be outed and alienated even further.” The report also highlights the challenges local authorities face with children who have been intercepted at checkpoints and taken into administrative custody for questioning and screening, including for prolonged periods. VIDEO: Surge in girls being used in Boko Haram ‘suicide’ attacks / UNICEFVoicing concern over such custodies and that, last year, nearly 1,500 children were under administrative custody in the four countries, UNICEF has called on Governments to urgently transfer them to civilian authorities for reintegration and support, and to put in place handover protocols to handle children encountered during military operations. “All children affected by the crisis need psychosocial support and safe spaces to recover,” said UNICEF, highlighting the particular need to pay attention to the care and protection of separated and unaccompanied children. It also underlined that Boko Haram must end grave violations against children, including the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict as so-called “suicide bombers”. At the same time, UNICEF continues to provide support to the children and families. Last year, it reached more than 312,000 children with psychosocial support and reunited more than 800 children with their families in the four countries. It is also working with communities and families to fight stigma against survivors of sexual violence and to build a protective environment for former abducted children. However, its response in the region remains severely underfunded. Last year, its $154 million appeal was only 40 per cent funded. read more

ACEA Board of Directors meet in UK

Today the Board of Directors of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) will hold its annual meeting at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).The board met Prime Minister David Cameron this morning to discuss a range of topics including international competitiveness, trade policy, environmental incentives and the contribution automotive makes to the economy.Business Secretary Vince Cable said the ACEA meeting being held in the UK demonstrated “the growing international recognition of our automotive industry and the interest in our national ambition to generate growth in the whole advanced manufacturing sector”.Business Secretary Vince Cable speaking to ACEA on Wednesday eveningIn light of recent announcements confirming ongoing automotive manufacturing in the UK, significant investment in production facilities and the safeguarding of thousands of jobs, Dr Cable said, “The competitiveness of automotive manufacturing in this country is shown by the commitment of the biggest global firms to make serious investments in long-term production here and as a government we are determined to make sure this success story remains a big part of the future economic growth we must secure.”Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said, “The UK motor industry is globally competitive and an engine for economic growth. New investments demonstrate the commitment of international investors, safeguard thousands of jobs and open up opportunities for companies at all levels of the supply chain.“Industry and government must continue to strengthen our partnership to maintain and increase investment in vital areas of R&D, skills and capital equipment.”For more detail on the scale and significance of UK automotive, download the 2011 Motor Industry Facts publication. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Jagdeo concerned about Govts stance on CCJ ruling

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedJagdeo says he can submit list in 1 hour for new GECOM ChairJune 21, 2019In “latest news”President maintains unilateral appointment of GECOM Chair not “flawed”, despite CCJ rulingJune 19, 2019In “Court”President requests meeting with Opposition Leader on CCJ rulingJune 23, 2019In “latest news” Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo today expressed concerns about government’s stance following the landmark rulings of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).The rulings validate the passage of the no-confidence motion against the government and confirmed that the GECOM Chairman was unconstitutionally appointed by President David Granger.The Head-of-State has since stated that he will respect the decision of the court, but according to the Opposition Leader, the actions of President Granger and his ministers “tell a different story”.He made reference to statements by Finance Minister Winston Jordan and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who told an outreach at Bartica, Region Seven, that house-to-house registration must be done before the country can head to the polls.Jagdeo also referred to statements by the Head-of-State himself, questioning the ruling of the CCJ in relation to Justice James Patterson as GECOM Chairman.“He says that they (CCJ) need to tell him why it (the appointment) is flawed. If someone had advised him then he would know that the Court told him why it was flawed…does he really accept the decision of the CCJ?” Jagdeo questioned.“It’s very troubling…the government is illegal and has been so since March 21 this year and Patterson’s Chairmanship position is untenable and unconstitutional therefore, he has to be replaced. Also, elections must be held in three months from the date of the CCJ’s rulings…the President must follow those judgements,” the Opposition Leader added.Opposition Member Gail Teixeira has since written the Top Cop and the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) about the statements being made by government ministers in relation to the CCJ ruling.In her letters, Teixeira said the utterances are “inciting and a threat to public order and safety”. (Story by Kristen Macklingam) read more

More progress for Aspire Mining on Ovoot Early Development Project coal operation

first_imgAspire Mining has obtained approval from the Mongolian Reserve Council (MRC) in relation to the Ovoot reserves at its Ovoot Early Development Project (OEDP) in Mongolia. This follows the company’s submission incorporating and consolidating all past data and information on Ovoot. Aspire received the results of a pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the early development of the world class Ovoot Coking Coal Project in February 2019 by first constructing a haul road able to deliver up to 4 million tonnes per annum of coking coal to the nearest rail head at Erdenet. From there the coal can be railed north or south to export markets.Aspire’s strategy is to progress with low capital intensity road-based development to deliver early production. Ongoing works also aims to advance the larger-scale and longer-term Erdenet-to-Ovoot railway development.MRC approvals are required before the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) can be undertaken and on completion, applications for mine permits and associated approvals can be made.The company has a continuous engagement program to keep the local communities aware of the OEDP progress while outlining the positive impacts of employment, capacity building and infrastructure. The local district and province have decided to combine road and mine approvals at the community level into one package, which has caused a delay in the company’s planned program to complete the DFA. The completion of the DFS is now expected before the end of calendar 2019 with the timeframe for first coal production remaining mid-2021.Aspire expects to be in OEDP production by quarter-two 2021 with a 15-month haul road construction period beginning in late 2019-early 2020. Russian-Mongolian joint venture Ulaanbaatar Tumur Zam (UBTZ) owns and manages the Mongolian rail network and on May 24, 2019, Aspire and UBTZ executed a corporation agreement. The agreement ensures an allocation by UBTZ to Aspire of rail line capacity from Erdenet to the Mongolian-China border at Zamyn Uud. It guarantees up to 4 million tonnes per annum of rail line capacity will be available to the company in support of its OEDP requirements.In 2014 the company conducted initial test work on blending Ovoot coking coal and identified a substantial opportunity to value add to Tavin Tolgoi’s non-coking coal resources through blending with Ovoot’s ‘fat’ coking coal.Tavan Tolgoi is Mongolia’s largest coking coal mine and with the OEDP now presenting near-term production, Aspire and Tavan Tolgoi’s government owner Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi can take the next step in evaluating the opportunity. Tavan Tolgoi is in the middle of an IPO process planned to occur later in the year. Aspire is also currently forming a short list of potential international technology partners.last_img read more

ASI receives US Army funding for AIbacked autonomous vehicle initiative

first_imgAutonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI) says it has received Phase I funding from the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicles Systems Center (formerly TARDEC) for an initiative that could improve the way heavy vehicles stop while operating autonomously.As the advanced solution is developed, tested and proven, it could be used by ASI’s autonomous vehicles across industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction haulage, mining, facility robotics, the company said.Jeff Ferrin, CTO of ASI, said: “Bringing large autonomous vehicles to a safe stop in varying environments can be challenging. Having additional funding from the Army to further develop this technology will help us make autonomous vehicles safer, which is always our number-one priority.”The objective of the Army in awarding this grant is to develop and demonstrate a system that can be operated remotely and considers both the dynamics of the vehicle, as well as the environment, to optimally and safely bring a large ground vehicle to a complete stop despite the terrain, according to ASI.“ASI has been working on terrain characterisation with the Army since 2014,” Ferrin said. “This project will use similar technology to make sure the vehicle is aware of the terrain around it. This model of the terrain will then be used by the vehicle to ensure a safer stop is completed.”A significant focus of this intelligent urgent stop initiative is machine learning, ASI said. “This improved technology will continuously monitor the interaction between a vehicle and its surroundings and update the internal model that is used to properly halt the vehicle. This process will allow the vehicle to learn and adapt as the terrain and environment change.”According to Ferrin, the system can be used with any drive-by-wire vehicle. “It will interface with the brakes and steering to bring the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop,” he said.Details of the Phase I stage awarded to ASI include development of a concept design using commercial-off-the-shelf sensors to perform safe deceleration of a large ground vehicle. A concept design report and performance analysis report are required deliverables before Phase II can be awarded, ASI said.last_img read more

Mineteks Sound division ensures large mobile mining equipment is compliant

first_imgMinetek says its ‘Sound’ division ensures large mobile machinery meets all relevant compliance laws and is expected to save operators considerable amounts of money in the process. Specialising in equipment such as trucks, diggers, excavators, drills, loaders, dozers and the like, Minetek Sound’s “expertly engineered sound attenuation reduces noise by intelligently treating the noise sources in the most effective way.”According to Minetek’s Richard McAlpin, by solving problems at the source and through correct engineered designs, there are several clear benefits beyond just sound attenuation. These include prevention of overheating through engineered designs, ease of maintenance, less downtime, compliance with strict government regulators, reduction of fines, and improved community relations.“Mines are 24/7 operations, and anyone working or living near a 24/7 source of mining noise can, without realising it, suffer hearing and physiological damage,” said McAlpin. “WorkCover statistics show up to 3,000 workers’ compensation payouts each year for deafness attributed to large mining machinery, so the threat to hearing is very real and in need of attention. More often than not, in the course of treating the cause of sound pollution on vehicles, we also lower the risk of the vehicle over-heating. And because we keep the machines maintained according to maintenance guidelines proved by Minetek, we find that maintenance and downtime is heavily reduced which is positive for the operator. Ultimately though, the fact that fines become far less frequent and the local community benefits are the real clinchers.”These are complete turnkey solutions to noise problems generated by just about any large diesel machinery. Intense and detailed noise studies and testing is performed in all areas. Minetek looks at a number of scenarios to provide an overall increase in airflow and improved performance. “Minetek personnel have a strong history working with OEMs such as Liebherr, Hitachi, Komatsu and Caterpillar to help its solutions become widely applicable worldwide. The service also provides noise surveys and evaluation, operator safety advice, site inspections and site recommendations, in-cab testing and recommendations and WH&S noise recommendations.”“We are very thorough, assessing all large vehicles in the mining sector, accurately predicting the level of noise that they will create and we make reviews in accordance to local, state and national noise criteria, depending on which is applicable,” said McAlpin.“Everything is tested and a case study provided. For instance, on a mining haul truck, we will test for noise output when it is stationary and during in-situ operating conditions including uphill and downhill travel, loaded and unloaded, and any other applicable parameter and we will provide our clients with a reputable independent third-party noise report. If an owner or manager has an issue with their fleet, we travel to the site and use our noise consultants and engineers to provide our clients with an optimum outcome. We then do our designs with the fine accurateness in a digital environment. Because we have our noise data we are not guessing; we know we will get an accurate result and base our guarantees on that.”last_img read more

Cat DTH hammers and bits up the ante in blasthole drilling

first_imgCaterpillar has introduced its first Cat® down-the-hole (DTH) hammer and bits for blasthole drilling as it looks to speed up penetration rates and reduce drilling costs in difficult conditions.The new Cat DTH Hammer is 152 mm (6 in) in diameter and is the first to be introduced in the new DTH line. Its valved design provides reliable operation, low air consumption, easier maintenance and cost effective rebuild, according to the company. The piston design, meanwhile, delivers long life and efficient energy transfer.The new hammer is rated to run with compressed air systems driving working pressures up to 34.5 bar (500 psi). Cat explained: “This additional back-head pressure, when combined with corresponding airflow demanded, generates more blows-per-minute to generate faster penetration rates in the hardest of materials.”Caterpillar also is introducing bits for DTH drilling. Several different configurations of 171 mm (6.75 in) bits are now available in both standard and heavy-duty versions to allow matching the bit to the rock characteristics and job requirements. The bit selections include a variety of carbide shapes (spherical, ballistic) and face shapes (concave, flat, convex).“Cat Bits are optimised for high wear resistance and improved rock chipping,” the company says. “The aggressive, long-lasting cutting structure in conjunction with the efficient Cat DTH Hammer delivers a superior rate of penetration.”Caterpillar’s advanced materials and heat treatment technology used in the DTH products yield longer life and result in lower overall drilling costs in demanding conditions, it says. In head-to-head tests conducted in iron ore and quarry applications, Cat says its hammers and bits demonstrated significantly lower total cost of drilling.last_img read more

The curious case of how a British cop went undercover among Irish

first_img Saturday 11 Feb 2017, 9:00 PM 62,444 Views “He had multiple intimate relationships with women using his false identity as an environmental activist called Mark Stone.”IT SOUNDS LIKE something straight out of a James Bond movie but that is a line from this week’s Dáil transcripts.During a Leaders’ Question session, the house was informed that an undercover British agent – infamous following an inquiry in the UK – also operated in Ireland.While the fresh revelations went somewhat under the radar on Wednesday (because of the explosive nature of Brendan Howlin’s contribution to the whistleblower debacle), AAA-PBP TD Paul Murphy told the chamber that the “the security forces here would be very concerned about agents from another country operating in this jurisdiction”.The Taoiseach was told a British citizen, Mark Kennedy, has been exposed as a “secret member of the national public order intelligence unit” in the UK.The story of Kennedy has been widely reported about over the years – in both the Guardian and the Daily Mail.In 2011, details of Kennedy’s double life during which he embedded himself with environmental activists for more than seven years, began to emerge.The Guardian reported that Kennedy visited more than 22 countries taking part in protests against the building of a dam in Iceland, touring Spain with eco-activists, and penetrating anarchist networks in Germany and Italy.However, the story has now landed on Irish shores.Murphy told the Dáil this week:[Mark Kennedy] was in Ireland and it is admitted he was in Ireland on multiple occasions. He participated in the Shell to Sea protests in the Taoiseach’s constituency. He organised meetings here in the run up to the protest in Gleneagles at the G8 in 2005. He was arrested by the gardaí in Dublin on 3 May 2004… Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Christina Finn Image: Channel 4 News Feb 11th 2017, 9:00 PM Mark Kennedy being interviewed on Channel 4 News in 2012. Image: Channel 4 Newscenter_img 83 Comments The curious case of how a British cop went undercover among Irish protesters “Mark Kennedy was not just one bad apple. He was part of a system of political policing and abuse of rights.” Mark Kennedy being interviewed on Channel 4 News in 2012. We also know that British undercover police officers were operating in this State yet the Irish government has so far refused to request the inclusion of their activities in that investigation. Why is that?Murphy said the “political policing” targeted left wing and environmental activists, breaching their right to privacy in this State, which is enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.“It is incomprehensible and unexplainable why that request has not been made unless the Irish Government is saying its protection of British spies in Ireland takes priority over the wish of these people for answers and justice,” said Murphy.“We have more than enough political policing in this State already without allowing British agents to have a free run here too.”The Dublin South-West TD said those affected are now seeking answers and justice.Mark Kennedy was not just one bad apple. He was part of a system of political policing and abuse of rights. As well as him, we know of at least three other undercover British police officers who operated in this State – Jim Boyling, Mark Jenners and John Dines. There are a huge number of unanswered questions here.He said the Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald had already confirmed that gardaí were aware of Mark Kennedy’s presence in Ireland.Murphy asked the Taoiseach on what basis and on whose authority did he have permission to operate in Ireland and questioned if the government knew of other undercover officers.He claimed that there have been 56 convictions or prosecutions overturned in Britain as a result of Kennedy’s involvement.The deputy called for the report commissioned in 2011 by the Garda Commissioner into Kennedy’s activities to be published.The Taoiseach confirmed to Murphy that the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Charlie Flanagan will meet with the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, James Brokenshire in Dublin next week to discuss the matter.However, he said the minister has not seen the garda report which investigated the relevant and related issues.The security forces here would be very concerned about agents from another country operating in this jurisdiction. We have had incidents of that in the past.Kenny said the minister will make a further statement following that meeting.Read: Mary Robinson says she was “bullied” into stepping down as President earlyMore: Roscommon town prepares for refugees by building a wall… of welcome He had multiple intimate relationships with women using his false identity as an environmental activist called Mark Stone.While travelling the world, it’s claimed Kennedy had many sexual relationships with women within the activist movements. Source: Channel 4 News/YouTubeIt resulted in some of these women taking legal action against the police. Subsequently, the Metropolitan Police in the UK published a full apology for ‘totally unacceptable behaviour’ of undercover officers entering into such affairs with women.A settlement was also reached between the police force and the women.The Police Inspectorate in the UK also carried out a review into the cases, and called for better oversight of those that carry out covert work.The Telegraph reported Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said sorry five years after the women first launched legal action following the unmasking of Mark Kennedy. Source: Cops Campaign/YouTubeOn Wednesday, Murphy told the Dáil that a woman who was involved in a protest group was in a relationship with Kennedy while he was operating in Ireland.He highlighted the case of Sarah Hampton, a US citizen who met Kennedy on these shores in 2005.Outlining what was said in Dublin this week, Murphy read out her statement, in her own words:Finding out that Mark was an undercover police officer brought about a deep depression that seemed impossible to navigate, there were times I almost gave up completely. The process of seeking justice on this case has felt at times belittling, intimidating and downright scary. … I felt I had been raped. I never consented to sleeping with a police officer.Murphy told the Dáil that Hampton was granted an apology last month by the Met Police.Pitchford InquiryFollowing these revelations, there were calls for a full investigation.The Pitchford inquiry was launched in 2015 following scandals involving officers and women who said they were tricked into relationships.In Belfast earlier this week, campaigners took a legal case over the failure to include Northern Ireland in Lord Justice Pitchford’s inquiry.According to the Belfast Telegraph, Jason Kirkpatrick was granted leave to seek a judicial review of the government’s refusal to widen the probe beyond England and Wales.His lawyers argued that officers attached to the Metropolitan Police and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit secretly travelled to Belfast for spying purposes without PSNI knowledge.Following the court case in the North this week, and pointing out that a woman in Ireland had also been victim of undercover police officers entering into sexual relationships with women, Murphy said he wanted the Taoiseach to formally request that the inquiry now be extended to Ireland as well.We know the German government has written to the British government seeking the inclusion of the actions of the so-called spy cops in Germany, and we know the Scottish government has done the same. 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Bufalino Mobile Home un camping bike écologique à découvrir en images

first_imgBufalino Mobile Home : un “camping bike” écologique à découvrir en images Allemagne – Avec le Bufalino, un designer allemand propose une nouvelle façon, originale et écologique, de concevoir le camping car et l’habitat mobile.Cornelius Comanns a conçu ce nouveau concept de véhicule dans le cadre d’un projet personnel sur l’habitat mobile. Le projet, baptisé “Bufalino” est un véhicule à trois roues, propulsé à la force des jambes et donc écologique. À lire aussiPark’n’ride : le camping-car convertible qui se transforme en voiture deux places, découvrez les imagesL’agencement intérieur de ce véhicule est conçu pour être fonctionnel, afin que les différents rangements et emplacements aménagés prennent le moins d’espace possible tout en restant pratiques. Ainsi, sous les plaques chauffantes qui permettent de cuisiner et le long de l’espace amovible du lit, de grands tiroirs ont été placés. Il y a un lavabo mais pas de salle de bains. Le Bufalino permet de voyager partout de par sa taille compacte, à la ville comme à la campagne.Découvrez le projet en images : 29 septembre 2010 à 15:46 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

I dont feel pressure Klopp

first_imgThe Liverpool manager is being tipped to win the Premier League this season, but right now the current team in first place is Manchester CityBefore the start of the 2018-2019 English Premier League season, Liverpool was tipped as the future champion of the competition.But right now Manchester City is currently at the top and the Reds are behind.And for manager Jurgen Klopp, there’s no rush or pressure.“I don’t feel pressure. That’s how it is,” Klopp told Four Four Two.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…“I made a decision long ago for myself: I give everything I have. I don’t hold anything back. At this moment, I can’t do better. I am really like I am.”“I expect a lot from myself but there is no pressure. We want to win each game and if we don’t win it then we want to win the next one,” he added.“Any other decisions – how people look at me and what people think about me – I have nothing to do with that because I have no influence on it.”“As long as we win football games, everybody thinks – even if they don’t like me – ‘He’s a good manager’,” he commented.“And when we lose football games, the people who don’t like me and the people who like me say, ‘Maybe he’s not the right manager anymore’. That’s how it is. If you know that before, how can it put pressure on your shoulders? I really don’t understand that.”last_img read more

When Trinamool MP reminded request for temple to Narendra Modi

first_imgNew Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee may see red over ‘Jai Shri Ram chants, but one of her party MPs reminded Narendra Modi about the need for a temple in a housing complex here when the Prime Minister went to inaugurate the flats. Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member Kalyan Banerjee said that while the new duplex flats were being built for MPs in North Avenue in Lutyens Delhi, he had suggested keeping a separate room as a ‘mandir’ to offer prayers. Also Read – Abrogation Of Article 370 Carried Out In Inhuman Way: Urmila Matondkar Advertise With Us When Modi went to inaugurate the flats on Monday, Banerjee shook his hands and told him: “Ye mera suggestion tha jab huya tha ke pooja ke liye ek ghar hona chahiye. Mandir ke liye…” (when it was being constructed, I suggested them to keep a separate room for temple to offer pooja). Modi cut him short before jokingly telling the MP, “Ye bangal ke akhbar me chhapega” (this will be printed in Bengali dailies), before both broke into laughter. Also Read – BJP launches anti-AAP campaign to save Delhi Advertise With Us West Bengal has seen an exodus of political leaders mainly from the ruling Trinamool Congress, with many complaining that their former party was practicing “politics of appeasement”, a charge made both by BJP President Amit Shah and Modi at election rallies in Bengal. Be it the party’s reported opposition to Saraswati puja in schools or Mamata Banerjee expressing displeasure over public display of Ram Navami, Trinamool’s stance has come under attack from the BJP. Last year, when the BJP tried to kickstart a Rath Yatra, Trinamool cadres went to the area to ‘purify’ it by sprinkling Ganga water. Now, one of their senior MPs asking for a ‘mandir’ at the newly constructed MP flats in Delhi may ruffle many feathers.last_img read more

DianaDodi statue to be removed from London store

first_imgThis file photo taken on August 31, 2006 shows a memorial to Diana, princess of Wales and Dodi al-Fayed pictured in Harrods in London, on 31 August 2006, on the ninth anniversary of their death. Photo: AFPLondon luxury department store Harrods said Saturday it was taking down a statue of the late princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and returning it to former owner Mohamed Al Fayed.Al Fayed commissioned the bronze statue, which shows his son and Diana holding hands and releasing a bird, after they were killed in a Paris car crash in 1997.It remained there after he sold Harrods to the investment arm of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund in 2010.But the store’s managing director, Michael Ward, said it was now time to return it, noting that Diana’s sons princes William and Harry were commissioning their own statue to their mother at Kensington Palace.”We are very proud to have played our role in celebrating the lives of Diana, princess of Wales, and Dodi Al Fayed at Harrods and to have welcomed people from around the world to visit the memorial for the past 20 years,” he said.”With the announcement of the new official memorial statue to Diana, princess of Wales at Kensington Palace, we feel that the time is right to return this memorial to Mr Al Fayed and for the public to be invited to pay their respects at the palace.”Al Fayed has accused the royals of masterminding the death of Diana and his son, and as a result Harrods lost its royal warrant in 2000.A spokesman for the Al Fayed family told The Times newspaper it was “grateful” to Qatar Holdings for preserving the memorial of the couple, adding: “It is now time to bring them home.”last_img read more

Is This the Biggest Advancement in Diabetes Management Since the Insulin Pump

first_img Diagnosed at age 2 with Type 1 diabetes, Kayla Wilson had to suffer through four shots per day of the insulin her pancreas was unable to produce. The insulin pump she got at age 7 was a godsend. The connection needed to be reinserted only every few days, and the pump helped keep her blood sugar steady by distributing insulin slowly.“My first insulin pump changed my life,” she says. “When I decided to do bioengineering, I figured I’d go design an insulin pump.”But during her studies at South Carolina’s Clemson University, her advisor, associate professor Delphine Dean, guided her toward the problem of impoverished people who cannot afford basic diabetes care. Worldwide, 347 million people suffer from diabetes. Roughly 1.5 million die from the disease each year, 80 percent of them in low- or middle-income countries where patients cannot afford a daily supply of roughly five test strips, which retail for about $1 each.These strips are chemically treated paper that, when inserted into an electronic glucose monitor, assess the amount of sugar in a pinprick of blood. So Wilson developed an ultra-low-cost test process called Glucosense, in which an inkjet printer dispenses enzymes onto inexpensive filter paper. Last year, with Dean onboard as technical adviser, she launched a company, Accessible Diagnostics, to market it. Wilson is the CTO, even as she works on her doctoral project: a low-cost form of the reliable diabetes A1C diagnostic test.Wilson’s inspiration came on research trips to clinics in rural Tanzania, where glucose monitors were a rarity. One doctor had paid for one himself, but was forced to make diagnoses based on a single blood-sugar reading — which can be easily skewed by variables like temperature, humidity and diet.Back in her lab in South Carolina, Wilson was able to bring her costs down to where she could offer test strips for about 5 cents apiece by printing enzymes onto absorbent paper like that used in coffee filters. When exposed to blood, Wilson’s strip turns varied shades of blue corresponding to blood-sugar levels; this “visible strip” can be read with the naked eye rather than an electronic monitor.At a networking event at Clemson, Wilson attracted the interest of John Warner, whose Greenville, S.C., firm Concepts to Companies, launched in 2014, aims to partner with academic researchers to launch startups. Warner and partner Brian McSharry would eventually commit $500,000 to Accessible Diagnostics and take key advisory roles.Warner — a serial entrepreneur who began launching and financing retail, restaurant and telecom companies in the ’90s — applied his expertise to overhaul the business model. The original plan was for clinics to print strips using an off-the-shelf inkjet printer, but there were concerns that the DIY strips would not be medically reliable. “[Wilson’s] assignment was to solve a bioengineering problem, which is what she did,” Warner says. “I looked at that and said we have to solve distribution — can we get fresh strips sent there?”So Warner hired a logistics consultant, who figured out how to ship pre-printed strips to clinics in India, Africa and Latin America.Accessible Diagnostics is submitting its materials for FDA approval this month; the process is expected to take about 18 months. Meanwhile, the team is working on an app that would even more accurately interpret the shades of blue that appear on the strip.In addition to helping diabetics in need, the company has solid financial goals. Warner aims to follow the example of the discount store Dollar General in targeting the low-income market. “Business models built around low-end markets can be very significant and profitable,” he says. “It’s not a problem Johnson & Johnson can’t solve; it’s one they choose not to solve, because it’s not the most profitable part of the market.”  Register Now » This story appears in the January 2016 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » January 4, 2016 4 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

Elon Musks Teslaquila isnt meshing with Mexicos tequila industry

first_img‘Teslaquila’ comes a little close to a protected word.Image: DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty ImagesBy Shannon Connellan2018-11-14 02:43:15 UTC Elon Musk could soon need a lemon wedge for a salty trademark battle with Mexico’s tequila industry.The founder and CEO of Tesla announced a new brand of tequila called “Teslaquila” in October, vaguely tweeting it was “coming soon.”But it may not be that straightforward for Musk if the intensely no-nonsense Mexican tequila industry has anything to say about it. According to Reuters, the billionaire’s attempts to trademark the word “Teslaquila” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are being opposed by Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). The national industry group, which works to protect the prestige of the agave-based spirit, said the “name ‘Teslaquila’ evokes the word Tequila … (and) Tequila is a protected word.” According to the trademark application filed by Tesla, “Teslaquila” has been described as a “distilled agave liquor.” Reuters reports that similar applications have been filed in Mexico itself, as well as the European Union and Jamaica.Run by the Mexican Government, the CRT takes tequila very seriously. In fact, their main mission is to maintain producer compliance with the official Mexican standard for tequila, and that includes incredibly strict adherence to rules of origin. Like Champagne in France, to pass the official standard, and to legally use the name “tequila,” the spirit must be made in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, or Nayarit. And yes, U.S. federal law stipulates that tequila sold in the U.S, manufactured in Mexico, must comply with the country’s strict tequila manufacturing laws.That’s not to say Musk won’t adhere to these requirements – in fact, there are limited details on “Teslaquila” so far, with Musk merely tweeting a “visual approximation” of what a bottle of the spirit could look like.Though, if Musk’s supremely keen on using the word “Teslaquila” for the spirit, he’ll need to play ball with Mexico’s government-appointed tequila guardians. Hey, it could be very worth it — just look at George Clooney‘s profits.last_img read more

Cafe Saigon 1975 – a war memorabilia cafe in Ho Chi Minh

first_imgSAWASDEE: In my quest to visit different cafes in Saigon I’m always looking out for new places in my wanders. One…Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association expands outreach in BrazilLet Hawaii Happen – A Surprise LGBT Wedding videoUNWTO chief addresses IGLTA Annual Global Convention in Floridalast_img

How Ditching My Smartphone Let Me Recharge and Reconnect

first_imgLike many Americans, my cellphone is with me 24/7 — in the car, on my morning run, and yes, in the bathroom. I use it to check on my family, stay on top of my kids’ activities and navigate from point A to point B, among other things.But more and more, I’ve noticed that I also turn to my phone to fill what might otherwise be a quiet moment. Instead of letting my busy mind wander, I scroll through social media sites, check email and watch YouTube clips. I’m even guilty of sending texts while sitting at a stoplight or in heavy traffic.I’m not alone. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2015 National Survey on Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behaviors, 42 percent of adults reported answering calls while driving — and that doesn’t include people who are texting or on social media. Walking is problematic, too. A 2013 study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention reported a noticeable increase in phone-related pedestrian injuries since 2004. People strolled into traffic, collided with poles and even walked straight off a bridge.last_img read more

Top 10 Futuristic Materials

first_imgWhat does the future look like now in 2014? These top 10 futuristic materials (that actually exist!) make science fiction books and movies look like things of the past, or the present, or well they’re pretty cool either way.1. AerogelOften referred to as “frozen smoke,” aerogel is an impressive material with 15 entries in the Guinness Book of Records to prove it. A super insulator, the semi-transparent material is made up of 99.8% empty space and is created when liquid alumina, chromia, tin oxide, or carbon gels are put through supercritical drying. Due to its low density and ability to insulate a flamethrower and extreme cold the military is researching it as a possible armor component.2. Carbon NanotubesNearly 300 times stronger than steel, carbon nanotubes are long chains held together with an SP2 bond, stronger than the SP3 in a diamond. Carbon nanotubes are also ideal for electronics due to their ballistic electron transport property. However, their amazing tensile strength is what has architects and scientists around the world sitting up and paying attention.3. MetamaterialsMetamaterials are an interesting group of material where their properties come from their structure instead of their composition. Biological metamaterials can be found in mother-of-pearl, which give it the rainbow effect, but metamaterials all have different properties that have allowed them to be used to create invisibility cloaks and “superlenses” that many hope will be used in phased array optics to render holograms on a 2D display.4. Bulk DiamondBulk diamond machinery seems to be in the not too distant future, with thick layers of diamond being laid down in CVD machines. Diamond is a super material with an ideal construction making it incredibly strong and light with complete thermal conductivity, the highest melting and boiling points of any other material and composed of carbon.5. Bulk FullerenesWhile diamond is super strong, aggregated diamond nanorods, or amorphous fullerene is actually stronger. Fullerene’s nanoscale structure lends an opalescent sheen in appearance and can be made much stronger than diamond, but at a much higher energy cost. It is possible we could have a “Fullerene Age” after the “Diamond Age” as technology progresses.last_img read more

UGREENs Super Small Apple Watch Charger is 8 Off Today Just 32

first_img Share Tweet Submit UGREEN is offering its MFi certified Apple Watch charger at a discount, bringing the price down to just $32 from its usual $40 selling price.The Apple Watch, if used carefully, can easily get you up to two days worth of battery life. Or you can take the average consumer route and charge it up at night and basically be invincible. But what if you’re not at home? Then you would have to carry the lengthy cable that comes with the Watch, which is not ideal. UGREEN, on the other hand, has a wonderful solution at hand in the form of their small Apple Watch charger. In fact, it’s so small that you can just slip it into a pocket and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s even there. But this little accessory will set you back $40. Thankfully, it’s discounted by $8 today, allowing everyone to have a shot at it.Apple MFi Certified: Built-in MFI certified (PPID: 219693-0102) magnetic wireless charging module, combine MagSafe technology with inductive charging; Compatible for all 44mm 42mm 40mm 38mm Apple Watch Series 4 3 2 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike plus, Apple Watch Hermes, Apple Watch Edition;Cable-free Charging: No extra charging cables are needed—saves you from the hassles of tangling cables! Simply plug it into a wall charger/power bank or any other USB charging devices and charging is on the go!Given the charger’s extremely small size, it’s meant to be used with a portable power bank. You can, obviously, plug it directly into a wall outlet if you like, but that would leave the Apple Watch dangling in mid-air at all times. It’s your choice how you end up using it, but the fact that it’s so small compared to the wires you would have to carry otherwise is a huge win.You can pick up the charger from the link below and all you have to do in order to get the discounted price is by entering the special discount code which is also provided below.Buy UGREEN Watch Charger Apple MFi Certified Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger – Was $40, now just $32 using special discount code HDSHVH58last_img read more

Google Project Zero reveals an iMessage bug that bricks iPhone causing repetitive

first_imgA zero-day vulnerability in Apple’s iMessage, which bricks an iPhone and survives hard resets was recently brought to light. A specific type of malformed message is sent out to a victim device, forcing users to factory-reset it again. The issue was first posted by Google Project Zero researcher, Natalie Silvanovich on the project’s issue page on April 19, 2019. Due to the usual 90-day disclosure deadline, the bug is held from public view until either 90 days had elapsed or a patch had been made broadly available to the public. On 4th July, Silvanovich revealed that the issue was fixed in the Apple iOS 12.3 update, thus making it public. Labelled as CVE-2019-8573 and CVE-2019-8664, this vulnerability causes a Mac to crash and respawn. Silvanovich says on an iPhone, this code is in Springboard and “receiving this message will cause Springboard to crash and respawn repeatedly, causing the UI not to be displayed and the phone to stop responding to input. The only way I could find to fix the phone is to reboot into recovery mode and do a restore. This causes the data on the device to be lost”. According to Forbes, “The message contains a property with a key value that is not a string, despite one being expected. Calling a method titled IMBalloonPluginDataSource _summaryText, the method assumes the key in question is a string but does not verify it is the case”. The subsequent call for IMBalloonPluginDataSource replaceHandlewithContactNameInString calls for im_handleIdentifiers for the supposed string, which in turn results in a thrown exception. For testing purposes, Silvanovich, in her patch update has shared three ways that she found to unbrick the device: wipe the device with ‘Find my iPhone’ put the device in recovery mode and update via iTunes (note that this will force an update to the latest version) remove the SIM card and go out of Wifi range and wipe the device in the menu Google Project Zero has also released instructions to reproduce the issue: install frida (pip3 install frida) open, and replace the sample receiver with the phone number or email of the target device in the local directory, run: python3 Users should make sure their iPhone is up to date with the latest iOS 12.3 update. Read more about the vulnerability on Google Project Zero’s issue page. Read Next Approx. 250 public network users affected during Stack Overflow’s security attack Google researcher reveals an unpatched bug in Windows’ cryptographic library that can quickly “take down a windows fleet” All about Browser Fingerprinting, the privacy nightmare that keeps web developers awake at nightlast_img read more

Summer soccer in San José

first_imgAs Christmas draws nigh and the sun smiles on Chepe, many kids and grownups alike are lacing up their sneakers and cleats. Here, a boy and his grandfather play soccer using two trees as their goalposts on a field in Costa Rica’s capital city.Would you like to submit a photo to our #TTPicOfTheDay series – the view from your home or favorite Costa Rican spot, or any other image you care to share? Please send horizontal photos at least 1100 pixels wide to We’d love to see the sights with you. Facebook Comments Related posts:Are you ready for some fútbol? Off like a shot When you shop in Costa Rica, take a friend Recreating the last moments of a Costa Rican presidentlast_img