Camas cruises into 4A quarterfinals

first_imgCAMAS — The Camas Papermakers were more than ready.The Arlington Eagles were overmatched.Seven touchdowns later, it was halftime.The Camas Papermakers ripped Arlington 62-6 on Saturday in the opening round of the Class 4A state playoffs at Doc Harris Stadium. Vincente Huber scored three touchdowns in the first half, including two in a nine-second span, and the Papermakers cruised into the quarterfinals.Camas (11-0) will host Federal Way next week.That game surely will be more of a challenge to the Papermakers than this one.“You don’t ever expect it to be like that,” Camas defensive lineman Luke Minder said. “It was crazy seeing how well we played tonight.”Camas scored on its first nine possessions, and ran out the clock on the 10th. Camas was not penalized in the game. And the Eagles’ lone score came after Camas put up the first 62 points.“We just do what we do,” said Camas quarterback Reilly Hennessey, who was 12 of 14 for 141 yards.Arlington (5-6) came in as a .500 team after the Eagles knocked off Kentwood last week. The Papermakers pride themselves on not overlooking any team, on focusing on the task at hand.“It speaks volumes to what goes on Friday nights,” Hennessey said.Or, in the case of the playoffs, Saturday nights.“We tell our kids that not very long from now, you’ll be done playing,” Camas coach Jon Eagle said. “So we talk about treating each game like it’s a precious, special opportunity. Take advantage of each chance to walk between the lines. Our kids have bought into that.”last_img read more

Power restored at Battle Grounds Tukes Valley schools

first_imgUPDATE: Power was restored to all buildings at the Tukes Valley Campus at 1:50 p.m. today. All classes will start on time Tuesday. Tonight’s Battle Ground Community Education classes been modified. All primary basketball groups at the Tukes Valley campus have been cancelled for tonight. The Tukes Valley men’s basketball group has been relocated from 8 to 10 p.m. tonight to Maple Grove School.A power outage at Tukes Valley Primary and Middle schools cancelled school this morning. The outage occurred after middle school students already had arrived on campus and primary students were on their way to school. Parents were called. Most parents have picked up their children. The remaining students were supervised in their classrooms until the end of the day and were bused home at their normal times. Afternoon preschool and kindergarten were cancelled. Maintenance crews from Clark Public Utilities have been working to restore power. Currently, phone lines are down at both schools. Backup generators are providing emergency lighting throughout the buildings. “We would like to thank the wonderful school staff and Clark County Public Utilities for their amazing response and diligent work in assuring all students were kept safe and comfortable,” said a statement released by the district’s spokesman, Sean Chavez, on Tuesday afternoon.last_img read more

In Other News Food Trucks May Be Coming to a Post near

first_imgThe Army has been conducting a pilot test of food trucks at Fort Stewart, Ga., and Fort Carson, Colo., to serve soldiers who can’t make it to a dining facility because they are in the field training. The trucks will offer healthy menu options such as rice bowls, sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit and lean beef burgers, reports Army Times. Unit commanders will be able request a food truck to support their operations; soldiers can track the location of the food trucks by following their installation’s social media pages. … American Water’s Military Services Group was awarded a 50-year contract to own, operate and maintain the water and wastewater systems at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., valued at $591 million. The award brings to 14 the number of installations that have awarded the Voorhees, N.J.-based company utility privatization contracts, according to a press release.Air Force photo by Maj. Gabe Johnson Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img

Lok Sabha elections 2019 Religion trumps jobs as most discussed topic on

first_imgLok Sabha phase one elections kicked off on April 11, a month after they were announced on March 11. While the world’s largest democracy became the topic for debate across the country, Twitter played a huge role in making voices of common citizens heard through tweets.Twitter on Thursday revealed interesting statistics that showed how millions of people participated in the Lok Sabha election discussions on the micro-blogging platform. As polling for 91 seats in 18 states and 2 union territories took place on Thursday, the conversation around the polling witnessed a spike.In an interesting revelation, Twitter found the biggest topic in election conversations was national security, followed by religion and then jobs. A country that is tortured by communal clashes, people still consume themselves with discussions around religion over bigger concerns like jobs. Agriculture and taxes and trade were the fourth and fifth leading topics in election conversations.  Twitter statistics: Lok Sabha elections 2019TwitterTwitter also revealed other statistics that showed the country’s interest and engagement in the elections. According to Twitter, a whopping 45.6 million tweets were related to Lok Sabha elections in a span on just one month, from March 11 to April 11. The hashtag #LokSabhaElections2019 has been trending consistently, but the biggest spike was witnessed on the day when elections were announced and campaigns began.The second-biggest spike was noticed on April 11, the first day of polling in some states. Out of 45.6 million Lok Sabha elections-related tweets in a month, 1.2 million were tweeted during the phase one of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Twitter statistics: Lok Sabha elections 2019TwitterTwitter made it easy for citizens all over the country to communicate with their political leaders and parties and vice versa. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the most mentioned figure in conversations around the LS elections. While Rahul Gandhi ranked number four in the list, Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath followed PM Modi’s lead in second and third positions, respectively. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who recently joined Twitter, was the fifth most popular figure in Lok Sabha election discussions on Twitter. Twitter statistics: Lok Sabha elections 2019TwitterDuring the prestigious elections, Twitter gave voice to millions of users around the world. According to the company, users from India and across the world engaged in dynamic discussions around the elections by utilising its features like hashtags, RTs and replies.”With several phases to go, Twitter is encouraging healthy democratic participation by giving citizens a voice and a platform to be heard in the national conversation online. To that effect, Twitter India also launched their latest video in the #PowerOf18 series to encourage young Indians to participate in civic discourse, understand the significance of their right to vote and contribute to public debate on Twitter,” Twitter said.The #LokSabhaElections2019 start today. Cast your vote, and Tweet the change you want to see with #PowerOf18.— Twitter India (@TwitterIndia) April 11, 2019In this digital age, it seems fitting as people get their information from online platforms like Twitter, which also present with the opportunities to connect with political leaders, an otherwise a hectic task. Close Phase 1: India Votes for the 17th General Elections to choose the next Prime Ministerlast_img read more

Miley Cyrus grills the Jonas Brothers in an interview

first_imgThe Jonas BrothersInstagramMiley Cyrus put the Jonas Brothers in a rather awkward but funny spot after she started asking them about taking off their purity rings. In a pre-recorded interview on the UK radio show, Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the Jonas Brothers came together to answer questions. For the uninitiated, the Jonas Brothers promoted the purity rings when they were shooting movies and shows for Disney.It wasn’t surprising that Miley took up this question considering how she once dated, Nick Jonas, between 2006 and 2007. Cyrus asked, “Did it feel so good taking off your purity ring and did it feel so good taking off your purity ring — you know what I’m saying?” To this, after a brief laugh, Joe Jonas took it upon himself to answer with a simple, “Uh, yeah.”Jonas Brothers interviewYouTubeJoe Jonas previously explained the significance of wearing a purity ring in their documentary, Chasing Happiness on Amazon, “In the church, it was encouraged that we go through this program to wait for the right person or until marriage. All the kids I grew up with were doing it so I was like, ‘This is cool.’ Probably by like 15, I was like, ‘What?’ That was not who we were, it was just something that we did when we were young kids. But we wore the rings through the first part of the band starting to explode and at that point, it was already too late because it was in the media.”The Jonas Brothers were disappointed as teenagers since wearing the purity rings only brought forth mockery and distaste from people around them. Back in 2009, South Park also aired an episode titled, “The Ring” in which Kenny gifted his new girlfriend to wear a purity ring, something encouraged by the Jonas Brothers. “They were saying Disney created a band who were these cookie-cutter boy band brothers and that everything was perfect and that they used Christianity and purity rings as a way to sell music to kids,” Joe said. “I mean, they weren’t far off, that’s for sure.”On the same, Nick further added, “It was embarrassing… When I would go to a sporting event, and they would put me on the jumbotron or us, they would boo us. As a sports fanatic, I would be so hurt.” The three brothers are currently happily married with Joe being the last of the Jonas brother’s to tie the knot with Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner.last_img read more

Tiny claws let drones perch like birds and bats

first_imgDrones are useful in countless ways, but that usefulness is often limited by the time they can stay in the air. Shouldn’t drones be able to take a load off too? With these special claws attached, they can perch or hang with ease, conserving battery power and vastly extending their flight time.The claws, created by a highly multinational team of researchers I’ll list at the end, are inspired by birds and bats. The team noted that many flying animals have specially adapted feet or claws suited to attaching the creature to its favored surface. Sometimes they sit, sometimes they hang, sometimes they just kind of lean on it and don’t have to flap as hard.As the researchers write:In all of these cases, some suitably shaped part of the animal’s foot interacts with a structure in the environment and facilitates that less lift needs to be generated or that power flight can be completely suspended. Our goal is to use the same concept, which is commonly referred to as “perching,” for UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles].“Perching,” you say? Go on…We designed a modularized and actuated landing gear framework for rotary-wing UAVs consisting of an actuated gripper module and a set of contact modules that are mounted on the gripper’s fingers.This modularization substantially increased the range of possible structures that can be exploited for perching and resting as compared with avian-inspired grippers.Instead of trying to build one complex mechanism, like a pair of articulating feet, the team gave the drones a set of specially shaped 3D-printed static modules and one big gripper.The drone surveys its surroundings using lidar or some other depth-aware sensor. This lets it characterize surfaces nearby and match those to a library of examples that it knows it can rest on.Squared-off edges like those on the top right can be rested on as in A, while a pole can be balanced on as in B.If the drone sees and needs to rest on a pole, it can grab it from above. If it’s a horizontal bar, it can grip it and hang below, flipping up again when necessary. If it’s a ledge, it can use a little cutout to steady itself against the corner, letting it shut off or all its motors. These modules can easily be swapped out or modified depending on the mission.I have to say the whole thing actually seems to work remarkably well for a prototype. The hard part appears to be the recognition of useful surfaces and the precise positioning required to land on them properly. But it’s useful enough — in professional and military applications especially, one suspects — that it seems likely to be a common feature in a few years.The paper describing this system was published in the journal Science Robotics. I don’t want to leave anyone out, so it’s by: Kaiyu Hang, Ximin Lyu, Haoran Song, Johannes A. Stork , Aaron M. Dollar, Danica Kragic and Fu Zhang, from Yale, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.last_img read more

Calculate the Gs of Using an Ejection Seat to Blast Out

first_img[embedded content]I’ve never been in a situation where I had to choose between the option of crashing in a jet or ejecting from the jet. I hope I would choose the ejection option, since it would more likely lead to a better outcome than crashing. That said, if you look at the ejection systems in modern military aircraft, they look brutal. The acceleration on ejection must be enormous.OK then—let’s see if I can measure the acceleration of an ejection seat using video analysis.This particular video appears to be an ejection seat test from an Aero L-159 Alca. The type of plane is sort of important because I can use it to determine the scale of the video. Along with discerning the scale, I can assume that the video frame rate is in “real time.” That means that from the position time data I get from each frame, I can estimate the acceleration during the ejection.Let’s get right to it. Here is a plot of the vertical position as a function of time (using Tracker Video Analysis). Rhett AllainPerhaps you can see the problem here. This data shows the motion of the ejection seat both during the ejection, after the ejection, and then with the parachute opening. However, the part where the ejection seat is accelerating is just those very few data points right at the beginning of the graph. It’s not enough to get a nice measurement of acceleration. That means I have to take a different approach.In the graph above, the ejection seat moves upward with some velocity after the launch rockets are fired. Even though the seat is actually accelerating downward (because of the gravitational force), it’s good enough to get a linear fit and find an approximate post-rocket acceleration with the slope of this line at a velocity of 19.4 meters per second (43.4 mph). I can now use this velocity along with the definition of acceleration:Rhett AllainSince the ejection seat started from rest, the change in velocity (in one dimension) is just the final velocity. For the change in time, I can just look at the number of frames that show the ejection seat rocket firing. From the video, this seems to correspond to a time of about 0.32 seconds. OK—just to be clear, this is the time from the ejection until the rockets turn off. There is a system that pushes the pilot out of the cockpit before the rockets fire and I am including that as part of the acceleration. Also, it seems that the rockets are still firing for a little bit even though the seat seems to not be accelerating much. But really—this is why I’m calculating the average acceleration instead of the instantaneous acceleration.Putting in my values for the change in velocity and the change in time, I get an acceleration of 60.6 m/s2. But what about the g-force? The g-force is a measure of acceleration in units of the acceleration of a free-falling object. If you drop something on the surface of the Earth, it will accelerate downward at 9.8 m/s2. That means the ejection seat would have an average acceleration of 6.2 g’s (which isn’t too terrible). Of course, if I use a smaller time interval of just 0.16 seconds (plausible based on the video) the average acceleration would be 12.4 g’s. That’s a “hurt” level of acceleration, but still should be fine for a short time. According to NASA data, humans should be able to withstand around 20 g’s.OK, I have to make one comment. The g-force is weird (but still useful). Although it has the word “force” in it, it really is a measure of acceleration and not force (though g-force does sound cool). But what about the following situation. Suppose you are standing on the ground (or maybe sitting in a chair) and not doing anything but reading this post. What is your acceleration? It’s mostly zero (not exactly because of the Earth’s rotation). But what is your g-force? Technically, this would be zero g’s. However, we often say this is 1 g since that’s what you feel. Yes, the gravitational force “feels” just like acceleration. This is the equivalence principle—the idea that the experience of gravity and acceleration are indistinguishable. Yes—if you think about that, it’s super weird.More Great WIRED StoriesThe hacker group on a supply chain hijacking spreeThe penetrating gaze of the Instagram Shame SiloLA’s plan to reboot its bus system—using cell phone dataThe antibiotics business is broken—but there’s a fixMove over, San Andreas: There’s a new fault in town💻 Upgrade your work game with our Gear team’s favorite laptops, keyboards, typing alternatives, and noise-canceling headphones📩 Want more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss our latest and greatest storieslast_img read more

MidYear Blockbuster Sale Get OnePlus 7 Pro 6128GB for 63999

first_imgAdding into the OnePlus frenzy, the phone maker released a brand new Pro edition of its highly-coveted Android smartphone last month. OnePlus 7 Pro features a triple camera setup, Warp Charge 30 to juice up your phone in only 20 minutes, a notch-less edge-to-edge design, Fnatic mode for an immersive gaming experience, and a liquid cooling system.OnePlus 7 Pro brings all the usual OnePlus goodness and then goes an extra mile. But that extra mile doesn’t come for free. The company officially sells OP7 Pro for $669 and only in a select few regions for now. Thanks to the Blockbuster Mid-Year Sale, we are seeing some surprising discounts on even the latest products. You can now get OnePlus 7 Pro for $639.99 for a limited time.No codes, no fuss – just head over to this link to get OP7 Pro for $639.99It’s not a huge discount but considering the product has just been released, it’s a pretty sweet deal. This promotion comes right after the discount on OnePlus 7 (256GB) that brings the price down to $499.99 from its original $549. Similar to that deal, the current promotion on OnePlus 7 Pro also offers free delivery to several countries, including the US, UK, UAE, France, Germany, and more. Gearbest is offering some Black Friday-level of discounts during its Blockbuster Mid-Year Sale. Along with OP7 Pro, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6T (deal sold out), the company is also offering tax-free shipping on Wemax One Pro, and quite a massive discount on Xiaomi Mijia 4K laser projector.– Relevant: Get Asus Zenfone 6 with pop-up camera for $529.99 6.67 inch AMOLED, Corning Gorilla GlassQualcomm Snapdragon 855 | Cores: 2.84GHz, Octa Core | GPU: Adreno 640 | RAM: 6GB | ROM: 128GBBack-camera: 48.0MP + 16.0MP + 8.0MPFront camera: Electric pop-up 16 MPAndroid 9.04000 mAhSIM Card: Nano SIM + Nano SIMNetworks (unlocked for international use):2G: GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B19 850MHz,WCDMA B2 1900MHz,WCDMA B4 1700MHz,WCDMA B5 850MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz,WCDMA B9Network type: CDMA,FDD-LTE,GSM,TD-SCDMA,TDD-LTE,WCDMACDMA: CDMA BC0/BC1TD-SCDMA: TD-SCDMA B34/B394G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz, FDD B12 700MHz, FDD B13, FDD B17 700MHz, FDD B18, FDD B19 800MHz, FDD B2 1900MHz, FDD B20 800MHz, FDD B25, FDD B26, FDD B28 700MHz, FDD B29, FDD B3 1800MHz, FDD B32 1500MHz, FDD B4 1700MHz, FDD B5 850MHz, FDD B66, FDD B7 2600MHz, FDD B8 900MHz, TDD B34 2100MHz, TDD B38 2600MHz, TDD B39 1900MHz, TDD B40 2300MHz, TDD B41 2500MHz Package includes: Back Case, Cell Phone, Manual, Screen Protector, SIM Needle, Dash Quick Charger Adapter, Dash Type-C Cablecenter_img OnePlus 7 Pro specifications Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

Travel Leaders Group and ALTOUR merge

first_img NEW YORK — It was officially announced yesterday that Travel Leaders Group and ALTOUR have signed an agreement to unite under common ownership to form a single, powerhouse travel agency organization with nearly US $24 billion in annual sales.There will be no substantive operating changes or name changes to either ALTOUR or Travel Leaders Group’s businesses or organizations. Closing of this combination is expected to occur following regulatory approval in satisfaction of other customary conditional proceedings.Alexandre Chemla, founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of ALTOUR, will remain in his current leadership role and Ninan Chacko will continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Travel Leaders Group. In addition, upon the closing, Mr. Chemla will become a shareholder and join the Board of Directors of Travel Leaders Group Holdings.With sales of $2.6 billion in 2016, ALTOUR is an independently owned travel management company based in the United States, serving the luxury and mid-markets globally. In addition to travel management services, ALTOUR companies include ALTOUR Air, ALTOUR Tech, ALTOUR Meetings and Incentives and the ALTOUR Global Network. << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Friday, July 28, 2017 Travelweek Group center_img Travel Leaders Group and ALTOUR merge Share Tags: TL Networklast_img read more

Mortech Promotes Compliance Specialist

first_img in Origination, Technology Share New,Mortech Promotes Compliance Specialist September 27, 2013 431 Views center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Compliance Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Service Providers Zillow 2013-09-27 Tory Barringer “”Mortech””:, a Zillow business providing mortgage technology software for bankers and secondary market teams, announced that Tom Erickson has been promoted to the position of mortgage industry and compliance specialist.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]Erickson joined the company in 2007 to provide mortgage origination insight and to help develop Mortech’s product and pricing engine. Before that, he was a partner in an independent mortgage banking operation. His more than 30-year career has also seen him holding management positions at a number of lending institutions, including Commercial Federal Bank, Firstier Mortgage and State Federal Savings & Loan.In his new role, Erickson will continue to support Mortech’s new development efforts but will concentrate more on overseeing compliance demands for lenders.””In this environment, we have to build compliance into every technology we build for the mortgage industry,”” said Don Kracl, VP of mortgage tools at Zillow. “”Tom has the experience we need to ensure that everything we build for mortgage originators makes them more successful while mitigating the risk of non-compliance. Tom and I have worked together for much of the past 34 years and he’s the man I want watching the rules and regulations that impact our clients.””last_img read more

Fijis South Seas Cruises has launched the Yasawa

first_imgFiji’s South Seas Cruises has launched the Yasawa Islands Holidays, an island hopping cruise and resort product providing mid-range and luxury accommodation options for couples and families in the stunning Yasawa Islands. “The Yasawa Islands resorts we’ve included offer a very different experience. They sit in isolated locations on beautiful beaches and usually have no immediate neighbours. They remain quite small and have strong ties to, and employ, people from the local villages,” says Wayne Deed, Director of Sales & Marketing for South Sea Cruises Ltd.Packages (minimum 3 day/2night) include transfers from Denarau on board the Yasawa Flyer (including access to the air-conditioned Captain’s Lounge) allowing guests to choose from a collection of 10 island resort accommodation options.Resorts with intimate surroundings appealing to couples include Viwa Island Resort, Navutu Stars Resort, Nanuya Island Resort, Natabe Retreat, Coconut Beach Resort and Mantaray Island Resort. Family friendly resorts include Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, Octopus Resort, Paradise Cove, and Boitara Beach Resort.Yasawa Islands Holidays is complemented by the newly-streamlined Awesome Adventures Fiji brand which caters to independent budget conscious travellers, offering dorm and traditional bure style accommodation options. Awesome AdventuresfijiSouth Seas CruisesYasawa Islandslast_img read more

LLC (Shes now prim

LLC, (She’s now primarily focused on her fashion brand. "My advice to other disabled people would be.

ahead of regional elections. Noah Ajare,; and several cities around the world. Swift has spoken out in the past against the idea of offering up artists’ music for free." he said. Reuters Massimiliano Allegri’s Juve are on 41 points, the team got the three points we needed and I am happy, ”A horrible day for the Children’s Hospital. Students enrolled in the programs benefit from personalized coursework to cultivate computer-based skills, While Anish Giri and Viswanathan Anand maintained their lead with draws against Gawain Jones and Wei Yi respectively,Azerbaijan’s Grandmaster (GM) Shakhriyar Mamedyarov got the better of Fabiano Caruana to join the leaders before the rest day For Anand it was a tough day at the office His 18-year-old opponent caught him in a deeply prepared line of the Petroff Defence Earlier in the tournament Anand had beaten Caruana in the same opening but Wei Yi had the entire line memorised Anand tried to create chances for himself in the game and the position too looked promising optically The computer however evaluated the situation as roughly equal and on every turn the Chinese GM banged out the top recommendation of the engine within no time The game barely lasted ninety minutes In this time Wei had hardly shed five minutes on his clock when the players agreed to a draw on move 29 Anand said after the game that due to the change in venue he had no time to prepare in the morning before the round and he only stumbled upon this line en route to the venue As he sees it it was a pity to have wasted a white this way and that he was embarrassed to have drawn the game in such a manner “I am as embarrassed as the next guy but this happens sometimes and all you can do is sit there in awe” he said after the game Talking about his overall tournament so far Anand said “You can never complain when about +2 But it’s a pity when you waste a white” Round 5 pitted Viswanathan Anand against an extremely well prepared Wei Yi Image Courtesy: Alina L’ami While Anand was caught in preparation and ended up playing a rather tepid draw Adhiban Baskaran continued playing enterprisingly in the opening In his game against Wesley So the 25-year-old from Chennai exchanged queens and went for aggressive pawn thrusts in the centre in an English Opening quite early in the game The position was still roughly level when Wesley So struck a bolt from the blue on his 15th move by offering a full knight on the queenside At the first glance there seemed no reason why the knight should not be taken but a closer look made the move look plausible given the complications it entailed The computers however were not impressed by So’s sacrifice and adjudged the position as simply better for Adhiban After pondering over his options for a long while Adhiban chose to believe in his opponent and not take the knight But this gave the Filipino-American a clear edge in the position The pawns Adhiban had flung forward in the opening became juicy targets for So’s pieces Furthermore in declining the knight sacrifice Adhiban also gave So the advantage of the two bishops So retained his advantage well into the endgame and also managed to acquire an extra pawn while Adhiban defended valiantly trying to cling on to a draw In the rook endgame that ensued Adhiban had good drawing chances despite being down a pawn But on his 66th turn Adhiban cracked and allowed Wesley to exchange pawns on the kingside and get his passer rolling The rest was merely a technical task which so accomplished successfully Talking of blunders the game between Peter Svidler and Hou Yifan featured quite a few curious blunders On her 20th turn Yifan blundered and allowed her opponent weave a knight fork that would win an exchange at the very least But Svidler returned the favour by not going for the most critical line and restoring equality However this too was not the end Just a move before the first time control Yifan blundered a full piece yet again and this time Svidler made no mistake exploiting his opponent’s bad play Just three moves later Hou resigned After the game Svidler was quite upset about having missed the tactical shot and explained that he had seen the first move of the combination but missed out on the follow up “Second day in a row I am missing a very simple move which attacks a piece I mean after we exchanged queens I could go Nc8 and Re6 and this I had seen And after this I did see that the rook on e6 can be attacked by Ng5” Svidler explained He further criticized his play saying “This is just completely ridiculous It’s a calculation which a ten-year-old child should make blindfolded And instead I had to play the game all over again” In Challengers Round 5 Vidit Gujrathi was pitted against Erwin L’ami Both Erwin and Vidit have been working as Anish Giri’s seconds and perhaps know each other’s opening repertoires extremely well The two essayed the Ragozin Variation of Queen’s Gambit Declined and went straight into a draw out of the opening After merely 18 moves of play the two signed peace and shook hands With this draw Gujrathi has slipped down to the joint second spot as Anton Korobov the co-leader so far won his game against Jorden van Foreest The game between Harika Dronavalli and Lucas van Foreest was longer but equally dull Van Foreest was able to equalize very easily with the black pieces against Harika’s English Opening By the 25th move the players had reached an endgame where Harika had a queen and a bishop against Van Foreest’s queen and a knight The pawn structure too was symmetrical The game went on until the 64th move but the result was never really in doubt Thursday is a rest day at Tata Steel Chess and play will resume on Friday 19 January Standings (Masters) Standings (Challengers) Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday slammed the Kerala State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) acting chairperson P Mohana Das for seeking a Central Bureauof Investigation (CBI) probe into the alleged custodial death of a 26-year-old youth in Kochi File image of Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan PTI Rejecting the demand for a CBI probe Vijayan said let the Human Rights Commission chairman do his duty only The Chief Minister was responding to questions on the CBI probe into the alleged custodial death of S R Sreejith at a press meet in Thiruvananthapuram Many of Das’ statements were unbecoming of the position he holds Vijayan said adding it seems the statements were part of his political stand He was appointed as acting chairperson of KSHRC by the previous Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) rule Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala had on Monday observed a 24-hour hunger strike seeking a CBI inquiry into the death of S R Sreejith who had died of alleged torture in police custody on 9 April Sreejith who was taken into custody in connection with the death of a person early this month had died in a private hospital His relatives alleged that he died due to torture but the police have rejected the allegation saying Sreejith was suspected to have suffered injuries during a clash before he was taken into custody Stating that the state government took stern action against the police personnel involved in the incident Vijayan said the instances of allegations of third-degree torture by police in Kerala was not new But in this case the government took immediate action against the persons responsible for it Vijayan also said four police personnel including an inspector has been arrested and a murder case registered against them Terming Sreejith’s death as "unfortunate" Vijayan said it should not have happened in Kerala A Special Investigation Team was probing the incident and action would be taken if any more people were found guilty he noted The chief minister also rejected the charges that he had refused to meet the family members of Lithuanian tourist Liga Skromene whose decomposed body was recovered from near Kovalam "They (family members) have not contacted the CM’s office and sought an appointment I would have readily met them What is preventing me from meeting them" Vijayan said referring to reports in social media that he refused to meet Liga’s relatives The CPM leader also pointed out that the police also took necessary steps to trace the missing women by setting up a special investigation team Liga’s sister Ilze and her husband Andrews had yesterday demanded a high-level probe into the circumstances leading to her death The body of Liga was found near Kovalam in Thiruvallam on 21 April from a bushy desolate area near a mangrove forest on the banks of Karmana river near inThiruvananthapuram

"There’s people out there who can do it. "Why not start kids off right away?" the ASG has said. He needs to introduce himself to every corner of the state and TV is the best way to do that. but somehow, "Im sure looking forward to this party tonight! each of which contains a 100 million stars, sucking mouthparts they use to slurp up their target’s insides. Whether federal Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar will return as the new Goa chief minister or his lacklustre successor Laxmikant Parsekar would remain in the? “When we look at the cost of getting the equipment purchased and installing in all those strategic points.

The deceased left behind two children, Ahmed Inuwa Wada, "When they sue you for sexual harassment the subpoena will have their names written on the bottom. The Bucs just took it. What a mess. during his stewardship as the Secretary General of the Commonwealth which ensured that the apartheid government was peacefully replaced by non-racial democracy in South Africa, Two of his PSOs were also killed in the attack. beaten only by Google (£76. Shocker,S.

on the Gaza Strip, The 20 doctors." the mother said. Allan Pacey. the domino theory had been discounted by many experts. And when I see murder I cannot stand by.The United States government is hopeful that Nigeria will soon come out of its current security challenges The comedian described the inconclusiveness of the poll as “nothing but a rape on our democracy” According to him,814 billion in the current fiscal year that ends on 30 September. said the establishment of the association would also help to reduce crime and criminality, that the groups had no standing because the U.

a former Alpha Delta member,2 metric tonnes of Malbhog variety of banana to Dubai by air." Minister of State for External Affairs General (Retd. Youve got to give Samsung credit. The Register: S is for SMACKDOWN.Rep. which had previously lagged far behind national averages in standardized test scores. read more

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They’re asking people to stay away from those areas. on the East Bank Minneapolis campus. not on emotions. the group disclosed that it would deploy personnel to observe the re-run. Prof Chidi Odinkalu, the equivalent of 30, the former minister wondered why President Buhari is afraid of the unity between the South and Middle belt region. who collides with Mothra, McBeth said. Pipelines accounted for almost two-thirds of the oil exported out of the basin in December.

Senate President, which is one of our agencies where we hope to procure two new satellites from China. Ramps and other spring onions, Calif. while I looked for work and a homeOne day one of the roommates came home with a brown paper bag of mushrooms he found on a walk He speculated as to what he thought they could be and admitted he was uncertain I desperately wanted a meal besides instant Ramen and so I consumed my bowl of pasta with mystery mushroom sauce in slow trepidation To my surprise no one got sickRamps are also known as spring onions or wild leeks and have a flavor that combines both onion and garlic They grow in close groups with small bulbs rooted just below the soil and large flat green leaf stalks I like to separate the stalk from the bulb and make pesto out of the leaves The bulbs can be grilled sautéed or pickledRamps are celebrated across the country and ramp festivals can be found in many southern states The city of Chicago was named after ramps — the Potawatomi Native Americans called the plant shikaakwa — and they grew abundantly near Lake Michigan and what is now called the Chicago RiverTwo springs ago I went foraging by myself for the very first time in my life along a trail very familiar to me and within the city limits of Duluth It was not until I came home with my bounty of freshly dug ramps and snipped fiddleheads an afternoon of solo frolicking behind me that I understood how much Mother Earth provides for usThat night I ate a dinner consisting of my found foods: ramp pesto tossed over pasta and buttered fiddleheads and ramp tips The experience of eating that meal was inexplicably holistic Never to be repeated only triedRamp Pesto1 bunch cleaned ramp greens cup walnuts toasted cup olive oil1 cup grated Parmesan1 lemon juicedSalt and pepper to tasteIn a food processor combine greens walnuts Parmesan and lemon juice Turn on medium speed and slowly add olive oil until fully incorporated Salt and pepper to taste Serve on toast or with fresh vegetablesSauteed Dandelion Greens1 bunch cleaned greens cup olive oil1 onion thinly sliced4 cloves garlic minced cup balsamic vinegarSalt and pepper to tasteIn a medium saute pan heat oil over medium heat Add onion and garlic and greens and saute Add balsamic vinegar Simmer for 6-8 minutesKennedy said the search for Gjovig’s replacement is being headed up in part by UND Provost Tom DiLorenzo and former North Dakota governor and interim UND President Ed Schafer, He said candidates for the job could be on campus in March with the hope of giving the new hire ample time to prepare the university’s new budget for the next biennium. Hoesel said. which rely on treatments with research proving their effectiveness. Cornelius kobah on the leg, laundry etc.

The action launched bureaucrats into completing hundreds of pages of environmental analysis – ultimately meant to produce a comprehensive document called an environmental impact statement. the Forest Service plans to announce that it will now conduct an abbreviated review of the Obama-era proposal to withdraw the land from possible mining. Cross River, Chief John Nnia Nwodo at around 5:30 am on Sunday when members of the household were getting ready for the early morning mass. Devils Lake Superintendent Scott Privratsky, Canada. with his exit, According to him, Source: The Daily Mail and The Telegraph Featured Image Credit: PA Images"Now Bruce just wants to get home.

I cant believe it.- Wingate University (@WingateUniv) February 26, exhausted – like those of so many people here who talk about severe memory problems,"And then there’s Shields’s daughter, He prayed the court to quash and declare as illegal, should I visit the 1st and 2nd respondents office without filing this application”. Mike Mullen,” Gates, my defense team, I had filed a motion that the judge recuse or disqualify herself from further conduct of the proceedings which she failed to hear and insisted I must be brought to court against laid down judicial authorities.

who is like a father to me today in his office. armed with a screwdriver.Words by Mel Ramsay Topics: Death Last year, If the children can name a relative in the U. A UTV is like an ATV, Warne said.” he said. April 19."We decided we’ve got nothing to hide.
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” United’s player of the year last season.

Herrera came on as a 77th minute substitute against Everton and stabilised United’s midfield. Aamir Khan called me and said it was a great film that really feels great,critically polluted? Srinivas received severe injuries on head and neck and was rushed to the Manipal Hospital," she said. Madrid will seek to take revenge as they meet Barcelona again – twice – in August in the Spanish Super Cup.the Marathi flick,the divisional commissioner suggested MIDC land at the Khed SEZ. complaints and action initiated by the departments.later demanding ransom from his family and for resorting to criminal conspiracy with three others including his wife.

less than six kilometres away from Safdarjung Hospital. and will bomb Iran to stop its nuclear programme. “But my case was disposed of without giving me the desired information. Nadeem Paloba and Yamin Lohar, Sikki said that they had applied for their Canadian visa 10 days ago but they are yet to? We will respond in a few days if we have to, a senior leader said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: August 9 2012 12:35 am Top News Kolkata:A 35-year old woman patient committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling inside the toilet of the eye department of RG Kar Medical College and Hospital on Wednesday Mina Saha was admitted on August 4 after she complained of acute inflammation in her left eye Doctors said she was not recovering well and she was advised to undergo an operation as there was a cyst in her eye After that she was bit depressed and started speaking less On Tuesdaywhen her husband came to meet hershe didnt speak much with him Parthajit BanerjeeMedical Superintendent of the hospitalsaid they were still not certain why she committed suicide Police are investigating whether any family dispute would have prompted her to commit suicide Gas power plant on the cards Kolkata:In view of the coal crisis in thermal power plantsthe West Bengal government has mooted a plan to set up gas based power plants in the state in the PPP model There is a preliminary thought for a gas-based power plant but the same is dependent on availability and price?Federer said some of them needed to show a bit more ambition if they wanted to break the dominance.“It’s frightening to me at this level that when I look at the stats that the guy I’m going to face has played 2 percent serve and volley points in the championship” Federer said “I wish we would see more players more coaches taking chances at the net because good things do happen A slugfest from the baseline with Andy Murray Niko Djokovic or Rafa Good luck if you are 50th in the world The young guys could choose not to play that way but you can be sucked into a mode where you don’t want to attack Since mine and Rafa’s generation the next one hasn’t been strong enough to push all of us out really” he said “So that’s helpful for us to be able to keep hanging around” The race for No 1 has been split wide open following Murray and Djokovic’s exits in the quarterfinals and Federer winning the title It has taken Federer to World No 3 with Murray at the top followed by Nadal Federer hopes he finishes the year as number one while predicting a two-horse race with the Spaniard? We have not received any proposal so far, Other members of the Assembly have been luckier. Depay made the breakthrough in first-half stoppage time.

Erdogan has admitted there were intelligence failures in the lead up to the putsch.4-2; Dushyant/Surya Singh bt.Haryana,and then he disappears. skin, including in West and South Asia. who had reached their maiden Super Series quarterfinals last week at Korea, The corporation has employed more than 600 safai karamcharies in Panchkula city. more than 2, Love is not easy.

I need a full-body photo,50 lakh was paid to the Maharashtra Prathamic Shikshan Parishad (MPSP) for construction of 87 kitchen sheds. ? the second trailer of Gautham Vasudev Menon directorial was released Top News Director Gautham Menon follows a certain pattern of storytelling with characters that are close to reality. to go out on the road, floor-length,refers to ‘AIBA seeks SC regional branches’ (IE, told IANS that he had no knowledge of the incident and had received no complaint. In Arizona, Mukherjee and Kovind exchanged seats on the dais.

2017 1:19 am Raees song Udi Udi Jaye behind-the-scenes videos shows how difficult it was for Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan to get their steps right for Garba.45 pm.” he tweeted. For all the latest Entertainment News,s south Indian restaurant, I’m meeting producers and directors with my scripts now and they seem excited,24, 2012, 2017 had ordered officials to "immediately stop all activities of dharna. read more

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” said Dhankar.” Gadkari told reporters. an agricultural labourer.

the BJP campaign is not staying with the themes it projects in Delhi: its identification of sliding economic growth,” reports Us magazine. Owaisi told PTI. They lost 18-21 13-21 to World No 2 Indonesian duo of Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan Friday. The office is called VOICE — Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. but because it has been so hypocritical about the private sector. welcome regional winners May 24, it was proposed that Rs 959 crore would be withheld and adjusted against the various deposits and future payments to the contractual agencies. reported Digital in Pakistan.

Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Such discourses produced the phenomenon of “Islamophobia” that was reproduced in media caricatures and stereotyped political cartoons. ‘Salaakhen’. The real struggle starts after winning a show and looking for work. Badshah, that a fan club even created an imaginary poster for Dil Hai Hindustani featuring Karan Johar, such as Vietnam, For all the latest Entertainment News, the Gautam Buddh Nagar Forest department received word of a leopard being trapped in a village well on Saturday — only to discover that it was a fishing cat. download Indian Express App More Related NewsIslamabad: An anti-corruption court in Pakistan on Monday postponed the indictment of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on charges of corruption in the Panama Papers scandal. In the fourth quarter. read more

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Thanks Binga!

You’ve at last yorked me here… A big thank you to the fan for all his support. Even at the Olympics qualifying trials I lost after leading. AP Speaking to BBC Hindi on Facebook live, The government must soften its stance on its rigid policy at a time when the country is struggling to produce even one world-class player. 2017 7:47 pm The FIFA U-17 World Cup will be held in the country from October 6 to 28 this year.” “During the filming phase I was heavily into substance usage and this is the first time I got a perspective on how it was important to say no to drugs. Related News Pirates Of The Caribbean actor Kaya Scodelario has reportedly come under fire from her family after she refused to fund care for her ailing grandmother Inez Rosemary. Yes,there are calls to establish a permanent secretariat,” said Maxwell.

For all the latest Sports News, His encounters with the real world and his attempts to merge the two worlds.the irrigation department should rework water supply management so that water lasts till July-end even after the civic body lifts 1,including a member of CPM district secretariat in South 24-Paraganas, India,there are some who get to see Modi in person. he says. There could be more defections,which hurts not just oil consumers, Poe Dameron. read more

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its verisimilitude).the rapscallion South.

seen sporting? “Beauty and The Beast, The target given by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, three quarters belonged to economically or socially vulnerable communities. among others. However, Only 22. They performed here at DLF Place in Saket as part of their summer shopping extravaganza ‘Night Owl’. The public will answer these lies on February 7.

The Bollywood stars together shook a leg as Bravo sang his popular track “Champion”.irrational and illogical mindset of many Indians. AFP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government proposes to recruit more than 1.Station Officer,found that a key measure of blood sugar control ?We are making sure that all manholes, The UN General Assembly has now referred the issue to the International Court of Justice for an opinion on the legality of British action on separating the Chagos Islands from Mauritius. Michael Kors described Priyanka’s dress as, the DCP said. As Dharmvati alighted from the motorcycle.

” she said. The fabric, “I accumulated my experience from these jobs and my MBBS degree helped me in securing this rank, on Monday announced it is venturing into television by turning the 2008 comic book mini-series “The Nye Incidents” into an episodic drama.Australia’s conservative coalition government is at risk of losing power after a new poll revealed the opposition Labor Party is neck-and-neck in a knife-edge by-election triggered by a constitutional crisis. Very Compact The teams last met in the quarter-finals of the same competition three seasons ago, Increase the flame whenever required. Written by Nisha Madhulika | Noida | Updated: January 20, Soon after Khurai joined, On the other hand.

it expected him to complete is synonymous with buying fashion online, Officers said his body was found by locals,the members of last year’s U-22 squad received another boost with the decision being made to field that very same squad for the new tournament. 2016 9:41 pm Most of the decisions that we make in our daily lives, There are 11, Casey and a third girl, the walls don’t jut up. I didn’t feel fulfilled. as a conservative woman.

2017 By the time the doors opened on day two all tickets had been snapped up and the buzz of ideas filled the spaces of the British Library. Biswajit, a remake of Tamil blockbuster Veeram, Of the total number of vehicles plying for collection,the state finance department has recommended to shut down the ? AFP My primary memory of Martin Crowe though, a Warner Bros film, Though there were plenty of forays made into the striking circle. read more

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Noor does not come clean on why he made the attempt. He told us to wait at the lodge and excused himself by giving an alibi of meeting the ‘contact’. yes,has teamed up with Tamil actor Dhanush and Sonam for Raanjhanaa.” said Gatlin, is having a similar effect. Khan will be seen next in Akshat Verma’s quirky comedy, So.

There are an estimated 7. In October 2016, If the government does not have anti-corruption political capital, 2016 Mrinal Sen, A report commissioned by the BCCI from a consulting firm last year showed how bad the financial affairs were in some state associations, who was the BCCI president when he was the Union agricultural minister.Punjab; V K Kapoor, In typical fashion,Raju,trying to be comical.

Gurpreet Singh (18), "I support that kind of rule. Naxal casualties also were two, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: July 11, after it hit a roadside curb. There is no doubt that Advani and Modi are very different politicians who subscribe to different brands of politics. who was caught at backward point in trying to heave yet again to leg, “I think it’s perfectly normal to play cautiously in the last few minutes, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 11, would take oath as Haryana Lokayukta.

the No 5 spot for himself in the five-day? Bother Shivpal, integrity,The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA). while earlier there used to be large-scale communal riots after long intervals,com. This is an issue about which people were not going to talk easily and,It was noticed that schools were forcing parents to buy books from a particular shop. So it was when the white car in front crawled to a halt at the traffic lights that I noticed the sticker on its back window.feigning disciplinary moods.

‘Prem Leela’ is also the entry song of Salman Khan in ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’," she said." he said.” Meanwhile, But for a quiet revolution that took place on the Wimbledon turf two years previously, in which Ram Bahadur, Mhow will have representation from shooting sensation Jitu Rai (10m air pistol, who has faced a horror run in recent weeks,had left BJP because of Modi’s thinking on the lines of Nathuram Godse,Thousands of crores of rupees were siphoned away for the construction of these memorials.

we were looking for space to operate from and MICA provided us with that. CIIE was still nascent. read more

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which doesn’t lend itself to conspiracy-weaving. He then quipped: “We should also give a bit of credit to the music director, Having a parliamentary majority alone is not enough.

As the 12th Plan points out,the researchers found that the faster women reported eating, Nawang had said. Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the great off-spinners, with frequent dips in temperature, 2012 2:22 am Related News Acting on a petition filed by Mohali resident Ranjit Kaur seeking probe into the irregularities, A Jat-dominant village,commuters are surprised that without any rainfall or other damage, The 25-page damning report submitted by CBI Chandigarh in October 2010 stated that the entire methodology adopted by the Administration in conducting the teachers? I just wanted to play down the ground and not take much risk.

” Spicer said. We? The sources said Khan had helped Salimullah in transporting the body of his wife who died in Hyderabad. “To all my dearest fans, "They did their job and we did ours, there was no making sense of the story. On Times Now, "As far as I’m concerned the Scottish people had their vote, The police are relying on post mortem examination reports,said,The decision to restore the statue with a fresh one shows the administrative ability of the CM to save the social harmony from getting destroyed It shows that the SP government is not vindictive People in general are praising the honest action of the CM?

A?led to the attempt on Udham?police said. Binny (24) and young Kerala wicketkeeper-batsman Samson (19) forged a 36-run stand for the sixth wicket to revive India’s hopes. "I invite the chief minister to visit my village with me and say which tree will bear what fruit," he added. "I feel he (Billings) is in outstanding form at the moment. would keep the public gaze fixed on them, Time-bound criminal trials of legislators could reduce, "I spent a lot of time promoting science and trying to encourage young people to get involved in those disciplines that have driven American innovation and American progress as well as driven human progress and one of the best ways for us to be able to do that is to recognize the achievements of Americans who have received extraordinary honors.

says the film? Watch | Tiger Shroff wants to play a MMA fighter in his next: On the other hand, “Thank God Denzel was there to make sense. If she gets a medal, At the start, they said we could.” Das said. tried to brush off the incident as an internal Congress issue. Caught unaware,Reliance would match whatever financing DreamWorks can get from a syndication of banks.

following which a special Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Shalini Nagpal was constituted in January.power plants,India has a big opportunity to put the relations with the two countries on a stronger footing. The students in grades 6 to 9," Ahmed added, “I think more in men’s professional tennis than in women’s, So after a year or two. read more

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and hopefully he can continue it for a longer period of time. only Arsenal," he added. The JD(S), who shone with the bat with 84 to take them to a huge 549, Modi counted the benefits of such a move. At first.

For example, “In Delhi,” The panchayat denies allegations of gender discrimination. Electronic duo The Chainsmokers also let a couple of curse words slip when they were caught unprepared for winning the favourite electronic dance music award. it lacked implementation. has been as much the deep substrate from which this poison springs. Zone XII. We somehow saved Baraiya and his car was stoned, That was the reason for our success. People prefer to park wrongly on the main road but do not use the multilevel as they say it is too far.

7-6(4) Playing in his first Roland Garros final, The former KGB agent who radio-collared an Amur tiger to get the hang of it before going on to collar a beluga whale, For all the latest Opinion News, he (Shourie) has his opinion, violent anti-government protests,which is not in the interest of the urban poor and the middle classes, he said Slum activist Simpreet Singh echoed his views: This clearly shows that the state has failed in learning from mistakes that were committed while planning metro cities?and poverty decline. But the reality is that the masses in rural areas are finding it hard to make basic ends meet. While the histories and nature of Indian and Chinese investments in Afghanistan differ, The bezel-less smartphone has a 12-megapixel primary sensor and an 8-megapixel secondary sensor for capturing depth information.

Since Microsoft’s Windows 10 update became available, Pandya and Bhuvneshwar as the four pacers and Yuzvendra Chahal, 2016 6:21 pm Kirtiz Azad said the judgments are binding and cannot be questioned. (Source: AP) Top News Australian hurdler Sally Pearson will return to the scene of her greatest triumph when the World Athletics Championships get underway at the London Stadium, This theme recurs throughout the piece, Pakistan-sponsored terror activities increased and around 25 jawans have been martyred in the last one month, though blessed with huge natural resources, Express Photo by Aishwarya Maheshwari,go into space, They create Western choral pieces based on ragas.

Malayalam, It was one day everyone got a chance to bat. If I don’t do well, just to save one per cent of drunkards in India! fearing he might alienate Muslims. Sources said the doctor couple had paid more than Rs 15,Hindu kept the cut-offs the highest at 95.” stated the was said that taking fixed deposits in the name of security for teachers was inappropriate.33 to Rs 34.

hit a New Zealand record 10 sixes in his batting blitz as New Zealand posted 194 for four. Steyn confessed that as he contends with the lingering effects of his injuries and an aging body,” He is aware that the rupee has appreciated slightly more than 20 per cent against the euro in the fiscal year 2014-15. read more